Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Reward for March 2023 with the Best Horror Movies Ever Made

Xbox Horror Movie Game Pass Reward for March
Xbox Horror Movie Game Pass Reward for March

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can claim the latest batch of perks for March 2023, as it included Evil Dead 2, determined by many people as one of the best horror movies ever made. Xbox Game Pass has multiple levels for its subscribers to pick from. However, these people willing to have the most bang for the buck will want to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the priciest tier.

Although Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most expensive tier of Xbox Game Pass, it undoubtedly offers everything you are looking for. Through the base game pass subscription, you get all PC game pass games, Xbox Live Gold benefits, and access to the EA play library. And the monthly bonus seems like the cherry on top. A new month brings you a new package of perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to check out, including four amazing perks to claim right now!

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In the batch of a perk for March 2023, the most exciting thing is that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides you a digital copy of the acclaimed horror movie Evil Dead 2, exclusive to US citizens. Evil Dead is a popular cult classic horror film directed by Sam Raimi. Bruce Campbell portrays it as Ash, Evil Dead is still remembered among people to this day for its over-the-top horror comedy, with memorable dialogues and aggressive shocking moments. Below are some Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks you would get for March 2023.

  1. Evil Dead 2 (US only)
  2. F1 22 Champions Content Bundle
  3. Phantasy 2 Online 2: New Genesis Items
  4. The Sims 4 Sleepover Sleepwear Set

Fans can check Evil Dead 2 and out Champion Content Bundle for F1 22, six half space dolls and 50 photon chunks for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, and the sleepover sleepwear set for the sims4.

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The latest perks are enjoyable, but the games are the primary reason why anyone is signed up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Still, Microsoft has to uncover all the new Xbox Games Pass games for March 2023. However, some have been revealed, and some are already available for subscribers, even though the Day one game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was added to the Xbox game pass lineup and gained strong feedback. Further, there is so much to come in New Xbox Game Pass games for March 2023, so subscribers shouldn’t have limited games to play.