U.S. Government Ban TikTok from Federal Devices

U.S. Government Ban TikTok
U.S. Government Ban TikTok

On March 5, Washington News Service stated: US senator Mark Warner‘s strategy to announce legislation allowing the government to ban foreign tech products like Chinese-possessed Tiktok.

Mark Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, alleged TikTok would be ‘one of the Potentials’ for appraisal under the bill. The Democratic senator commented on Fox News on Sunday, March 5.

However, the bill originates at a period when TikTok is under escalating pressure over worries that data about US users could wind up in the hands of the Chinese government.

On Wednesday, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to give President Joe Biden the authority to Ban Tiktok in the most far-reaching US constraint on any social media application.

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Last week, the White House provided government agencies 30 days to confirm that TikTok is not on any state devices and systems.

Moreover, over 30 U.S. states, Canada, and European Union strategy institutions have correspondingly barred TikTok from being loaded on state-maintained devices. Warner said he was concerned that TikTok could be a Propaganda tool built on the types of videos it shows users.

Furthermore, he said the bills he campaigns to announce ‘would say in terms of foreign technology approaching into America, we have got to have an organized tactic to verify we can ban it when required.’

He planned to announce the law this week with Republican Senator Jhon Thune. A representative for warner said they are probable to announce on Tuesday, March 7.

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