Spotify Review 2024: The Subjugator of Music Streaming Service


Here you find out our Spotify review. We revenue a deep dive into features, interface, audio quality, subscription plan, and accessible devices of one of the most castoff music streaming services today.

Hitech Verdict
It is the most popular music streaming service, except you tally YouTube. It has heaps of excessive music, exclusive tunes, live performances, and podcasts with an inclusive and simple user experience of whatever service or platform you use. Overall, it is the first choice of many people when penetrating for a streaming resolution.
What we likeWhat we dislike
The vast variety of music and podcasts collectionThe free version on mobile is annoying
Great playlist featuresNo lyrics feature for web
Good compatibility with many devicesAbsences Hi-Res audio
Clean and simple interfaceWeb players can be stuck sometimes
Allow tracks to be downloaded for playing offline 
Offers info about concerts 

What is Spotify?

This streaming platform is the big dog in the continuing streaming music conflict. Developed by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon on April 23, 2006, in Stockholm, Sweden, and available in 170 plus countries worldwide.

Furthermore, the app now has 456 million monthly active users, counting 195 million paying subscribers as of September 2022. It offers a catalog of 80 million songs and a range of applications accessible for mobile, desktop, and smart devices. Plus, there are 2 tiers of accounts free and premium.

One of its interesting features, Spotify Blend, allows combining your musical tastes into one shared music playlist. If you want to learn how to create it, click here.

The free plan costs nothing but has fewer features. Such as restrictions on the music you can play and where to play it and to have advertisement play between songs to cover costs. Meanwhile, the premium service has better audio quality and additional features described below.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Subscription Plans and Pricing
Subscription NameCost
Spotify Free——-
Premium Individual$9.99 monthly
Premium Duo$12.99 monthly
Premium Family$14.99 monthly
Premium Student$4.99 monthly

You can sign up for a free or premium account. In premium (paid) accounts, 4 tactics are tailored to different needs and budgets.

  • Free Account: The free service offers audio banner ads and lets you listen to all songs, podcasts, and audiobooks at 160Kbps. Also, connect with others using built-in social communication features, limited track skips for up to 6 songs per hour, and manage your digital music files.
  • Individual Premium Account: This service is for 1 account and allows you to listen to albums before they are released and play all songs and podcasts on demand at 320Kbps audio quality. It is ad-free playback and can store songs for playing offline on your computer, phone, or other devices.
  • Premium Dou Subscription: This service covers two people and costs $12.99 for a month. It delivers advertised free music and the same features as a premium individual.
  • Spotify Premium Family Plan: The premium Spotify service allows six people to have individual premium accounts who live at the same address. Spotify’s feature is the same as a premium individual but an extra feature in the family plan. Includes Family Mix (a Vulgarity-free playlist for families) and for kids (a separate deal designed for children).
  • Premium Student: It offers free membership to Hulu and advertises a supported plan and Showtime. However, the student plan can be renewed for up to four years.

What Do You Find on Spotify?

This streaming service is not just about the music; you can discover a heap of content, such as album songs, audiobooks, comedy, poetry readings, speeches, radio dramas, podcasts, playlists many more.

a)  Music

According to Spotify’s customer service, its music collection includes more than 50 million tracks. You can find today’s top hits and a band from your turf that only proclaimed on disk a few years ago. However, non-English tracks can sometimes be slightly harder to discover, but the main performances may be accessible on this service.

Furthermore, the music library features almost every category from all around the world. You can listen to almost every song you have eternally heard, even those you never had. Plus, you can find a version of the world’s eldest songs in Spotify’s playlist: Hurrian Hymn.

b) Podcasts

This music streaming service added podcasts to its platform in 2015, and now there is an extensive selection of podcasts. However, you can follow podcasts rather than subscribe to them with new episodes appearing on your home screen.

Additionally, all the big podcasts are available on the platform, like Serial, WTF with Marc Maron, Critical Role, and the Adventure Zone. The quality of podcasts is 96Kbps over Ogg Vorbis when streamed over any device.

However, podcasting attracts many investors because 70%  of the music income goes to the copyright holders. Consequently, podcasts are apparent to be even more loyal than music fans. That’s why this server paid $200 million to the host Joe Rogan experience. A show that leads to the misrepresentation of COVID and his past of using chauvinistic language on his show.

NOTE: The company has yet to state that it is no extended channel for controversial content. A publisher of podcasts is now answerable for the substantial proclamation.

