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Right Airpod Replacement: How to Replace and fix Airpods

Airpods are the most accessible approach that can easily fit in our ears, and we can also get the right AirPod replacement if we lose one. In addition, you can swap one or both of your AirPods or charging cases when you lose them or get physical damage.

The unfortunate truth is that the AirPods do not physically break; their batteries will eventually stop charging or decrease their volume intensity. However, now the brands are starting to make adjustments that will have a meaningful impact. So now we will discuss the services which apple support provides to its users in a case where your one Airpod not working or is misplaced.

The service sketch of the Apple store

Apple’s Airpods aren’t the cheapest option for going utterly wireless with intelligent features, but they may be the most straightforward. It’s easy to see that customers prefer them to other brands because they provide consistent connectivity and a simple pairing method.


Initially, Apple doesn’t offer Apple support for the first or second generations of AirPods, merely offering the usual one-year guarantee on all Apple goods. As a result, if AirPods require service during that year, it will be provided at no cost. After that, Apple will charge some fees according to the damage or the airpod replacement. An Apple Service Provider can service your product if you’ve by mistake damaged or lost one or both of your Air Pods or charging case or if you need to replace the battery or ear tips.

Different Services for the Airpod replacement

Apple has given its users a customer service, replacing, and repair policy for the AirPod replacement. Let’s discuss the services which people provide t their users.

1)      Carry-In Services

Visit the store or an authorized service provider with your AirPods. Bring your proof of purchase receipt or original AirPods box. As well as your original AirPods and a charging case because you’ll need your serial number.

2)      Mail-In Application services of right Airpod replacement

Make an email and Send them your AirPods in a stored value shipping box provided by Apple. Please include your charging case with your AirPods. Apple will send you a letter with some additional instructions.

3)      Notify Apple Support Service

Call an Apple Support representative to discuss the problem you have with your AirPods. Also, mention your serial number when you make a complaint

How much Time and Cost does apple support will take?

You could perhaps receive your replacement within a week, or they will notify you via email. The problem with AirPods or charging case will shield by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty or Apple Care, and there will be no fee.

The pricing list of Apple describes the prices of the services for damaged airpods, battery service, and lost AirPods. Sometimes, the prices also differ, and other service providers’ pricing and terms may vary.

Specific conditions for the right airpod replacement

Under certain conditions, Apple offers a free service program only for AirPods Pro models that have sound problems. In addition, it applies to only the units manufactured before October 2020. For affected AirPods Pro, volume issues may include popping or scary sounds. In contrast, they are practicing or talking on the phone, and the Active Sound Quality is not working as it should.

 Charges of Airpod Replacement

Apple will repair your AirPods or charging case for a fixed cost if one or both of them are physically damaged. However, if you have Apple Care on your device, you’ll be charged a service fee for each incident. You will not pay when your AirPods are in warranty; otherwise, you must pay for it. The amount you pay will determine whether you have Apple Care and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

1)     Airpods Max

When you lose your airpod max, the Apple Care charge for AirPods Max is $29 per incident, and the out-of-warranty fee depends on the type of damage. You’ll have to speak with an Apple representative to get an estimate.

2)     Airpods Pro

The Apple Care charged the price of airpods pro per incident is $29, while the out-of-warranty fee for AirPods or charging cases is $89 each.

3)     Airpods

The out-of-warranty price for an AirPod, a charging case, or a wireless charging case is $69 per AirPod, $59 for a charging case, and $69 for a wireless charging case. All out-of-warranty expenses, as well as a $6.95 shipping fee, are chargeable to tax.

Battery and repair services for right airpod replacement

Battery services of AirPods can also be repairable, and out-of-warranty charges will pay. However, Applecare products with a battery that contains less than 80% of their original capacity are an exception to this guideline. Apple will replace the Battery for free in such situations.


For AirPods Max, the battery service price is $79, $49 for each AirPod or AirPod Pro, and $49 for Charging Cases. In addition, a $6.95 delivery fee and tax will also impose on battery service expenses.

When the Apple Limited Warranty covers the issue, Apple will replace the ear tips at no additional cost. If you lose your ear tips or want some extras, you can get them from the Apple Online Store for free shipping.

Specifying the right AirPod replacement or Charging Case

Follow these steps to set up your replacement Airpod once you receive it.

  • Insert both Airpods into their charging cases.
  • Then check that the sensor light is flashing.
  • Next, open the case, and press & hold the button on the back of the casing.
  • The status light should glow white. Then check the phone and visibility of the charging case.
  • Then once the Airpod connects, the setup will appear.


The brand notifies you that Apple offers an after-service guarantee and supports replacing your lost AirPods. Regardless of whether your product is still under warranty. Any service or replacement performed on an Apple product is guaranteed for 90 days or until your Apple warranty expires, whichever comes first. When the Apple Limited Warranty covers the issue, Apple will replace the ear tips at no additional cost. If you lose your ear tips or want some extras, you can get them from the Apple Online Store for free shipping.

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