TikTok Launched GIF-Like Video Stickers Feature for DMs

TikTok Launched GIF
TikTok Launched GIF

TikTok inaudibly released animated video stickers for direct messages in February. This feature basically works like GIFs and is a development of TikTok stickers released last December. That lets users create and publish their own custom pictures to be used in DMs for more entertainment and engagement.

Furthermore, this feature was disclosed by Watchful.ai (A Product Intelligence Company), which users can look through popular video stickers published by other users or make their own.

If you want to create stickers, follow the steps below.

  • At first, choose the Create sticker option in a DM window.
  • Here you can select a video from your likes, posts, and favorite videos, and you can make video stickers from your own content or content published by others.
  • After selecting a video, use video scrubbing thumbnails to select how much of the video you want to be part of your video sticker.
  • Then tap the save option to save it to your sticker library.
  • Or you can tap on add it to the sticker store on the TikTok option that lets other users grasp and use the video stickers.

However, you can add text or crop the content to the video sticker. Plus, users can withdraw from letting other users make video stickers built on their videos by altering their privacy settings. However, if you don’t want to make your own video sticker, you can glance at the top, tap on trending, and then new video stickers that people have made and are using on the application.

This new feature lets users share content from the application in new behaviors. Instead of simply sharing a complete video with someone via direct message, users can share a precise part by turning it into a video sticker. Moreover, just like how GIFs are frequently used to share reactions, you can pick from a collection of video stickers to respond to a message from a friend or create your own.

This feature is now exposed to everybody’s suggested friends and mutual followers of people you have sent messages to. So, TikTok has recognized itself as an effective entertainment platform and is probably looking to increase its social features to get users to spend additional time on this app.