Other Content on Spotify

OSTs: Soundtracks from TV shows, games, movies, and anime series are available.

  • Audiobooks: Contains 7297 total audiobooks and many fictional classics.
  • Concerts: states the users if their favorite artist is having a show in their region.
  • Playlists: features nonmusic tracks for sleep and contemplation.
  • Global Music Graphs: Features tracks that are trending in the exact countries.

Spotify Interface Review

Spotify Interface Review

Spotify’s interface is quite simple and appealing attractive. The desktop app has a single sidebar where all the main sections appear. Such as Home, Browser, and Radio. Below, you can go through the various parts of the library and the playlist section.

While on the mobile app, it has a navigation bar at the bottom of your phone screen. You can access the library, discover music, and hover around the app.

1. Home Tab

The home section will find popular playlists, including great hits in popular genres. Then moving down the home page delivers songs you have like recently listening tracks and songs that you listened to a lot. Whether you are using a mobile or desktop app, the home page summarizes your experience at this platform.

2. Search Tab Formally Consider Browser

The search page shows a collection of categories from genres like K-pop and hip-hop rock to moods like dinner, chill, and romantic. Then moving down, you will see the Discover tab that offers all the algorithm base references. There are all sorts of lists of artists and albums you are listening to.

3. Library Tab

Every song on the server shows a tiny heart icon ensuing to its name. Clicking on it will lead the song to your liked songs page. The album podcasts and artists page functions the same as the songs page. Moreover, on the library page, there is also a local file page that allows you to listen to downloaded music from outside this service over this interface.

4. Playlist Tab

The playlist page shows all the playlists you have formed and the ones you have added to your library.

5. Radio

Spotify stats allow playlist followers to create radio based on every song album, artist, or playlist on this. If you are listening to Salena Gomez and want to find a similar artist, the radio tab will create a personalized playlist of a certain vibe. You can find the radios tab by clicking on the ellipse next to a song, album, or podcast.

6. Community Feature

There is also a social media feature where you can follow your friends’ accounts and see their public playlists and live listening activities. However, if publicity to your listening activity content looks uncanny, you can turn it off.

7. Forthcoming Concerts

This streaming service makes it relaxed for its users to keep track of upcoming concerts for any artists they follow. To find them go to the search and then choose concerts. A list of nearby concerts on a popup menu will appear on your screen. Just tapping on the specific concert exposes that show’s time, date, and place. Additionally, the find tickets tab opens a window that allows you to get tickets on the spot.

8. Lyrics Feature

It is a recently added feature that demonstrates the lyrics of a song in the condition that the artist has uploaded those lyrics to convey their release.

Audio Quality on Spotify

Audio Quality on Spotify

The free service uses Ogg Vorbis audio format. Meanwhile, the premium subscribers can select between 5 sound quality levels.

  1. Automatic
  2. Low
  3. Normal
  4. High
  5. Very High

At normal settings, music streams at 96kbps. In low settings, music streams at 24kbps with a high-quality settings bit rate of up to 160kbps. However, the very high setting uses 320 kbps. When the sound quality increases, the clarity of each sound becomes clearer. The drum kick had more blows, and the bass became effective from low to very high settings. Each instrument and vocal also gets wider, so you can easily differentiate each sound.

The very high settings give more specifics and have fewer misrepresentations at high volumes which is great for podcasters. So if you are a casual listener, the high or very high settings may be sufficient to firewood your diurnal.

Accessible Devices for Spotify

Accessible Devices for Spotify
  • iOS devices that run iOS 12 or above
  • Android OS 4.1 or above,
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or above.
  • Windows, desktops, and laptops running Windows 7 or above

NOTE: It also works on TVs, some sound systems, gaming consoles, and Apple Watch.

1. Mobile App

iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows phones are stable to use the app, which is user-friendly compared to web players. Additionally, the updated version is easy to use and often makes the experience as spontaneous as possible.

2. Spotify Web Player

Now web players can use it on Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. However, the web player lets you use the server on a laptop or desktop without installing the server.

Should you Subscribe to it?

It’s a fact that there is no such thing as a flawless music streaming service, but providentially, Spotify’s huge catalog of music, podcasts, and playlists for $10 a month is more than enough for most people’s desires.

Conversely, Apple Music is a good substitute for you if you want low-quality music or don’t want to pay for podcasts. However, so far, whichever service you select knows you are receiving the best value for your money with any option.