FREE AutoCAD Product Key for Activation from 2015 to 2024

AutoCAD Product Key

Are you exploring the AutoCAD product key for activation of the software? Read this article and get all the product keys from 2015 to 2024 AutoCAD versions.

About AutoCAD Software

AutoCAD is a CAD: commercial computer-aided designing and drafting software program developed by Autodesk company. It is a 2d and 3D design and drafting software program used in industries like engineers, architects, construction professionals, media, education, graphic designers, contractors, and field technicians. It supports 2D drafting, drawing, and annotation tools combined with 3D modeling and visualization tech.

The product and service tools of AutoCAD are sold independently and as a part of the product suite. With the tools, users can view, create, edit, schedule, and share drawing models for solids, mesh objects, and surfaces on the go. However, it is accessible via MacBook, Microsoft Windows, web and mobile applications (Android or iOS).

Purpose of the AutoCAD Product Key in the Installation of AutoCAD Software

AutoCAD product key is basically a code that distinguishes products and product types. It determines the license type of the product you buy and the relationship between the software license and the product itself.

You will get the product key on the software box or the MID.txt file in the installer. You have to enter the product key to install and activate the AutoCAD software that is both sold independently and as part of a product suite.

For Instance

Suppose you want to activate the Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2015; it requires the product key 768G1. However, if you want to activate AutoCAD Ecscad 2015, then it requires a product key 562G1. So, both of these software packages are available in the AutoCAD 2015 version, but the product key modifies one package from another.

AutoCAD Product Key for Activation from 2015 to 2024

From July 1st, 2022, Autodesk company no longer supports the license activation for the 2011 to 2014 versions. However, users can continue using their product if they have already installed it, as it would not be deactivated. But if you have newly installed the AutoCAD 2011 to 2014 products, the company will no longer support reactivating these versions.

Well, click on the link mentioned below to get the 2015 to 2024 product keys.

NOTE: Make sure to insert the correct product key because if you insert the incorrect key, then it causes glitches in activation and installation.

AutoCAD 2015 Product Key

AutoCAD 2016 product key

AutoCAD 2017 product key

AutoCAD 2018 product key

AutoCAD 2019 product key

AutoCAD 2020 product key

AutoCAD 2021 product key

AutoCAD 2022 product key

AutoCAD 2023 product key

AutoCAD 2024 product key

How to Get the AutoCAD Product Key?

A product key is important data to activate an AutoCAD product. However, this code is not so apparent. Here, we have shared 6 methods you can take to find the AutoCAD product key.

1st Method: Autodesk Account

  • Sign in to your Autodesk account and hover over the product and services page.
  • Now look for the product that you want to get the product key.
  • As an example, click the AutoCAD icon, then see the product details and product key under the serial number.

NOTE: Keep in mind that only the account administrators can see the serial number in the Autodesk account, including contract managers, software coordinators, and named users who are assigned to the software, can see the serial number in the Autodesk account.

2nd Method: Check Online Order Details

Another way to get the product key of AutoCAD software is via online order details. If you order the product from an online Autodesk store so just check the confirmation email of order details.

3rd Method: Autodesk Education Community

You can also find the AutoCAD product key if you have participated in the Autodesk education community.

  • Log in to your Autodesk account and go to the products tab.
  • If you have not downloaded the product, then download it.
  • Once the downloading is complete, the product key will be shown.

4th Method: Check the Package Label

Suppose You have physical media (DVD or USB key), then check the label of the box to see the serial number and product key of AutoCAD software. Remember that if you have an Autodesk 2014 or a newer version, the product key is not displayed on the packaging. However, if you have Autodesk 2013 or an earlier version, the product key will be shown on the packaging.

5th Method: Run AutoCAD Product

For AutoCAD 2017 and Later version:

  • Open AutoCAD and go to the taskbar.
  • Click on the help option and then about.
  • Click Manage License and get the product key under the license details section.
get AutoCAD product key in license details

For AutoCAD 2016 and Earlier Versions:

  • Open AutoCAD and go to the Help > About.
  • Click on the product license information option.
  • See the full details of license data under the serial number.

6th Method: Autodesk Lookup Tool

Autodesk Lookup Tool

The official Autodesk website has a lookup tool product keys page. Here, you can get the AutoCAD product keys. So go to Autodesk, look up the product key page, and find the activation code.

Wrap Up

That’s all for the AutoCAD product key for 2015 – 2024 versions. Stay tuned with HITECH if you want to know about the AutoCAD 2025 product keys that will be released really soon.