Top Windows Live Email Features [Updated Guide]

Windows Live Email Features

As almost everyone is already aware of the fact that Hotmail was the first free email service provider. After that, other tech giants came into the race and clearly beat Hotmail. But, when it comes to technology and performance Hotmail still fulfills the expectations. In this article, I will tell you about some of the top features of windows live email.

There are a lot of amazing and innovative features added to Hotmail recently to keep the windows live email updated. Some of them we are going to discuss today.

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HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which is a combination of HTTP and SSL to protect emails and Hotmail live login credentials from being theft or spied on. In the past Hotmail live used HTTPS only for securing the login credentials, but now, everything that goes in or comes out is ENCRYPTED.

2. Share Large Size Images

Microsoft Sky Drive free up to 25GB can store a huge amount of your pictures. Another feature of windows live email is creating a slide show of pictures you share in the email. Windows live email can store and let you share large-size images with others.

In the past, the users were not allowed to share images larger than 10-20 MBs. But, now Hotmail has provided enough space to share images of even larger size.

3. Share Office Documents

Viewing and Sharing documents with Microsoft live email might sound traditional as every other email service provider supports this feature. But, what about Editing the document inside your email? You do not need to own a computer to download the document to view and edit it. Every email shall be hosted and stored on the Microsoft cloud. Not only the documents but you can also view and edit the PowerPoint presentations on windows Hotmail account.

4. Real-Time Co-Authoring OR Document Collaboration

Real-time Co-Authoring allows writers to work collaboratively and work on the same document at the same time. You cannot just edit the document in real-time but also see the authors who are editing the document. The real-time Co-Authoring is an amazing feature that lets your conduct research together, make assignments together, create presentations together, and much more.

5. Send Massive Files In Email Attachments:

The integration of SkyDrive Cloud to Windows live email Hotmail can attach and send large files of up to 10 GBs. Sky Drive can save up to 25GB of data and the data sending limit can be up to 10GBs that makes Hotmail an idea data sharing email service.

6. One-Click Email Filtering

One-click email filtering is a part of every email service now. Windows live email also allows you to filter out emails with one click. Hotmail allows you to filter and view specific emails that you want to see. You can filter Unread, Social Updates, From Groups, and Spam.

7. Smart Filtering

Windows live email is smart enough to filter the emails with photos and documents attached inside. In the left pane click on the Photos option to filter out all the emails with photos inside. And, if you want to see the emails with documents attached inside the emails just click on the Documents option on the left.

Final Words

Windows live email also known as Hotmail live is a famous email service. There are a lot of amazing features that Hotmail gives to its users to send and receive large images up to 10 GBs. Co-Authoring makes it possible for multiple users to edit and view the documents in real-time. It also allows you to view the people who are editing the documents in real-time. Hotmail, in terms of services, is second to none.

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