How to Play & Top Legendary Apex Legends Octane [2024 Guide]

How to Play & Top Legendary Apex Legends Octane
How to Play & Top Legendary Apex Legends Octane

Apex In the first “Wild Frontier” season, Apex Legends octane and their apex players acted as a wildcard option for battle royale fans. For many years Apex players remember the original cast of the character and may still play one or two today.

Octane was the first unlockable character in the debut season of Apex Legends. Since then, he has been an integral part of every successful team. Now, Octane is available for 12,000 Legend Coins (in-game currency) or 750 Apex Coins ($ 7.50). Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends high-speed daredevil – Octane.

What Is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle royale game with a group of three players using pre-built characters with unique abilities called legends and similar to those found in hero shooters. The game is free to play, with microtransactions and loot boxes allowing it to be monetized. This empowers players to purchase cosmetics such as legendary costumes and new weapon colors using both real money and game currency.

Apex legends is an adventurous video game developed by Respawn Entertainment & produced by Electronic Arts. It was released for PC, PS4 & Xbox One on February 4, 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. It came as a complete surprise from the developers of the acclaimed Titanfall series and was very popular shortly after its release due to the first crazy season of octane Ap-ex Legends. A mobile version of the game apex legend is specifically designed for touch screens. It has also been announced and will be fully released for android and iOS by 2022.

In addition to the season content, Apex legends offer 11 seasons for this game and have a diverse cast of 18 apex legends characters. Before starting this game, all the players form two or three squads and select from a roster of pre-designed legends with varying abilities. The game then places the team on a huge map full of weapons, armor, and other items and fights other teams on a mission to be the last surviving player.

Apex Legends Octane Biography

  • Real name:           Octavio Silva
  • Homeworld:         Psamathe
  • Tactical Ability:    Stim
  • Passive Ability:    Swift Mend
  • Ultimate Ability:   LaunchPad

The Fantasy of Octane | First Apex Legends Character 

The Fantasy of Octane | First Apex Legends Character 

Octane is the 9th character in Apex Legends, and he was introduced in the game as the first season in March. One day Octavio Silva got bored. Not surprisingly, Octavio Silva hasn’t been sitting for a long time. As the son of the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, he had capital and little responsibility. To fill his time, he built powerful social media by performing high-risk stunts and antiques. The lifestyle eventually caught up with him in stunts.

Octavio decided one day to set a new record in Gauntlet. However, he jumped over the finish line with a grenade to gain record-breaking speed. (Supplement: This is a fun memory of the Titanfall 2 Gauntlet record where the player-created additional propulsion using grenades) it worked a bit.

Unfortunately, he settled in hours after triage; the doctor told him that he had lost his leg due to grenade damage. But it didn’t stop the runner bout. Instead of giving up his bold approach, he persuaded Ajay Choi, known as a lifeline, to develop a bionic prosthesis leg for him.

It increased his speed and gave him the confidence to join Apex legends-octane games. Unlike other legends in the game, Octavio is not there because of the dark, personal complaints he tries to fix. He loves the thrill of competing in high adrenaline situations and the fame that accompanies it as a 24 years old octane apex champion.

The Legendary Tattoo of Octane

The tattoo of Apex Legends Octane says “Plus Ultra” and is sometimes called “Plvs Vltra” in advertising art. It has several implications depending on how you look at the tattoo, but one of the readings has more evidence than the other.

The most likely explanation behind his tattoo’s meaning is Spain, the motto of Plus Ultra. The idea behind the motto is to push or cross boundaries. This is mostly Octane’s personality. The phrase “Plvs Vltra” can be found on the two pillars of the Spanish flag symbol.

Prior to the Spanish motto, the phrase “Plus Ultra” was the personal motto of the Holy Roman Emperor and King Charles V of Spain. Octane also has a kill quip called “Non-terrae plus ultra”, which is the Latin expression for “Non-terrae plus ultra”. This means “no more land”.

Apex Legends Octane Abilities

Apex Legends Octane Abilities

Octane has three abilities like all other legends that are:

  1. Tactical Ability – Stim: Move at a 30% faster rate for six seconds. This will be costly to use in terms of health.
  2. Passive Ability – Swift Mend: It gradually restores your health.
  3. Ultimate Ability – Launch Pad: Deploy a jump ad that launches teammates into the air.

This combination makes Octane the most mobile hero in the game and a dazzling opponent. Along with Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Revenant, Horizon, and Hughes, it is classified as an aggressive legend.

If you want to play fast and win the battle, you and Octane are a heavenly couple in Apex Legends. His ability to find the map and get to the place first means that he often has the best prey choice and can do some crazy rotations.

Speed ​​is useful both in and out of combat, so at least personally, you should be able to use all of its abilities. However, mastering these skills will be very important to win the battle as his health care will come to work.

