6 Interesting Tools For Programmers To Improve Productivity

Programmers To Improve Productivity
Programmers To Improve Productivity

A good programmer is not only concerned about writing codes but has to consider several other facets, as well as that the code must be clean, optimized, easy to maintain, etc. It certainly requires a lot of focus and concentration. And above all that, when we need to show better productivity and efficiency traits, things become more challenging, don’t they?

Take a look at these words of Steve McConnell: “It is better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.” That would perhaps make you better understand that programmer productivity has been the town’s talk for centuries.

But what if someone told you that you could conveniently improve your productivity and unleash your full potential while programming?

However, there is no magic pill or shortcut trick behind this. Still, there are several tools and software in the market that all programmers can use to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

These productivity tools can help you avoid distractions and focus, track time, and manage various tasks efficiently and conveniently, such as file sharing, team collaboration, project management, etc. So, without wasting much time, let’s start with the seven best tools for programmers that will help you increase the level of productivity to a greater extent.

1. Git

Many of you are already using Git; if not, you should explore this excellent programmer productivity tool. Git is a distributed version control system that allows you to track changes to program files and is widely used for effective source code management. In simple words, when you work on a project or module, you often make regular changes to the code until it is finalized. This version control system saves all changes and allows others to make changes. It also allows you to conveniently revert to the previous stable state in case of any bugs or problems. It greatly facilitates the collaboration process between multiple developers and ensures there won’t be any code conflicts. Apart from that, Git is free, open source, and very secure.

2. The silver search engine

How often have you searched for a specific piece of code within a document consisting of thousands of lines?

It is a common task for programmers. However, it takes a considerable amount of time, and not only time, but you also have to make dedicated efforts while reading and searching through the code. But, the Silver Searcher tool is here to make things easier for you! It is a code search tool similar to Ack but is a bit faster. It allows you to find a specific code from a vast document efficiently and conveniently. It leverages enriching features like the command name is relatively shorter than Ack, all the keys are in the home row, and many more. Above all, it is free to use and compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

3. F.lux

As they said, a programmer can work from anywhere on the planet. All he mainly needs is a working laptop and a good Internet connection. However, it is taken as an advantage that a significant problem also arises. Since programmers spend a considerable amount of their working time in front of the screen, it is not particularly appreciable for their eyes. You can use F.lux to eliminate this problem or at least minimize the impact.

F.lux adjusts the color of your device’s screen according to the time. For example, it keeps the screen color like sunlight during the day and warms it up at night. You can also adjust the settings according to your preferences. It prevents your eyes from harmful blue light from the screen, makes you more comfortable with the environment, and ultimately increases productivity. F.lux is free to use and is available for Windows, Mac, etc.

This is especially useful for those who spend a lot of time studying programming, for beginners who sit up until late at night, and sometimes even until morning at the computer, dealing with complex programming tasks. Though it might be too hard, there is also a fantastic option – entrust the assignment to a professional and pay for programming homework.

4. Habitica

Habitica is one of the most recommended productivity tools for all programmers. It allows you to treat your work or tasks like a role-playing game where you level up after completing the job, earn in-game rewards, and receive punishments in case of task failure, eventually motivating you to achieve the particular goal. Goals or tasks efficiently and increase your productivity. Here you can conveniently track your habits and daily goals and perform other functions with a very intuitive interface.

Habitica is a free-to-use tool, and you can start using it after registering. First, you need to create a persona, and then you can assign daily tasks, single tasks, and the indication of habits. Additionally, for a team of programmers, you can opt to aggregate the entire project into a group mission and sync it with everyone. You should choose to explore Habitica if you want to develop new habits and work on projects with the help of a gaming environment.

5. Cold turkey

If you struggle to resist getting distracted by social networks, OTT platforms, gaming sites, etc., on the web, then we have found a handy tool for you – Cold Turkey.

Cold Turkey allows you to block any distracting resource on your system, be it social networking sites, desktop applications, games, or even local files such as movies, web series, etc., saved on your computer. Here you can opt to block your block according to your time preferences, and honestly, just like other website blockers, it is not that easy to trick Cold Turkey. In addition, you are provided with a motivational quote to remind you that instead of using the particular website or application, you should focus on your ongoing task or work. Other features will also be provided, such as dark mode, assignments, breaks, statistics on what you spend time on, etc. Don’t you think these features are enough to prevent you from getting distracted and increase your productivity?

6. MantisBT

There will also be bugs wherever there is a program. However, searching for bugs is often time-consuming for the developer and hinders his efficiency and productivity. MantisBT can help you with that, though. MantisBT is a web-based bug tracking system that tracks bugs or defects in code and reports them accordingly. It sends email notifications to update you or other team members with said issues. You also have the flexibility to customize your issue fields, information, and workflow. You can get started using MantisBT for your projects easily by downloading it, and you can also try the demo options first.

If you want to be more efficient and improve your productivity as a programmer, you should explore MantisBT without a second thought.


So, these are several tools that can help all programmers to increase their productivity and efficiency. Let us tell you beforehand that these tools are not placed in any ranking order; they are all important in their own right, and you can choose any (or all) of them at your convenience. Also, you cannot expect any positive changes in your productivity level from day one; you have to be patient and honest with your work, then only these tools will help you become a more productive programmer!