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An XML sitemap is not a static file, it changes when we update a new post. You can Create XML Sitemap as manually or by using the Plugin called Yoast SEO But the submission of sitemap in google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tool is same in all case.

bing yandex google yahho search engine

Search Engine

You don’t need a different-different Sitemap for the different search engine. All the search engine work on the standard sitemap protocol.

A Sitemap is a perfect way to tells the search engine about the latest change on the website by Submit XML Sitemap in Google webmaster Tool and in some other major search engine.

In this article. I will cover how we can submit XML sitemap in google, Yandex and bing webmaster tool.

Note: – This is a One time Setting. After submitting sitemap in the search engine you don’t need to update it again and again. Whenever you update post search engine automatically indexed it.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs of your blog. This file helps crawlers to find all of the URLs of your blog.

In short, a sitemap is a complete index of your website/blog that you want search engine bots to see.

Detail About Post of your website

Detail About Post

It contains the URL of the Page and Post. A number of images present in the Article, Date when we update the article or last modified date.

Create Sitemap For WordPress Website

Sitemaps can be generated in different ways depending on the platform you are using for your website. Here in my case, I’m using Yoast SEO Plugin to create XML Sitemap File.

  • Login Your WordPress as an Admin and go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Now Click on SEO>>XML Sitemap. You will see an XML file page of your website.
Generate Sitemap File in yoast plugin

Generate Sitemap File

  • Click on XML sitemap to open your sitemap file.
Check XML sitemap with the help of command


Note: – You can check your sitemap (my sitemap file) file manually by simply typing the following command in the browser bar.

Here is a 3 file,

  • First for my All Post
  • Second for my pages and
  • Third for my category

Note: –  You can add what every you want in your sitemap file according to your niche. This setting you found under SEO>>XML Sitemap.

For another platform like those for static sites, there are many online tools and offline software which help you to do this job.

Submit XML Sitemap In Google Webmaster Tool

The submission process is very simple. You need to google webmaster Tool Account and the verify your site with google. Now copy and paste the sitemap file into the box one by one and it’s done.

add sitemap in google webmaster tool

Sitemap option

  • Now click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP and past your XML Sitemap file here.
Submit Sitemap in google

Submit Sitemap

In google already wrote outside the box. So in this case, I have to only add the post-sitemap.xml in the box.

  • Click on Test Button before hitting the submit button
test the xml sitemap file in the google webmaster tool

Test Sitemap File

  • Now you know your file is correct and ready to submit in the google, So hit the submit button.

It’s done, you’re all post now in the google search index.

  • Now repeat the process and copy all the file one by one in a webmaster tool.
Status of Sitemap in webmaster tool

Status of Sitemap

Submit XML Sitemap In Bing Webmaster Tool

Login your Bing Webmaster Tool for submitting XML sitemap In Bing.

Bing WebmaAster Tool

Bing WebmaAster Tool

  • Now click on Dashboard>>Congigure my site>>Sitemap.
submit xml sitemap in bing webmaster tool

submit into Bing

  • Copy and paste the XML sitemap in the Bing sitemap box and hit Submit Button.

Submitting sitemap in bing is done.

Submit XML Sitemap In Yandex Webmaster Tool

Login your Yandex Webmaster Tool account for submit XML sitemap in Yandex.

Yandex Webmaster Tool

Yandex Webmaster Tool

  • Now click on Dashboard>>Indexing >>Sitemaps file.
Submit into Yandex webmaster tool

Submit into Yandex

  • Copy and paste the XML sitemap in the Yandex sitemap box and hit ADD Button.

Note: – Yandex webmaster tool does not consider image into account. So it shows error in the report but all the post indexed by it.

Advance Sitemap Setting For Faster Indexing Of Website

you can get faster indexed by all the search engines with these 4 settings.

  1. Submit a sitemap through the search engine’s Webmaster account (as we already done).
  2. Include a sitemap in the robots.txt file telling a search engine where the file is.
  3. Place SiteMap In the Footer of website
  4. Ping the search engines.

Include Sitemap In The Robots.Txt File

Adding Sitemap in the Robots.Txt File is important for better indexing because,

All search engine Bots always check the Robots.txt file first and follow the command to crawl your site. Like, Ask search engine ( not has a webmaster account. So I place my sitemap file for it in the Robots.txt file.

So adding XML Sitemap in Robots.Txt file is good practice for the website.

  • Login your website as an Admin and click on Tool  Under SEO.
  • Now click on File Editor.
Sitemap In robots.txt file

Sitemap in Robots File

Note: – Each sitemap file in the robots.txt file, Must start with Sitemap: . For Example,


Pinging The Search Engine

Pinging a search engine means, Sending a message to the search engine telling it here is a sitemap, Come and crawl my website.

You can see this process in action for yourself. Create a sitemap and then change the following URL to show the path to your sitemap:

Copy and paste this URL (replace with your domain name) into a browser and press Enter, and you receive this response from Google:

Telling about Sitemap by typing command for google

Ping the search engine

These are the sitemap submission URLS; put the full URL to your sitemap, including http://, after the “=” sign:

Placing Sitemap In Footer

Sitemap Map in the footer also helps your website to better index and fast indexing. The reason is very simple,

All the search engine land on header and footer first to read the instruction what to do and then move to the next step.

Add Sitemap In footer

Sitemap In footer

This Sitemap is good for both Visitor and User. User Can easily Navigate your site with the help of Footer sitemap.

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