Garmin Fantom 18 Dome Radar

Garmin Fantom 18

Are you looking to buy a new radar GPS for your boat? You can see Garmin Montana 680t, Garmin Fantom 18, or any other Garmin GPS on the web while browsing for marine electronics. Here we have shared features you will get with this Garmin Fantom instrument.

Overview of Garmin GRM Fantom 18 Dome Radar

The Garmins has amazing products with an 18-inch dome radar and many features that arise with 40 watts and a 48nm range. However, these 40-watt solid-state dome radars with MotionScope Tech use the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets in different colors as they move toward or away from you, which helps you avoid potential collisions.

Moreover, this device features low power consumption that will switch on immediately and no warm-up interruption. It also completely joins in with select Garmin chart plotters.


Specifications for Garmin Montana 18
Dimension20 x 9.8 (50.8 cm x 24.8 cm)
Weight6.2 KG/13.6 lbs
Transmit power40W
Water ratingIPX7
Power consumption3W standby; 18.1-24.4W Transmit
Rotation Speed24 and 48 RPM – Dual Rotation
Beamwidth5.2-degree horizontal and 25-degree verticle
Antenna Length43.18 centimeter
Power input10-32 V DC
Maximum range48 nautical miles
Manimum Range6 meter
Data InterfaceHigh-speed ethernet
Radar TypeRadome
Auto GainDynamic
Output power40 KW
DisplayCompatible garmin Displays
Color8 bit

Motion Scope Doppler Technology Of Garmin GRM Fantom 18

The motion scope of this radar uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets in different colors. It will help users avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds track weather developments, and straightforwardly navigate the other cruisers. Also, in severe climates or toward fishing spots where birds feed at the surface.

High Powered Radar

The Garmin device has a 40-watt compact state radar with an assortment from 20 to 48 nautical miles in fog or even rain weather conditions. Low power consumption immediate switch on and no interruption from warming up as with magnetron radars. Revolution speeds of 24 for compact power consumption and 48 RPM to deliver fast screen upgrades.

True Color Imaging

The GMR Fantom 18 Dome Radar device has 8-bit true color imagining features that progress target detection separation. That makes it easier to differentiate between big and small targets.

The Garmin Fantom 18 High-Resolution Radar

A 5.2-degree straight beam breadth offers a high-resolution image and high antenna expansion to point out targets at a distance. The result of this radar device paints a clear, concise image of the coastline, other vessels, and imminent weather right on your Garmin Chart plotter. Moreover, you will get constant target sites, admirable goal departure, and a consistent process.

Target Dimensions

Garmin Fantom 18 target dimension feature lets users fine-tune the size of objects displayed in the radar picture.

Battery Proficiency

As we stated, this device’s power consumption is less, and the distinct magnetron radar has no delay period for it to prepare before use. There are 2 different rotational speeds existing: 24 rpm for low power usage and 48 rpm for rapid refresh rates.

Garmin Gantom 18 Radar Overlay

The radar overlay feature connects the radar image on the Garmin chartplotter map page. However, users can add the option autopilot sensor that sells separately for the best consequences.

Auto Bird Grain

You will also find fish when you find birds at the water’s surface. To progress your fishing experience, use the auto bird grain feature. It will support a user in tracing herds of birds in the water shallow where baitfish are also probable to be found.

Guard Zone

The Guard zone feature of Garmin Fantom 18 lets users set the protection zone and get an alarm when an object enters that region.

Echo Tracks System

The GMR Fantom 18 has a vanishing trail feature that ports on the screen to benefit its users to rapidly and straightforwardly recognize moving targets and probable crash intimidations. Revolution tracks are best for your boats when the automatic pilot or heading beam is linked to your Garmin system.


The VRM – variable range markers and EBL – electronic bearing lines feature of this Garmin device let the users get the hasty measurements of distance and comportment to boats and land-dwelling.

Dual Range

The single radar antenna feature delivers a divided screen image on your GMR Fantom chartplotter side by side with autonomous assortment settings and controls for both near and extensive ranges.

Dual Radar Support

The dual radar feature of the Garmin Fantom 18 device offers redundancy. It also lets the capacity for every exhibition unit on the boat choose the information from one of two radar sources.

Dynamic Auto Gain

The dynamic auto gain system on this Garmin device robotically alters the user’s surroundings for ideal performance in all weather circumstances. 

Garmin Fantom 18 Active Sea Filter

This Garmin radar device has a dynamic sea filter feature that robotically fine-tunes gain to shifting sea surroundings with user decisions for low standard or high filtering.

Marpa Target Tracking System

This instrument also has a Mini automatic radar plotting feature that helps track up to 30 selected targets. It will help the users to keep track of other boats and avoid collisions.  

Our Verdict on Garmin Fantom 18

If you have a relatively small boat, this Garmin device will be of great value, but if you have an extensive boat, this device will not be a good option for users. The positive point is that the price is such a factor here if you have enough money, so the Fantom 18 offers you a lower price.

Let us know in the comment section if you have ever bought a Garmin device for a sailing boat and how you experienced it while using it.

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