Why Is Brand Storytelling Important to Engage Your Social Media Visitors?

Social Media Visitors
Social Media Visitors

Wish to build a brand? Want to gain customer trust and loyalty? Try to distinguish your company from competitors? Then storytelling is an essential marketing tool to adopt. Here we are with our list of reasons to adopt storytelling to your marketing efforts for grounding the business strategy with messaging that is emotionally engaging, memorable, and money-making.

Brand Storytelling: What Is This?

It’s a way to tell your brand’s story through various mediums (posts, reels, videos, and other social media tools). It’s one of the most effective marketing strategies that help:

  • Enhance brand awareness;
  • Capture the attention of the targeted audience (TA);
  • Strengthen and expand the brand’s audience;
  • Create an emotional connection to the audience;
  • Build brand loyalty and many more.

When done correctly, storytelling can successfully evoke emotions within the TA to establish a relationship. Stories not only attract the attention but increase your TA’s engagement and help them learn more about the brand.

Social Media Engagement: What Is That?

Social media networks enable communication between businesses and real customers. In its turn, engagement is something like a measurement of how effectively brands manage to create interactions with the consumers.

Want it or not, your presence on social media platforms is vital for building a brand. Look at the figures and facts:

  • Social media networks capture over 30% of all online activity;
  • Averagely, users spend about 2 hours on social media daily.

You just can’t miss out on such an opportunity to attract the attention of prospective customers. That’s why social media engagement is one of the key goals for any business. The higher it is, the better. Just because it has a positive effect on the brand and overall business. Here are a few main advantages to notice:

  1. It’s cost-effective in comparison with traditional ways of advertising like printed flyers. By creating engaging and appealing stories, your content can get more shares and thus more people see it;
  2. It offers social proof of the brand;
  3. It enhances brand awareness;
  4. It expands the marketing reach.

However, all that is possible only if your accounts on all the platforms look cohesive, similar, and made in your brand style and colors. Use vistacreate color names or something like that to choose the right tones of colors used to increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

4 Reasons Why Brand Storytelling Is The Future Of Marketing

So why is storytelling important for branding? Apart from the fact that information presented as a story is 22 times more memorable, there are many benefits of brand storytelling, including those mentioned above. Below you’ll find 4 main reasons it is important for your social media audience engagement. So, let’s find out why businesses should cultivate a strategic storytelling practice.

#1 It Is the Backbone of a Strong Marketing Strategy

Storytelling is a way for companies to simplify the complexities of their vision and convey the key message to the TA more effectively. By creating a clear and strong story, the business can improve its marketing efforts over time. It’s because stories capture and engage customers much better than any other approach. Yet, only if you manage to create a good story, you achieve that.

#2 It Is a Competitive Advantage

Stories evoke emotions. And it’s your tool to differentiate your brand in such a crowded marketplace with tens of millions of content pieces created, posted, and shared every single day. As it was mentioned above, stories are much more memorable than regular forms of information. A good story with emotional and factual info presented gives you a competitive advantage. Use stories to translate who you are and what you do.

#3 It Emotionally Connects People And Creates Brand Loyalty

Stories help create emotional connections between your brand and TA. Use narrative to share the brand’s history with all its ups and downs and provide value propositions — it’s a way to stay unique and memorable because the audience can forget facts but not feelings. All this builds trust and creates brand loyalty.

#4 It Makes You Both Humane And Profitable

What is common between Google, Apple, and Tesla? Apart from the fact that all these companies are world-renowned, the fastest-growing, and successful, they are legacy brands and they are also among the top 10 most empathetic companies. Besides, all of the brands on the list are found to be amongst the most profitable in the world. Thus, empathy and commercial success are linked.

People would rather invest in a human than an enterprise/company. Herewith, it’s crucial for your brand to be more human. It’s where storytelling works best of all. Don’t be a business that just is a product/service provider, try to become a vision that customers believe in and subscribe to. Your mission and the people of your team matter. So, it’s crucial to convey your mission and introduce your team to your TA. It’s a way to humanize your brand and win the loyalty and trust of your customers.


In case your goal is to build a powerful and lasting brand then you are to master storytelling. It’s a great marketing tool that helps:

  • Create a robust marketing strategy;
  • Humanize brand;
  • Convey the message and values of your company, making them clear and memorable;
  • Emotionally connects you with your customers;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Build trust and win the loyalty of your TA, and many more.

So, storytelling is not only a future of marketing but a powerful business tool that allows you to succeed and grow. Thus, if you wish to stand out, strike a chord, and win the customers’ hearts, then start to adopt it today.