What Errors Do We Could Face While Streaming Netflix And How To Fix Them Quickly


The best of Netflix is found on long weekends when you’ve got millions of shows to watch. The library is endless and so is the fun. The last thing you need at this point is an error. And, as flawless Netflix can be, some errors could ruin your watch time.

Code AVF11800OS42800
Code AVF11800OS42800

During streaming, you may encounter some error messages like Netflix streaming error m7111-5059. These codes are for you to find in the help center of Netflix and figure out how to fix them.

Instead, we can help you in that area. We have combined a list of common error codes that you could face while streaming Netflix. We will also show you how to fix it so that you can get back to your streaming. Let’s get started.

Code 11800

This error code is accompanied by the following message:

“A problem occurred while playing this item. Try again later or select a different item. Go to www.netflix.com/support for more information.”

This indicates that there is a problem with playback on your device. The information on your device is outdated or corrupted and requires a refresh. This error is most common amongst Apple devices like iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, etc.

To fix this, you must restart your device which can clear out any old information. If that doesn’t work, maybe the Netflix app needs an update.

Code m7111-5059

This error code is most popular amongst the tech-savvy audience who get their hands on VPNs and use them to stream Netflix globally. Since 2016, Netflix is committed to reducing VPN users by equipping its app with a VPN-provided IP Address detector. You will get a message saying that you’re using an unblocker or a VPN.

The two solutions to this issue are to either close the VPN being used and normally stream Netflix. Another way to get rid of this code is to use a better VPN that cannot be detected by Netflix. That way, you can enjoy the global releases and jump to online places instantly.

Code 11800
Code 11800

Code M7111-1331

This code occurs commonly amongst laptop users who use the browser to access Netflix. You may be clicking a link that no longer exists, which is being redirected to your browser. The remedy is to search the title yourself on Netflix.com.

If that doesn’t work, then one of your browser extensions may be creating complications. Try resetting your browser or disabling the browser extension and see if that eradicates the error.

Code AVF:11800:OS:42800;

This code is supported by the message “This title can no longer be watched offline”. If you have many downloaded features in your DVR, and this error comes up, it is possible the downloaded movie or TV show is corrupted, moved, or removed.

The solution is dependent on an internet connection. If you’re in an offline region and this error comes up, you can’t do much about it. If you’re in on Wi-Fi or data, you can re-download the file. This will fix the problem for sure.

Code UI-800-3

Code UI-800-3 error code is like 11800. You will find this most common on Blu-ray devices, gaming consoles, Roku TV, and others. It is an indication of an outdated device and needs to be refreshed.

The solution is to restart the device and check. If it doesn’t work, then the Netflix app is acting up, which is why you need to uninstall, then reinstall. If that doesn’t work, the last solution to this is to reset your router and reconnect the devices. (astrajewellery.com)

Error NW-2-5/NW-3-6

This error code was most prominent amongst Apple devices. It simply means that there is a Network Connectivity issue that needs to be fixed. The remedies can be to restart your device or reconnect to the Wi-Fi device or data.

Another fix would be to restart the router device. If that doesn’t work, try using a wired connection. It may seem old-school, but the stream speed gets faster on a wired connection.

Error Code -1001 and 0-1157

These error codes are a bit alarming as something is stopping your device from connecting to Netflix. It could be a third-party app or any app running in the background.

A solution here would be to restart your Wi-Fi router because there could be hackers trying to get access to your accounts. You can also restart your viewing device and it could get rid of the resistance.

Error code NW-4-7

This error code occurs mostly in gaming consoles. If you get this error, it means you need to check your DNS settings. The way to fix this is by going into your console’s menu, setting your DNS to Automatic. Then run a test connection to see if it is working or not.

If it works, Netflix will work as well. If that doesn’t help, then the Wi-Fi router is at fault here. You may need to restart the router to fix it.


Netflix continues to figure out new bugs and errors (that’s what their chaos engineering department does). This means that these error codes will keep increasing over time. It is important to know these codes and stay up to date on future edits and upgrades. Stay safe!