Tesla Model X: The First Fully Electric SUV

Tesla Model X

The very first fully electric SUV is the Tesla Model X, famous for its rear doors that look like falcon wings. Let us know more about this car and reach the conclusion of whether the Tesla Model X is worth buying or not.

An Overview of the Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is an electric luxury crossover SUV (sports utility vehicle) with unusual rear doors and lots of technology. This model was launched in 2015 and cost almost $126,000 to $167,000. This car is roomy and efficient, with seating for 7: the cargo space is also plentiful, and the design is individual.

However, 30 percent of its features are similar to the Tesla’s Sedan Model S. Currently, the mainspring of the Tesla lineup is the Model X, which is notably known for its falcon wing car. In 2016, the Model X ranked 17th among the world’s top-selling plug-in vehicles.

Interior and Comfort Level

The interior space is large in the first and second rows, but the falcon wing door system intrudes on the third row. The rear doors open like wings and offer unmatched access to the rear seats. However, the user interface of Model X has taken a step back. But with the new software upgrade from Tesla offering new features and user interface advancements make some improvements.

The Tesla Model X has an adaptive air suspension, which significantly improves ride comfort. The cabin is isolated from outside noise and creates a comfortable environment. The seats are well cushioned and offer adjustments to dial in your comfort.

Power Performance

The Tesla Model X comes with 2 electric motors that enable all-wheel drive, one at the front axle and the other at the rear. The electric motors make it a heavy and big SUV with strong acceleration. Model X performance outclassed the fastest SUVs and most sports cars, going from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. The massive power makes short work of any overtaking maneuver with rapid acceleration, only off at high speeds. This model responds with a firm and controlled ride when you drive in fast corners.

Battery and Range

The Model X is available with lithium battery packs rated at 60, 75, 90, and 100 kWh. The long-range comes with 335 miles of driving range, and the plaid model comes with 326 miles of driving range with a consumption of 33 kWh per 100 miles.  

When you charge your Tesla at a charging station with Superchargers, that makes long-distance a worthwhile option; you can add up to 175 miles of range in just 15 minutes. However, your Tesla battery condition, temperature, and prolonged motorway driving will radically lower this figure.

Is the Tesla Model X Worth Buying?

This car is practical and highly unique in the electric SUV market. The driving range, battery life, and warranty of the Tesla Model X are very impressive. At the same time, it is not without flaws and is very costly as compared to rivals like the Audi Q8 4-Tron. So, it’s up to your needs and driving desires that determine whether you should buy the Tesla Model X or not.