Uncle Rabbit: The AI ChatGPT Built 3D Chatbot

Uncle Rabbit The AI ChatGPT
Uncle Rabbit The AI ChatGPT

Twitter introduced its newest creation last week. Twitter posted a video of team affiliates communicating with Uncle Rabbit; the ChatGPT built holographic AI with a fondness for carrots.

However, the holographic tech company Looking Glass introduced this technology and launched the first desktop-built holographic progress kit in 2018. This feature arises with its exceptional carrot-obsessed character united into its responses.

The video of the Uncle Rabbit posted to the Looking Glass official Twitter page displays development team members communicating with the 3D holographic image of a bunny (Uncle Rabbit). This chatbot is considered to track the company’s 3D holographic stripe of products.

Furthermore, this tech delivers similar skills to ChatGPT, letting the AI emulate or apply a precise character or tone in its answers. The bot’s conversation and responses influence its exclusive character making a less machinelike and more sincere experience for users.

In addition, by conversation, we don’t mean it responds to questions like ChatGPT; Uncle Rabbit is proficiently appealing in a fully mature conversation with you from early inquiry to follow the response. It even has a sense of humor, though, built on the videos; its brand of comedy is very daddy-witticism focused.

The likelihood of using conversational AI in gaming, regular production tasks, and virtual assistant use are endless. At the same time, Uncle Rabbit is not accessible for users to download and participate in up till now. The company has made an email sign-up page to inform interested parties of the progress and capabilities of the tool.

When accessible, the technology will still probably need one of the Looking Glass propriety displays, ranging from almost $400 to packages that charge some thousand dollars or more.

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