– Passive Ability: Swift Mend 

Octane has one of the best passive skills in the Apex Legends game. With a quick recovery, Octane can gradually regain its health as long as it is not damaged. However, it’s a bit slow because it only restores health points every second. Another great thing about Swift Mend is that you don’t have to carry a lot of health items with you, which saves inventory space. It can also give more time to teammates who are not playing healthy.

– Octane Swift Mend Passive Ability Tips & Tricks

  • This feature limits the need for syringes and medical kits. If you need to recover in the middle of a battle, it is useful to have two of each, but after the battle, you can charge the shield and wait for your health to return to nature.
  • This passive makes Ap-ex Legends-Octane one of the most viable outside the ring. If your friend’s banner hangs out, there is a cure, and you should be able to speed up the ring and get out unless it is too far away.
  • Healing does not replenish your health, even while using the tactical stim. However, it will reactivate as soon as the stimulus disappears.
  • If you receive damage from an enemy while knocking, you will slowly recover the knocked health. However, this is a separate mechanism from health while being beaten and does not prevent bleeding.
  • Although you rarely win
  • battles, you can save lives in the blue moon every time by taking some time in the middle of the battle to regain your strength and recharge your shield

Tactical Abilities: Octane Stim

Tactical Abilities Octane Stim

Octane’s tactical skills are a perfect representation of how fast he is willing to risk running. Activating the stim will increase your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds and 40% faster while running in Apex Legends of octane character. It may not sound very good, but you can quickly catch up with the fleeing player or escape yourself.  Stim consumes 10% of your health, so it is shielded.

– Octane Stim Tips & Tricks

  • This ability eliminates the deceleration effects of grenades, acidic gas, and Watson fences. If someone tries to nail you, do what Octane does: do it!
  • Slow stimulus movement does not deny a decrease in the healing rate. However, this can be mitigated. Once you start sliding down the hill with the momentum of the speed boost, when you begin healing, you will move much faster than usual.
  • You cannot commit suicide with the Stim. If you have a little physical strength, you can safely use the stim by bringing it down to 1 HP.
  • Stim opens up a much longer and more complex aspect than other legends. If your teammates are under attack but in the opponents’ spotlight, consider running alongside to surprise and defeat your opponent at an unexpected angle.
  • The Octane’s Stim allows other characters to move with their weapons faster than walking in a holster. While the stim is active, bunny hopping will be faster and more convenient.
  • Octane’s Passive does not heal you during stimulation, so you will need to give yourself time to heal yourself during stimulation to replenish your health.
  • Take advantage of the Speed ​​ I’ve seen many octanes stand up and reach encounters, more or less resting during battle. Take advantage of 130% movement speed to dance and perform A / D spam like crazy while shooting.

Ultimate Ability: LaunchPad

Ultimate Ability LaunchPad

Octane’s ultimate abilities provide a launchPad that you and your teammates can use to launch in the air. It’s not as tall as the red balloon zipline, but you can jump into a relatively tall building to clean it. The problem with Octane’s Ultimate is that it’s not very useful. Wraith’s portal is more versatile and convenient, and even the Pathfinder zipline can move in more directions and be less noticeable. However, while fun to use, the character of Octane as Apex Legends game is all about stunts.

– Octane Launch Pad Tips & Tricks

  • The launchpad starts all thrown objects. This applies to grenades, Bangalore smoke bombs, rolling thunder missiles, Gibraltar’s defensive bombing, caustic Knox gas grenades, Gibraltar’s protective dome, lifeline heel drones, and other launchers.
  • The launchpad can be used in a discouraged legend, allowing players to get a little closer to you and pick it up. The launchpad can be destroyed. Be careful not to blow it up before using it as they have 200 health.
  • After using the launchpad, you can double jump. This gives you more options during flight to either change the flight path or wait to use it to extend a little distance. Placing the launch pad in front of/ behind the door makes using the door awkward and unpredictable. If chased by the room, place a launchpad to block the tracker.
  • Placed under the Wraith Portal, players leaving through this portal are a short distance away from the portal rather than directly to the portal as usual. I don’t know how this helps, but let’s go.
  • The launchpad provides a quick and convenient tool for repositioning your team, but the arcs in the air are fairly predictable, so you can easily shoot when you see the enemy jumping.

Combats of Legendary Octane

The focused speed ability of Apex Legends Octane makes him an ideal legend for those who prefer to do damage nearby. His tactical skills are very useful in buildings and complex buildings. Let’s be honest. It’s pretty hard to get someone better when someone is moving faster than you. Octane’s tactical ability does just that, leaving you to catch enemies abruptly. Considering that he begins to recover his health after killing Mark, it is well worth the 10% sacrifice. Speed ​​finally kills.

In short, Octane can be an absolute machine with weapons such as shotguns, SMGs, automatic rifles, and even sidearms. The most effective weapon in the middle range is ideal for octane skills. Tactical skills and the speed of Octane’s movement through health regeneration also make him a great healing option.

As for his ultimate, you and your team can use it to sneak an unprotected squad into the air, but Octane’s best ability is a stim. When used effectively, you get unique benefits.

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