What Is The Best Frame Rate For Smooth Gaming Experience

Frame Rate Counter
Frame Rate Counter

What is fps and what does fps mean? FPS stands for Frames Per Second and the frame rate is the number of images that are captured and displayed per second on the screen. The framerate is the technique through which the screenplay and image transition are made smooth for the gamers to enjoy.

The gamers enjoy the smooth good fps graphics running on the screen without any lags when playing fast-paced and heavy graphics games, therefore, heavy graphics require high FPS. A refresh rate test is also done for checking the framerate of the game for smooth gaming. There are several frame rates like 60 fps, 120 fps, 240 fps but, which one is better for the best gaming experience.

What Is FPS In Games?

Frame rate or FPS is based on many factors like: how powerful is the hardware that is being used, and what are the frames per second demand of the game, how well the game is optimized, and many other factors. Steam fps counter is an option that is used to count the frames per second while playing the game to find out which fps is best for your personal experience.

Let’s take an example here, to define the frame more clearly to you guys. If you are playing a game with 1 frame per second then you will see only one image in one second. Let’s take another example; if you are playing the game at 60 fps then you will see 60 images per second. Through this, the gaming experience is made significantly smooth and fast.

Therefore, the frame rate is the images rendered and displayed per second on the screen while playing the game. The better fps, the more smooth will be the game.

Types Of Frame Rate for Smooth Gaming Experience

As the gaming industry has evolved the demand for a smooth and fast gaming experience is demanded all across the world. Let us now discuss the best PC FPS for third-person shooter games.

1 – 240 FPS For 3rd Person Shooter Games

240 frames per second are the highest frame rate today for every kind of game. This is the highest available frame today to allow gamers to play games and enjoy the smoothest gameplay on all devices (if supported).  Of course, if you have a good fps monitor or high-resolution screen to be able to enjoy the best smooth gameplay.

2 – 120FPS For Better Gaming

120 frames per second are the 2nd highest frame rate that is available for the gamers to enjoy. However, every frame rate has the requirements that can make it possible to run games on this frame per second. In this case, you will be needing a monitor or screen with a display of 120-165 frame refresh rate ability. However, it is a little tough to find games with It is hard to find games with 120FPS.

3 – 60 Frames Per Second For Gaming

Is 60 fps good? You might have had this frame refresh rate in your cell phones. Cell phones also offer video making. Moreover, you will need the 60FPS supported screen to enjoy the gaming with 60 frames per second games.

4 – 30FPS The Second Lowest Frames Per Second

30 frames per second is another primary target of console gamers or small gaming companies because it is supported by most of the devices and monitor screens and can be easily available.

5 – 20FPS The Lowest Frame Rate

Only 20 frames refresh rate per second. The frame change is clearly noticeable in this frame rate and it is suitable for low graphics games.

Best Frame Rate For Gaming

The frame rate is dependent on many conditions game requirement, gamers’ choice, and the hardware that is available for gaming.

Best Frame Rate For Gaming

1 – 240FPS Highest Frame Ratio For Gaming

As stated earlier, 240 frames per second are the highest frame rate available for gaming and it provides the smoothest gaming experience with smooth frame transitions. However, executing 240FPS is a heavy-duty task for hardware and there is only a little difference between 120FPS and 240FPS, so it is totally dependent on the choice of gamers.

2 – 120FPS The Second Highest Frames Per Second

120FPS is for those who are serious about gaming and with a frame rate of 120 Frames per second that can be easily handled by the monitor.

3 – 60 Frames Per Second

60 frames per second are the best option for gamers who do not have high-resolution gaming screens. The 60FPS resolution is not so high or too low for gaming and can be handled by a standard monitor. This frame rate is ideal for every game. Therefore, there is no need to purchase a high-resolution monitor for gaming.

4 – 30 Frames Per Second

This frame rate is suitable for single players. If you are playing alone and the game is not much demanding in terms of graphics and not heavy for a standard resolution monitor.


Frame rate is a feature that influences the gaming experience. The differences apart, all of the frame rates are capable enough to give you a good gaming experience. After all, having a high-resolution monitor is also another factor to enjoy games with smooth frames.

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