Set Up A VPN Connection on Mac (2024 Guide)

set up a VPN connection on Mac

How to set up a VPN connection on Mac? No worries, thanks to VPN (Virtual Private Network) because it helps protect and access your private data. This secure connection will help you to stay safe & secure while browsing. MacBook users prefer to be able to set up their own VPN setup on macOS without installing 3rd party software. Thankfully, it is easily done. We have provided a detailed step-by-step guide to help you configure your VPN manually as efficiently as possible.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is a secure connection that builds between your computer to a different network through the internet. VPNs can connect with your PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone, and other devices you want to connect with any server. However, you can use a VPN for various reasons such as accessing region-restricted content, shielding activity on public Wifi, and more. VPN helps you to dive the traffic to the specific network you have created to secure a connection whether you use a VPN free trial or a VPN subscription service.

Is Free VPN Good for Testing?

It is no secret choice that every VPN website does not provide a free VPN service. The ability to test every feature is an integral part of a VPN free trial, but it does not give you entire access to every feature. So, it is necessary to buy the VPN service after using a free trial and explore more features of it.

Additionally, VPN-free trials come in three special offers. First, you will get a truly free trial that gives you unlimited access to all the services for a limited time frame. Then, you will get a free VPN trial that offers you indefinite access to a limited software version. Finally, by trying these offers, you will get money-back guarantee services to test out and get to know the various VPN features. The money you spend on it can be returned if you are not satisfied with it.

Set Up a VPN Connection on Mac (Step By Step Guide)

Setting up a VPN connection on a Mac is a kind of wish for many people. So, without wasting time, I’ll make your wish come true. First, you need to log into your device as an administrator, and you have the right to set up the VPN network and security settings. If you don’t have these commands, contact your computer administrator to get things done. Here are the steps to *set up a VPN connection on Mac easily.

  • Go to your VPN setting on Mac. Then click on the Apple logo in the top left corner, tap on system preferences, and click on the network icon.
  • Now, click on a “+” sign and add a VPN connection to the list of given network connections.
  • Then, open up a pop-up box and enter all the required details like VPN type, server address, and authentication settings that will come from your VPN provider.
  • Log into your chosen VPN service once you have added a VPN connection. Then click on to create your different menu, and it will ask for additional information such as server address, remote ID, and local ID. However, you will be informed beforehand by your VPN provider or network administrator.
  • After entering all the details, tap on the apply button and then ok. Now you have successfully configured your VPN connection on your macOS.


In conclusion, if you are serious about your personal data and make sure that nobody is able to access your data, then the VPN service is the way to get rid of this kind of superstition and set up a VPN connection on your Mac. Online privacy and security have become essential parts of internet dependency. Many business owners have the point that their information can be exposed in front of trackers or 3rd parties. So, to help the informational data secure, business owners are setting up a virtual private network on their Macs. So let me know, have you set up a VPN connection on Mac, or have you ever used a free VPN trial?