Windows 11 vs Windows 10: With Exciting Features & Specs

Windows 11 vs Windows 10
Windows 11 vs Windows 10

The main difference between Windows 11 vs Windows 10 is the advent of the new designs & amazing features. Although Windows 10 and 11 share many similarities, the significant changes are in the interface, integrations, and widgets.

The latest version gives an aesthetic Mac-like look and efficient features, plus the chance to use the Android apps on your system. Window 11 has superior features with new techniques and refines the previous features of Window 10. These features of Windows 11 help us work more smoothly. So let’s find out what makes windows 11 better than the previous version.

So let’s compare both the windows to know if we should upgrade to the newest OS or not. I will walk you through the huge difference between windows 11 & 10 with pros & cons. So you easily decide whether to upgrade to the latest version or not.

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Windows 11 vs Windows 10 Overview

Windows 11 introduces significant changes to the Windows operating system. However, it contains the previous features with polished capabilities to give it a new look. Unfortunately, the last window has boring wallpaper and boxes. But Window 11 comes with the latest improvement to the window logo. As a result, the previous window features have been replaced or are no longer available in the most recent version of Windows 11.

The reinstatement of the startup sound, which descends since Windows 8, comes with a refurbished collection of icons that intensify the design with gradient colors. One of the notable changes is the look, which gives a softer look to everything. However, the most enchanting feature is the dark theme, which allows you to switch between brighter or darker modes, and this will apply to all apps to desktop wallpapers.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Modern Features, Specs & Performance

The comparison between these two windows is fairly obvious. If you look at the features and specifications. To get a better user experience, the new features are the main reason to upgrade. The new window features have a fresh design with pastel shades and rounded corners, which gives them a smooth look. The other exciting features of Windows 11 are:

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Windows 11 vs Windows 10 features and specs

1. The Interface of the Latest OS

In addition, Windows 11 will allow you to set the desktops in a way that looks like a Mac interface. So, for example, it will enable you to switch between numerous desktops for work or gaming. But to set this up in Windows 10 is relatively more complex.

2. Snap Layouts: Windows 11 vs Windows 10

The other amazing feature in windows 11 is Snap group and layouts, which allows users to organize their apps & windows efficiently by grouping them collectively like people make groups on Android & iOS. Snap layouts offer different layout options to organize various windows on the screen.

Further, the snap feature in Windows 10 wants users to manually manage their windows by hovering to the screen’s right or left or using keyboard combinations. Although, Snap layouts allow users automatically organize their open windows as squares.

These various snap layouts match the size of your screen. Also, Snap layouts efficiently organize many open tabs and windows to quickly access and conceal them when you don’t want, and it is convenient to put all the crucial tabs together. Moreover, snap groups allow users quickly go back to their snap layouts when they hover on the taskbar.

3. Improved Voice, Touch Screen, & Pen Support

Microsoft’s goal is to improve the touch quality by creating more space between the icons on the taskbar. It also provides the tactual to the digital pen, which will help you sense vibrations when you use it for enchanting notes in this latest version of Windows 11.

Moreover, Windows 11 also instigated the typing of voice and commands over the system. Although Windows 11 comes with many changes, Microsoft has made the interface of Windows 11 work better with advanced touch, pen, and voice input support. However, touch screen users value Windows 11 that have greater touch targets and visual cues for simply resizing and moving windows.

4. Improved Gaming Tech (Xbox tech)

Windows 11 come with some additional changes for gaming. It supports DirectX 12 ultimate, giving better visuals and frame rates on supported games. Many new titles have devoted visual settings that take benefit of DirectX 12 ultimate to offer better visuals and performance.

Moreover, DirectStorage is another important feature in Windows 11 that takes the load off from the CPU to decompress data inside the GPU directly. This provides quick load times and high frame rates.

But, you will require NVMeSSD for this feature to function, and the game must support DirectStorage. However, DirectStorage is already available on Windows 10, but Microsoft clears it that gaming is the huge focus for windows 11. So it’s the best platform for gamers.

Windows 11 has advanced features that make your gaming experience amazing, such as Auto HDR for users using an HDR monitor and the built-in Xbox app. However, it is suggested that if you wish for the best and newest gaming experience, then you must move to Windows 11. Then there was another move to combine Xbox and PCs. Finally, it also adds some technology for better gaming purposes.

5. The New Taskbar & Start Menu

The best thing in windows 11 you will notice is the new menu bar, start button, and taskbars. All the icons are shifted in the middle of the taskbar, including the start menu option. But users can move them back to the left if they want as they want.

