What You Should Do When YouTube Keeps Crashing On Your Device

Youtube App Keeps Crashing
Youtube App Keeps Crashing

YouTube is the most popular platform for watching videos online. After Google, YouTube is most used in the world.  People of every age group search for solutions every day.  What if YouTube crashed suddenly and you have no idea what to do. In this article, I shall tell you why YouTube keeps crashing and what to do when the YouTube app is not working.

Youtube App Keeps Crashing Android
Youtube App Keeps Crashing Android

Why Does YouTube Keep Crashing?

There is no single reason why YouTube keeps crashing and not working on your device. But, the most common ones I am going to tell you here:

  • Outdated Application.
  • Device OS is not updated.
  • Corrupted or overloaded cache.
  • Connection problems.
  • Blocked in the region, etc.

These might be the reasons why YouTube keeps crashing on your device. Now, without further due let’s get to the solutions you need to follow when YouTube gets crashed.

Force Stop YouTube App:

The first and the most suitable solution is to shut down the YouTube app when it is not working. Go to your device settings. Go to applications, find the YouTube app, open it and tap on “Force Stop”. This solution can resolve your problem when YouTube keeps stopping.

Use this solution when YouTube not working on android and you can’t figure out what else you should do. This will shut down the application and restart a new session. After doing this, start the YouTube app manually, and hopefully, it will stop YouTube from crashing.

Restart Android:

Another simple yet useful solution to the “YouTube keeps crashing” issue. Just restart the android device and it will stop YouTube from crashing again. Just press the power button for 5 to 10 seconds and tap on “Restart”.

Youtube Keeps Crashing
Youtube Keeps Crashing

Clear YouTube Cache On Your Device:

You should clear the YouTube cache when YouTube keeps crashing. The cache is collected and stored on the device and it can put some load on the YouTube app. Normally people spend a lot of time regularly on YouTube whether to watch tutorials, listen to songs, watch free movies, or things like that. For faster access cache memory is used. Clearing the YouTube cache will clear out the unnecessary files and data to make the YouTube app lighter to work faster.

To clear the YouTube cache, follow the steps below:

  • Settings.
  • Apps.
  • YouTube.
  • Storage.
  • Clear cache.

Update YouTube Application:

An outdated version can be the reason YouTube keeps crashing. All the IT companies in the world follow this rule of discontinuing support for older versions of software and hardware as well. You should update the YouTube app to avoid problems if YouTube is not responding. To update the YouTube application follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the Google Play store.
  • Tap on the 3-lines Menu Icon.
  • Go to My Apps and Games.
  • Select the YouTube app and tap on Update.

Re-Install The YouTube App:

And finally, we are here to the last and the final step of how you can stop YouTube Keeps Crashing. All you have to do is remove and re-install the YouTube application. This solution to stop YouTube crashing is not mandatory BUT, if none of the above solutions work then you are permitted to proceed to this one. To uninstall the app from android go to the settings > Apps > YouTube > uninstall. To re-install the YouTube app:

  • Go to Google Play store
  • Search for YouTube app
  • Install the YouTube app


YouTube is no doubt is the biggest video platform in the world. Students use it for education, children use it for entertainment. To stop the issue of YouTube keeps crashing you are free to use all the above-discussed solutions and make your life easy.