Spotify Keeps Pausing? Most Working Ways to fix it?

My Spotify Keeps Pausing
My Spotify Keeps Pausing

Does Spotify keep pausing? The music-loving community has flocked to Spotify, an audio streaming service. But Spotify’s pausing issue is a common one for its users. Spotify users have probably been worried about why the music keeps pausing during playback. We will discuss the reasons and solutions for Spotify’s pausing issue in today’s article.

Reasons Behind Spotify’s Repeated Pausing 

Being a Spotify user, I’ve asked myself several times why Spotify keeps pausing. According to some browsing on the Spotify users’ community, Spotify keeps pausing for several reasons. Here are some causes that can cause pausing:

  • If you use the same account on multiple devices without logging out, Spotify may keep stopping.
  • Spotify stops playing music when you’re on an unstable network due to network buffering.
  • This might be the reason Spotify keeps stopping if you have the battery save mode or data restriction mode on.
  • Spotify stops playing audio when there are too many apps running in the background.
  • The device may be burdened with too many temporary files or cache, which could be the cause of the pause.
Spotify Keeps Pausing 2021
Spotify Keeps Pausing 2022

Ways to Fix Spotify Pausing Problem

As time passes, it can eventually make Spotify so slow that it can’t keep up. However, there are several possible ways to fix Spotify’s pauses when you are playing a song. The solutions are divided into two segments: – for smartphones and – for computers.

On Smartphones

It’s possible to fix Spotify’s pause-repeat problem quickly if you’re frustrated. Turn off your phone and restart Spotify. If you still face the problem after that, here are some specific ways out for your phone:

Turn down the ‘Battery saving mode

Spotify stops playing on your mobile phone when you have turned on battery saver mode. You can resolve this issue by turning down the battery saver and following these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your smartphone. You’ll find the desired setting under the ‘Battery’ or ‘Battery & performance” title.
  • The battery saver turn on/off option can be found under the battery sub-menu.
  • Once you click the ‘Turn off now’ button, your work is done.

Turn off the ‘Background Data Restriction’ setting:

We sometimes restrict background internet data so that we will use fewer data. But this has the adverse effect that Spotify keeps pausing during playback. Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Navigate to the settings options on your smartphone and look for any sub-menu such as ‘Apps,’ ‘App settings,’ or “Apps & notifications.”
  • Once you have accessed the app settings option on your device, find the Spotify icon and find its settings.
  • Tap on the mobile data & Wi-Fi option. From there, you can toggle the app’s background data on/off.
  • You can also toggle on the unrestricted data usage option as well as background data.

Sign out of your Spotify account from anywhere you are logged in:

Lastly, you can log out of your Spotify account on every device you have been using. Try the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit Spotify’s official website on SPOTIFY
  • And sign in with your Spotify credentials.
  • A page displaying your account information will be displayed.
  • You can sign off from everywhere on the page by scrolling all the way to the bottom.
  • By tapping on the button, you will complete the logout process from every device.
  • If you are still interrupted while listening to a song, log into your Spotify account again on your smartphone.
Spotify Keeps Pausing Android
Spotify Keeps Pausing Android

On desktops

If Spotify keeps stopping, try refreshing the browser page like you do whenever it fails. To redownload Spotify on a desktop, try launching it again. This can sometimes fix the issue and allow you to play music smoothly. If you want to try any of the following tricks, you should also restart your computer first:

Check Your Network Connection

Routers may not receive enough bandwidth from your internet connection. It could be the reason why Spotify keeps pausing and buffering during audio playback. If necessary, check your network, or switch to another connection. Whenever Spotify keeps pausing on the desktop, I usually connect directly to the LAN. Most of the time that solves the problem.

Use the ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ Option:

Because too many devices logged in to an account can cause Spotify to stop playing, it’s easy to fix this by signing out on all devices. Simply follow these steps on a desktop browser:

  • To log in to Spotify, visit its website and enter your username and password.
  • The browser will take you to the account overview page once you log in.
  • You will see the option to sign out everywhere at the bottom of the page.
  • Just click the sign out everywhere button, and you’re done.

Turn off the ‘Power saver mode:

You won’t be able to play Spotify smoothly when the battery on your laptop is on power-saving mode. To avoid this issue, do the following:

  • Open the settings window of your computer.
  • You can adjust your device’s battery and power settings in the system settings.
  • Uncheck the ‘Turn battery saver on automatically’ option in the battery and power settings.
  • From the control panel, you can also select a custom power mode for your laptop. You’ll ensure that all your apps will give you the best performance by choosing the best one.

Any Bluetooth device that keeps pausing Spotify?

It is possible that poor Bluetooth connectivity is a significant reason why Spotify keeps pausing when you use the Spotify app with a Bluetooth device (either headphones or a Soundbar). You should keep an eye on the connectivity status if your Bluetooth keeps stopping.

Re-establish the Bluetooth connection on your device. If there is no improvement, try a complete reinstallation of the Spotify app. When Bluetooth keeps crashing, make sure that you use the updated app version.

Why don’t the tricks above work?

Occasionally, none of these works for me, and I wonder why my Spotify keeps pausing. Additionally to the above sections, this problem has some other solutions that worked for me. Both of these solutions can be applied when Spotify says it cannot play the song right now.

  • Log into your Spotify account again after clearing your local cache and temp files.
  • You may need to completely reinstall Spotify.
  • Stay up-to-date on your device’s compatibility with Spotify by always downloading the newest version.