Why Does Disney Plus Keep Buffering: How to Fix It Quickly

Why Does Disney Plus Keep Buffering
Why Does Disney Plus Keep Buffering

Disney plus is a popular video streaming platform allowing users to watch movies and drama series, and millions of users use this platform. But sometimes, this streaming server creates some glitches and errors. The users of this application report the standard error and glitches like (Buffering and freezing the screen). Here in this guide, we explain why Disney plus keeps buffering and why this buffering happens, and how you can fix the problems that buffer or freeze your movie in the middle of the night.

Reasons: Why Does Your Disney Plus App Keep Buffering

When you watch a movie on the Disney app server, the content you are watching starts to buffer, and it will go on, and your screen is just stuck. It will annoy and interrupt you, so it becomes incredibly frustrating. Here we have shared the reasons for different causes that initiate the buffering error on your streaming on the Disney+ platform. Therefore, we are sharing some reasons why your streaming is buffering or freezing, and we also gave you some methods to fix your problem.

  • Internet Connection: Sometimes, the internet connection makes problems and buffers your streaming content. The Disney plus server needs 5MP per second to stream your content, whether for a movie or a television show.
  • Overloaded Cache: The cache data becomes crowded, so it makes causes the performance of your streaming content like buffering, freezing, and loading.
  • Disney+ Server is not Updated: Sometimes, you can see some problems when using an old version of the Disney plus. So, if the latest version of this application is available, install it.
  • The Application Issues: Under some circumstances, some corrupted files can cause the installation of the application. Uninstall the App, then install it may help you to work it properly.

Why Does Disney Plus keep Buffering: Fix the Streaming Problem

why does disney plus keep buffering on my tv
why does disney plus keep buffering on my tv

As you know, all the reasons and causes for your streaming content keep buffering and freezing. You can resolve the issues from the app settings and make changes to your device. Here are the methods that can fix Disney+ problems on short notice.

  1. Clear the Cache on Disney+
  2. Check the internet connection
  3. Reinstall & Uninstall the App
  4. Update & Restart the App
  5. Check out the hardware issues
  1. Clear the Cache on Disney Plus: Multiple Devices

When you browse any application, the cache data will save on your device. When the cache data becomes overloaded, it can create problems, and the application will not work smoothly. So, it is good for you to clear the cache files. Just follow the steps below to clean the caches by using your android phone, play station, XBOX, and from your chrome.

Clean the Cache via Android phone

The methods to clear the cache files depend on your device. Here we share the details on clearing the cache data using android devices.

  • Open the Settings option on your device.
  • Then click on the application app. After that, select the Application manager
  • Now start the Disney plus App and tap on the Force stop
  • Select the storage Then click on the clear cache button.
  • Now confirm the clear cache files on Disney plus files.

Clear Cache File via Xbox

If you are using your XBOX to stream your content on Disney plus application and it is buffering for a long time, it is good to clear the cache file from your Xbox.

  • Open my games and apps option on your Xbox.
  • Then go-to apps and open the Disney plus
  • Click on the menu option in the App and tap on the manage
  • In the manage app, click on the clear the saved data option. That’s it.

Clean the Cache files via PlayStation

Using this guide, you can also clean your cache files of the Disney+ website from your PlayStation.

  • Open the Settings App on your play station.
  • Click on the storageThensaved the data option.
  • Now open the Disney plusHere open the option.
  • Tap on the delete to clear the cache files.
  1. Check the Internet Connection

If you are streaming a video or movie on Disney plus application, it is possible that your content will buffer or your screen is stuck if your internet connection speed is low than the required speed. Most online video streaming platforms set less internet speed to stream the content without creating problems.

However, the Disney plus application requires your internet’s 5.0 Mbps (high definition) speed to stream your content. So, content may buffer continuously if you have a slow internet speed. You can download any speed tester website on your device to check the internet speed. Try these alternative methods to ensure your internet connection speed is low.

  • Restart the Router: If your internet speed is okay, but your streaming is still buffering on Disney plus, so unplug your router, wait for 20 seconds and then plug it. Now, wait for the lights to turn on, and then try to watch your stream again.
  • Disconnect the other Devices: Suppose you are not getting the internet speed so that you can disconnect the other devices such as mobile, PC, tablets, and more connected to your network.
  • Change to Another Network: Another method to get a good internet speed is to try another network. If you have another network available, like (a mobile network and Wifi) you can try it and check the buffering stops or not.
  • Closed the Nonfunctioning Web Pages: If you are troubleshooting to watch a movie on Disney plus, I prefer you to close all apps and web pages on your device to speed up your internet speed.
  1. Reinstall & Uninstall the Disney Plus App

If you have tried these options and the content is still buffering, the App may probably have some problems. Therefore you can try to uninstall the application and then reinstall it. The step to uninstall and reinstall the App slightly depends on the device that you are using.

Reinstall the App – (Android devices)    

You can follow the below section to install and reinstall the Disney plus application on your android phone or television device.

  • Open the settingsThen go to the applications option.
  • Tap on the manage applications and open the Disney plus App.
  • Now tap on the uninstall
  • After uninstalling the application, just download the App again.

Restore the Disney Plus app – (iOS device)

If you are using your iPhone (mobile, iPad) to stream the content on the Disney plus App and your video or movie is buffering, it is good for you to sort out this issue. Do follow the steps to uninstall the steps.

  • Press and hold on to the Disney + App.
  • When it shakes, a menu will pop up on your screen.
  • Here tap on the remove app, then tap on the delete app
  • Now it will uninstall on your device.
  • After uninstalling the application then, install the App again.

Uninstall the App – (XBOX)

To uninstall the Disney plus application on the XBOX device is very easy. Here find out the steps to uninstall the App on your Xbox.

  • Press the menu button of the Disney plus App.
  • Then open the manage app
  • Here tap on uninstall all
  • After uninstalling the App then, install it again on your XBOX device.

Reinstall the Disney plus App – (PlayStation)

To uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ streaming service can fix your content that is buffering will solve your problem, so here are the steps you can follow to uninstall the App on your PlayStation.

  • Tap on the Disney plus App on your play station.
  • Then press the options button.
  • In the options menu, selects the delete option to uninstall the App from your play station.
  • Then install the App. That’s it.

After installing the Disney plus application on any device, open the App and check whether the content you are streaming is still buffering.

  1. Update & Restart the Disney Plus App

Another thing that can create glitches and keep buffering your streaming content is checking the application update. It is suitable for you to keep the application updated on your device. If you are not running the latest version of the Disney Plus, it impacts your videos.

Suppose you have updated the latest version of the Disney plus App. So, the buffering issues will not frighten you. Updating the Disney plus application depends on your device and your system. To check the updates, open the settings menu option on your device and check whether an update is available.

You can also try the restart your App to solve the issue. Just shut off the Disney plus App on your device “mobile, desktop, and television” that you are using. Then wait for a few minutes, and then open the application on your device again. Start the streaming video and see whether it is working or not.

  1. Hardware-Related Issues

Disney plus server needs better quality of your hardware cables, so it is essential to look for the hardware issues. If you watch a show or movie on Disney+ on any device, you need to use the high-quality cables to run the content without any glitches, and your buffering issues will sort out from it.


If you are using Disney plus application and streaming a movie series that has been buffering for a while, and you are just fading up, you just want to watch the content without interruption. Here in this article, we shared some reasons and how we can sort out these buffering issues, so tell us in the comment section whether this guide is helped you or not.