Top 6 Apps for Business Travelers Works Even in Airplane Mode

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself unprepared for a business trip. It can be embarrassing and perhaps detrimental to your career if you forget to pack your dress shoes, for instance. 

But perhaps a worse fate is missing your flight or getting lost in a city you’ve never been to because you didn’t plan ahead as well as you could. These smartphone apps solve these and other common frustrations for business travelers, making them just as valuable as those professional-looking shoes.

The iPostal1 app 

It can be stressful to be traveling for work when you know you could be receiving mail back home. But when you pair a virtual business address with the iPostal1 smartphone app, you can remotely see all the arriving commercial mail and decide what to do with it. 

What’s more, the app is free with your subscription and is available for both iOS and Android. This handy app is one you probably never knew you needed while traveling for business. It could simplify one part of your life that’s typically a hassle.


AroundMe is like a local friend who knows all the go-to places. This app locates the nearest restaurant, bank, or gas station to your location. Every common type of venue is searchable. Once you choose a destination, the app will show you where it is on the map and start navigating.

Although this is a helpful app for all travel, it is especially handy when you find yourself short on time and without local contacts while on a business trip. An app like AroundMe and knowing how to fix any Apple CarPlay issues should they arise are a couple of great ways to ease navigation pains once you’re close to your destination.

Hotel Tonight – Hotel Deals

HotelTonight is another excellent tool for travelers short on time. The app looks for the best possible deals on hotel rooms whether you are planning months in advance for a trip or scrambling at the last minute. HotelTonight consistently gets excellent reviews, too. Almost 500,000 people have rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store.

Trip It – Travel Planner

Do you ever struggle to manage the nitty-gritty details of your business trips? TripIt is another free app that could help you, especially if you’re planning multiple trips simultaneously. It is a travel itinerary app that brings all your reservation information together in one place so that you, or whomever you share it with, can easily view it at a glance. TripIt also works if you’re offline.

Xe Currency & Money Transfers

Xe is a necessary app for those traveling internationally for work. It makes it easy to exchange currency at the most up-to-date rate and make any necessary transfers while you are away. Xe makes potentially complicated money issues a simple matter of consulting your phone.

City mapper: All Your Transport

No matter where you are or what mode of transport you prefer, Citymapper can help you find your way to where you need to go. There are tons of map and navigation apps out there, but this one stands out because you can plan your trip via the most obscure transportation methods as well as the most popular. With this app, bicycling and taking the subway are both viable ways to get where you’re going.

Before you go

A recent analysis predicts that business travel will begin to make a decent comeback over the rest of 2022. If you are a part of the workforce returning to business trips, some of these apps might just save you some considerable time and hassle. Navigating an unfamiliar place can be made simple with a compass app as a backup.

Managing your mail, travel itinerary, and exchanging currency do not have to be unnecessarily complicated. Take these apps with you the next time you pack your suitcase for a smoother, stress-free trip.