What Is Microsoft Windows? – Editions and Top Features of MS Windows 10

Best Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows (MS Windows or simply Windows) is the most widely used operating system in the world whether it is the desktop user at home or in organizations. Windows OS is a graphical user interface providing a colorful and attractive interface for users. Windows operating system can run any kind of software as per the need of users.

Windows also provide file storage for future use, run and use multiple software, watch movies and videos, play games, etc. In this article, we shall discuss what is windows, the editions of the Windows operating system, and the top features of MS windows.

Windows 10 Operating System
Windows 10 Operating System

Editions of Microsoft Windows:

There are 2 major editions if Microsoft windows, Windows Home and Windows Professional. Windows, however, released different editions of MS windows, all of the editions have the same core operating system to use.

Windows Home Edition:

Windows home edition is the most basic edition of MS windows for domestic users. The windows home edition offers all of the basic features like internet connection, web browsing, watching movies and videos, MS office software, and playing video games. The windows home edition is the most affordable and cheap version of all Windows editions.

Windows Professional Edition:

Microsoft windows professional edition or Windows Pro is an upgraded version of windows home edition. The latest Windows operating system is windows 10 and it is especially for small and medium enterprises and power users. The additional features of the windows professional edition are mentioned below:

Trusted Boot: Trusted boot enables the encryption of the boot loader that protects against the rootkits (A software that is used to gain unauthorized access to your computer).

Remote Desktop: This feature allows you to remotely access and controls another windows computer connected through the internet.

Bitlocker: Default encryption file from Microsoft.

Group Management: Organization can define group management policies for multiple windows users.

Greater RAM Support: RAM support for more than 12GB.

Hyper V: Windows Hypervisor can run virtual machines such as VirtualBox.

Windows 12 Operating System
Windows 12 Operating System

Top Windows 10 Features

Now it’s time to discuss the top windows 10 version features. Microsoft windows offer a lot of amazing features like Xbox, and Cortana many other.

Windows 10 Start Menu:

The first and the most important windows feature is the Start Menu. After the release of Windows 8, that start menu was removed from the taskbar of the windows desktop. But, after the windows 10 operating system release, the start menu was added to the taskbar.

Cortana Assistant:

Cortana assistant is the voice command assistant for windows 10 users. The Cortana app helps windows users to interact with the device easily with spoken commands.

The Xbox App:

The latest Windows 10 update also brought Xbox one gaming experience to your PC. The new Windows operating system supports Xbox game streaming on PC. Xbox feature also lets you record the game victories and share them with friends.


Microsoft Windows 10 update there is greater support for multitasking. This feature is similar to Apple’s Spaces. With multiple applications open at one time on the windows operating system, you can use multiple apps at one time without losing any of the apps.

Improved Control Panel:

Microsoft Windows 10 has arranged control panel menus in such an arrangement where you do not have to search deeply for a particular option. All of the menus are arranged in a parent category. Therefore, finding an option is never difficult in windows 10.


Microsoft Windows is the most common and easiest to use operating system in the world today. With continuous updates and a user-friendly interface, it is easily learnable for any age group. With the group management policy feature, windows provide even greater support to businesses.

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