Overview To The WordPress Post Dashboard Area

wordpress post option
wordpress post option

Creating a new post in WordPress can be done either from the WordPress toolbar or WordPresss Dashboard area. On the WordPress Post Dashboard, You will find a lot of Features.

WordPress Post Dashboard
Post-Dashboard Area

Some of them are very useful and use on the daily basis but some of them are not.In this article, We will explore and check all the feature and make a organize our Dashboard According to our need.

In this article, We will explore and check all the feature and make a organize our Dashboard According to our need.

WordPress Post Dashboard Area

This is a screenshot of a Post Admin Archive Or Post Admin Area and it is found by clicking on All Post on the Main Navigation.

wordpress post
WordPress post option

Here, You will see a Variety of information. Like,

  • Title: – Head Line of the post
  • Author: –  Who Write the Content
  • Category: – In which Category your content Organised
  • Tag: – Which Tag you Attach with the post.
  • Comment: – Number of Comment On the post
  • Date: – Date when you Published the content

From all of them, Only The title and Date can be clicked to order by that you can get alphabetical titles and inverted so that you can see oldest first instead of most recent first Respectively

hover on title on wordpress
hover on the title

You can also Hide some of these options. If you don’t want to show on Post Admin Area.

  • Just click on screen option. on the top right corner of the WordPress Post Area.
wordpress screen Option
Screen Option

We have some more option on WordPress Post Dashboard to Sort or Apply action on content in Bulk Mode.

  • Click on Drop Down Box button and select the action you want to apply. And also select the post, where you want to apply.
sort post content by different way
sort post Content

For Example,

  • Tick the Post and select the Action and hit the Apply Button. or
  • Move Your Cursor on Post and click on Trash.
Move post to trash post in wordpress
Move post to trash

We can also Sort Content in the WordPress by month or category.

Note:  Trash Article can be Restore from the Trash Box with In 30 days. After 30 days it is permanently deleted from the Trash Box.

sort content By Date in wordpress
Sort content By Date

Once you have a Dozen of Post then it is very difficult to find a post in the Post Admin Area. So you have an option to Search your post on the Top Right Corner on the WordPress.

search post box in wordpress
Search Box


  1. If you are Running a single Author Box then you do not need to Author Tab in Post Dashboard Area.
  2. Only add Important Option in the Post Dashboard Area to make it neat and Clean.

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