9 Ways to Speed Up Charging Your Smartphone

speed up charging
speed up charging
  1. Turn off your smartphone

Try to find the strength to do without your phone while it’s plugged in: unplug it. This way, your smartphone won’t waste battery power and, therefore, will charge faster. This is the most straightforward and most obvious action you can imagine.

  1. Put your device in airplane mode

Connecting to a cell phone network and using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drains your battery a lot. If you can’t disconnect your smartphone for some reason, at least put it in airplane mode. And the load on the battery will be reduced.

  1. Don’t play games or watch videos.

These are also very energy-consuming activities. When you’re hanging out with some fancy game with excellent graphics, your battery percentages can melt before your eyes, even if the gadget is plugged into power. So no more gaming or movies.

  1. Use a cable with a fast charging function

Most modern smartphones have what’s called fast charging or Quick Charge. It works something like this: a special adapter allows the battery to take more voltage and amperage, filling up faster.

Check your smartphone’s specs and make sure it supports fast charging. If so, buy a special charger that has the word Quick Charge in its specifications. Or check whether the cable that came with your smartphone supports this mode.

But it is worth remembering that accelerated charging is possible only up to a certain percentage of battery capacity – then the process slows down so that the battery does not overheat. So it’s ideal for when the smartphone is at zero, and you need to go somewhere very soon.

  1. Use an outlet, not a USB port

Your computer’s USB port or your car charger provides less power than an outlet. Therefore, your smartphone will charge more slowly. To maximize the energy storage rate, plug your device directly into a power outlet.

  1. Prefer a cable to a wireless charger

A wireless charger is convenient if you want to put your smartphone on it, forget about it, and then pick it up fully charged. But when you need to fill the battery as quickly as possible, it is better to choose to connect to the power grid via a wire.

  1. Turn off the synchronization process

If there is no possibility to connect the gadget to a wall outlet or power bank and only a computer is at hand, you will have to charge from the USB port. But even in this case, you can speed up the process a little. To do this, after plugging in the cable, select “Charge only” mode. You won’t be able to transfer files to your smartphone, but you’ll be able to recharge your battery a little faster.

  1. Don’t overheat your smartphone

If you overheat or overcool, batteries are slower to gain and lose charge faster. And in general, heat and cold hurt the battery health of your smartphone. The smartphone will feel best at average room temperature.

Therefore, do not place the device on the charge in cold places or, conversely, on a sunny window sill. If the room is hot, at least take the cover off the device.

  1. Use only good-quality power cables

It would be ideal for charging your smartphone through the manufacturer’s cable and coming with the device in the set. If you lost the original, it’s better to reorder the same one than to buy the first one you come across.

Surely you have noticed that the quality cables can charge your smartphone faster than the non-original ones, such as those borrowed from your acquaintance. You can measure the charging speed of your phone with the Ampere app.


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