Some Twitter (X) Accounts Lock ASAP on Monday; threats by Twitter

Twitter threatens to lock few accounts
Twitter threatens to lock few accounts

Twitter (X) threatens the possibility of locking the accounts of millions ASAP on Monday. If you have noticed a warning on your official account, you can’t ignore this sign.

Twitter (X) began warning users with two-factor authentication in their accounts that this method would end on March 20.

What is Two Factor Authentication? It’s a process that requires users to take two steps to verify the account belongs to the person using it. The first step asks for a username and password, and the second step asks for a code texted to the phone associated with the account. But this month, Twitter (X) no longer allowed new accounts to enroll in the two-factor authentication problem.

The Benefit of Paying $8 Monthly Fee

Users who pay an $8 monthly fee for Twitter (X) blue tick can still use two-factor authentication. And everyone wants to ask why Elon Musk is making these changes. So, Elon Musk stated that smartphone companies scam Twitter (X) with two-factor authentication costing the company around $60 million per year.

I Have a Solution without Paying $8

The people who can’t pay $8 monthly for the Twitter (X) blue tick use two-factor authentication. To get rid of this issue, download an authenticator app and link your Twitter (X) account to it.

You have many different options that you may avail to download, including 2FAS, Google Authenticator, Twilio Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator. But make sure to first research the app before downloading.

Note: Twitter (X) said that the accounts still have a two-factor authentication option after 20 March, but this privacy protection option will be disabled soon by Twitter (X).