10 Reliable Ways to Grow Your Audience on YouTube

Audience on YouTube
Audience on YouTube

Videos are everything right now. Google is already crawling websites for videos. Nowadays, you will rank higher if you link your blogs with YouTube videos. Moreover, it’s just easier to follow instructions through a video than a write-up. Not to mention, people nowadays are more willing to sit through a video and not read longer blogs.

Thus, video marketing has become such a huge thing. Many YouTube channels buy cheap YouTube views. They are doing this to show that their channel is already working and accepted. One of the best tricks of marketing is to show your product gloriously!

So, let’s just go through our list of 10 Reliable Ways to Grow Your Audience on YouTube  –

#1. Choose a Niche and its keyword

Creating a trend with your keyword comes later. You need to sail your boat with an established keyword around your niche. Grow your audience by creating videos around a certain keyword.

For you to get the most engagement, you simply cannot take this SEO best practices step! Are you unsure which keyword you should build your content around? Use Google’s keyword planner, keyword tool and ubersuggest.

Optimize your descriptions and title with this keyword. Moreover, your content needs to have this keyword too. Search the top-ranking channels from this keyword and see how you can improve your content.

#2. Your content needs reformatting

There is no denying that great content attracts large audiences. What if you already made great content? Go through what you have already created and see if re-editing can change things.

Explanatory and instructional videos are the most popular on YouTube. The “how-to” videos are always searched for. So make sure you are making such content that people will search for.

Try to find blog pieces with great solutions and transform them into interesting videos. That’s all you need to do to gain more subscribers.

#3. Audience engagements

Just like every other social media handle, you need to engage with your audience. Reply to every comment. Welcome critical comments too because they will help you improve your content quality.

Encourage people to comment by posing questions at the beginning or end of your video. Moreover, you can also ask for your audience’s opinion.

#4. Branding is the key

Creating a brand is the most important aspect here. You need to be consistent with your branding. Have you changed your colour scheme yet? Video Marketing experts suggest that you need to maintain a particular colour palette. People remember and associate colours with certain things.

Famous YouTubers keep a consistent looking YouTube page. Create YouTube thumbnails that have something in common like the font you use and the colour of your banner.

#5. Use other social media channels to promote your YT

Interlinking is the key today! You can link your social media handles in the description section of your YouTube videos. Make sure that these social media links are towards the end of the description. Moreover, do not forget to test every link before you post them on your descriptions.

If you are already doing good on some other social media website, utilize that to the fullest extent. Use teaser videos on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to gain traction.

Ideally, you can also put your videos on your blog page. That way your blogs and the video will be easily crawled by Google.

#6. Self-Branding helps in Brand Awareness

People love to see who the man is behind the magic. Your company page may not gain traction unless you show up! Explaining your products to your customers directly will work even better.

People remember and connect with an organization when you put a face to it. Usually, that’s how people tend to connect. Communicating with your audience directly can help you gain traction. This works even better for solopreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, bloggers/vloggers etc.

But it can also work quite well for other kinds of brands and products. Provided you know how to self promote yourself on YouTube.

#7. Thumbnails on YouTube can change your engagement rates

Every successful YT channel has its thumbnail game strong. It’s the first thing that a person sees before they hover over your video. If you can create clickbaity thumbnails, people will be attracted to your videos very easily.

Try to put questions on your thumbnails. And, promise to solve that problem through your video. That way you can easily manipulate the minds of viewers into watching your video. However, deceit may not work well in the longer run. So you need to solve problems too in your videos.

#8. YT Cards

Continue your conversation from another video into the current one. Moreover, you can create content around a subject matter.

Let’s say you make 7-8 videos interconnected to each other. Use them to link in every video. YouTube cards can be put at the end of your video.

These cards can stop one from changing the channel and allow users to watch other videos that you have made.

#9. Ask people to subscribe

The greatest trick lies in something simple. Just ask your viewers to like your video and subscribe to your channel.

Every YouTuber does that quite successfully. Believe it or not, it does work like magic. However, you shouldn’t order someone to subscribe. Couch it in words that are respectful yet does the job.

#10. Consistency in uploading videos

You need to consistently upload videos to your channel. Posting now and then won’t work. Consistency can help you interlink videos and that’s how you can change the entire game.

So, keep creating excellent content and do not miss any step.


YouTube is run by interest. People open YouTube to learn something new but in a casual manner. While creating content remember that. People want something special, something new. That’s how people grow on YouTube.

Ace your YouTube content and upload at proper timings. You can also check out the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

People use these services to gain more traction. If you choose the right services, people interested in your type of content will stick around longer.

Hope you enjoyed our list of ways to grow your YOUTUBE audience. Let us know in the comment section how you gained traction on YT.