Do Hashtags for Reels Help to Promote your IG Account: Seeking for Good Hashtags with Generator

Good Hashtags with Generator
Good Hashtags with Generator

If you still don’t use Reels hashtags for your video, or willfully ice them out, we have bad news for you. It is highly unlikely that you will make it big on Instagram in the near future.

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What are Instagram Reels?

We could say it rings a bell. Oh wait! This is the thing. Full-screen vertical videos up to 90 seconds long available for filming in the app itself or downloaded from a smartphone are pretty alike with TikTok. So, it is a clear sign the management is now playing favorites with video content.

OK, Stories and IGTV partially satisfied this need, yet with their own buts. Unlike stories, Reels do not disappear after 24 hours and are safely stored on the account’s home page. And the long-playing IGTV format, still short in features, is made up of goodies like the ability to add music from the extensive library of audio tracks or apply effects and filters.

Although the Chinese in impotent rage are tweeting Reels as a “copycat service”, Instagram is actively pushing for a new format. What for ordinary users means that the platform has given us back the opportunity to advance without investment.

Why do we Need Hashtags?

The Reels feed algorithm doesn’t rely solely on your Instagram following. It takes into account your interest in specific topics. Reels videos are divided into tags: hashtags, music, and effects.

For example, if you click on an audio track, you’ll see all the videos that take it in. It works the same for visuals. By filters and masks, you can see what Reels other creators have shot using the effect you are interested in. All previously saved and trending options are saved to the selection. We are not used to it yet.

And again hashtags remained the same. This makes them even more valuable trending Instagram hashtags The share of those who want to watch the best content with a similar filter or audio is many times less than regular search queries. The good thing is that the content in Reels format ranks higher than posts. With that in mind, a killer combo of Reels and hashtags will definitely bring a new audience to your account and thereby increase your reach and engagement.

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Manual Hashtags Search vs Hashtag Finder for Instagram

In fact, a search strategy of relevant hashtags is the same for both approaches. So, let’s compare and find out which one is the most efficient.

Step 1: Analyze Hashtag Frequency

Hashtag frequency shows the number of mentions in social media. It is a key setting to consider when customizing valid sets for captions. To get the most of it, mix the most popular Reels hashtags (>1 million posts), medium (100k —1m), and rare (1k — 100k). In the case of manual search, you will have to work with the explore page and check one hashtag group that matches the topic at a time. Not that handy, is it? Since the hashtag generator automates the process, all you need is to enter up to five keywords and let the service provide you with more than a hundred relevant options. In addition, you can diversify your search and generate best hashtags for Insta Reels by photo or URL.

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Step 2: Create Sets for Captions

It’s not enough to simply determine the hashtags’ frequency. You need to rank them according to the 20/50/30 rule for popular, medium, and rare respectively to max out on reach and along with that engage your target audience. If you are generating hashtags manually, then you will most likely opt for Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program alike to distribute the information. An AI-based tool does practically the same. You can tick the hashtags, compile them and organize them into folders online, or use a smart selection that will arrange your hashtags in the most logical and effective way. Templates creation is also available.

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Step 3: Reveal Hidden Potential

The semantic core of the set can be expanded with related hashtags. You can get them by analyzing posts from top Reels hashtags search results. Store those that may be relevant for your account and pass-by the rest. Repeat the first step. Or keep it simple. Click on the analyze button and enjoy the results. On top of that take advantage of hashtag difficulty and new posts activity data. The service can even come up with a selection of the most popular posts with this hashtag. So there is a bit of motivational vibes in it.

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Step 4: Repeat all three steps regularly

You will not keep running the same trending Reels hashtags for good. Still, every coin has two sides. On the one hand, you have to carry on with the same activities, which is time-consuming. On the other hand, you regularly get new opportunities for promotion. If for some reason, the first experience with hashtags led nowhere, sooner or later hands-on it will hit you on how to go viral on Instagram. Just for the record, the service updates its databases regularly, so you really get the best hashtags for IG Reels.

Nothing has dramatically changed on how to find your Instagram niche. So, the listing is pretty true for Reels either. It is viral hashtags that make a difference. And we have got them covered for you!

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Hashtags for Health and Sports

#healthyliving #healthychoices #fitspiration #getfit #fitnesslifestyle #instafitness #healthandwellness #healthyhabits #healthybody #fitnessblogger #trainings #fitandhealthy #healthyandhappy #fitnesstraining #healthcoaching #tipsdiet #fitnessadict

Hashtags for Beauty

#instabeauty #postitfortheaesthetics #beautyblogger #naturalbeauty #howtobeauty #beautyphotography #beautycommunity #beautyshoot #beautyface #mybeauty #beautyispower #beautycreator #beautyisyou #makeupoftheday #wakeupandmakeup

Hashtags for Fashion

#instacool #fashionista #instafashion #outfitinspiration #lifestylemodel #fashionexpert #fashiongram #fashionphotography #fashionaddict #highfashion #fashionshoot #lookoftoday #beautytips #smartstyle #styleblogger #instastyle #stylegram #stylefashion

Hashtags for Business

#smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #successmindset #localbusiness #businesstips #onlinebusiness #businesscoach #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #businesslife #businessmentor #businessnews #businessstartup #businessmanagement #businessconsulting #ambition

Hashtags for Education

#onlinelearning #studentlife #goalsetting #studymotivation #internationaleducation #classroomideas #educationalresources #financialeducation #mentorship #onlinecoaching #educationmatters #wellaeducation #educationispower #exchangestudent #studymotivation #postgradlife

The Bottom Line

There is no secret that quality content is a driving force behind likes and followers. However, how you can get them without advancing views remains a mystery. A well thought out promotion strategy is a sure thing to help you grow organically. As such, Reels and hashtags continue to outpace any other practice as a new format is brought out meanwhile its search stays the same. Add to the list, it is free and less competitive.

You are the one accountant for content creation, as for generation of hashtags the burden can be shared with automation tools.