In addition, there are some default icons, Cortana is gone, and internet and sound options are combined in a single popup with a bunch of other options. Start menu tiles are not available in Windows 11, and the start menu just displays the punned items and suggestions based on your recent activity. However, you can still able to see all apps, but you will have to tap on a dedicated option for it.

But here, people are confused about whether the variations in windows 11 are better than the previous version. The answer is it doesn’t matter; even if you do not like the changes, then you can customize the taskbar, so you can easily switch to the Windows 10 style taskbar by making the changes.

Moreover, Windows 11 dropped out the window 10 feature in favor of Microsoft edge sync ability. The spot where the windows timeline was swapped by virtual desktops

The start buttons show the updated menu powered by the cloud and the office. In Windows 10, when you open the start menu, you will see the list of apps, but the new version will suggest you work on a suitable document and app.

6. New Icons

The new version of windows gives the modern icons that gain users’ attention and rebuild some of the pictures roaming since90s.

7. Use Android Apps in Windows 11

Now you can use android apps on windows 11 via the Microsoft store. It was one of the major features when Windows 11 was first launched. But, the feature got delayed, but now in 2022, Windows 11 will officially make android app support.

However, Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon AppStore and Intel to allow you to use android apps in windows 11. Now in 2022, you can download your favorite Android apps right from the Microsoft store and run them in an android subsystem of windows 11. This is something people have been waiting for years by taking Android apps to Windows 11. Microsoft is fulfilling user demands to run phone apps on their desktops.

8. Microsoft Team Incorporation

The Microsoft Store has been rediscovered in Windows 11, making it simpler for users to look at apps and movies. For instance, the Microsoft store lets users install all the Windows apps on the latest OS.

However, it will pop up directly into the window. It is a delicate practice that is brought right to the taskbar to let the teams interact with users quickly.

Although the Microsoft store in Windows 11 and Windows 10 is based on similar designs, But, Windows 11 additionally supports Android apps via the Amazon AppStore. That is not available in Windows 10. Hence, Windows 11 depends on the new window system for Android apps.

9. Latest Widgets

Widgets are considered a collection of live updates we want to see. Hence, it will give you direction on everything from weather updates to the adapted article ideas.

Windows 11 widgets offer a variety of live feeds, giving you updates & suggestions on everything from calendar items & to weather updates. It serves up a collection of everything from a to-do list to reading recommendations based on your interest & surroundings.

Widgets are placed in a slide-out panel on the screen’s left, allowing you to view the news items quickly. The widgets interface gets easily aside and lets you back to your work, and Windows 11 gives it a new incredible look.

Most widgets have a See more option to view the specific update in a browser tab to get complete information. You can tap on the Add Widgets option to see a complete list of widgets & add them.

 10. Performance Improvements

Windows 11 is amazing if you talk about performance. Besides the different interface features, Microsoft introduces the improvement feature that enhances the system’s performance. As per Microsoft, windows 11 performs so well in memory management to favor the app windows you have open & running in the forefront.

The company declares faster logins with windows hello, instant wake from sleep, and speedier web browsing. In addition, the window updates in the latest version will be 40% smaller.

Microsoft tested Windows 11 by showcasing how even with 90% CPU load, the excel app in Windows 11 opens up with speed, regardless of the CPU being so busy. The company also states that the same also applies to “Shell” in Windows 11, which powers the start menu and additional visual effects.

In short, windows 11 delivers better performance for longer battery health & updating the new update means a more cool experience where apps load faster.

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Do You Want to Get the Window 11

There are some requirements to install window 11 as it needs a processor of 64-bit, storage of 64 GB. A minimum of 4GB of memory. 2.0 Of TPM (trusted platform module) and secure boot UEFI boot system,  and a graphic card with 12Xdirect. The home screen edition of windows 11 needs an internet association and an account of Microsoft to complete the entire device setup.

Final Verdict

Concerning designs and texture, windows 11 is a massive shift from windows 10. However, the operating system is the same. But they differ regarding appearance. Therefore, looking off windows 11 is a more concerning aspect that gains attention.

The edges are advanced in a way that looks smooth soft to make it cool. Furthermore, it will allow a user to switch to darker mode and change the color theme for the entire desktop wallpaper to a different application.

The access of windows 11 is a free update of windows 10. But there are some restrictions and requirements to update it. So if your system encounters a condition, you can easily upgrade it. In addition, Windows 11 came up with advanced features faster than the previous version.