Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition Review

Garmin tread xl

Currently, Garmin is a well-acknowledged name in global positioning system (GPS) manufacturing and the most used piece of standalone GPS hardware around. Recently Garmin company launched three new Tread amazing products Tread XL Overland Edition, Tread Overland Edition, and Tread SxS Edition.

If you are going on hiking without the help of anybody and paper maps so, just buy a Garmin Montana 680t. However, if someone wants satellite navigation that provides precise data in the deepest darkest middle of nowhere, the Tread XL device will fit their requirements.

So, if you want to know if this device is the best satellite navigation, should you buy it? Read this review guide to find out every detail about this Garmin product.

Overview of Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition

Garmin Australasia is known as a frontrunner in GPS technology. It treads overland device showing how to humble GPS navigator has moved to the next level. This Garmin is a tough landscape GPS navigation unit that lets navigation and communication in isolated zones without exposure to mobile phones.

However, the Tread XL unit will navigate your exploration long after leaving Tarmacadam Road. Emergency inReach, trail navigation, location tech, and other exploration features are all wrapped into this device.

Garmin Tread XL Specification
Screen size8.5 width and 5.3 Height
Screen resolution1280 x 800 pixels
Dimensions2.52 x 19.9 x 3.1 centimeter
Display TypeMulti-touch, glass, high-intensity HD color TFT with white rear light
Battery TypeRechargeable lithium-ion
Battery lifeUp to 6 hours at 50 percent backlight and up to 1 hour at 100 percent backlight
Data CardsMicro SD card (Not Included)
Internal Memory Storage64 GB
External Memory Storage256 Gigabit Max MicroSD card
Drop ratingMIL-STD-810
Dust ratingIPX6
Magnetic MountBolting magnet-assisted stand
weight930 grams
Satellite ImageryBirdsEye
Bluetooth pairingBluetooth Headset and phone
MountingMirror stem, handlebar, and grip mounting
Map CoverageRoad map of all continents
Route managementGarmin Basecamp

Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition Design Review

Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition Design Review

The Tread XL Overland Edition of Garmin’s Company is really bumpy with 9.9 width x 7.8 Height x 1.2 Dimension (25.2 x 19.9 x 3.1 cm) with 930 grams or 32.8 ounces weight. The shape of this device is rectangular, and the top of one side sports an ivory-colored lump.

However, this colored lump apparently comprises much of the satellite gubbins used by Garmin’s subscription-built InReach tech. On one side is a comforting, optimistic orange anodized SOS knob.

The design of this unit is made as an impartial item precisely intended for off-roaders overlanders. Plus, for those who want to go to the back of yonder, particularly people who will be so far out of the way that they can’t get a phone signal.

Consequently, the design feels craggy enough to avoid the worst elements behind the rubberized external covering. It is also mainly plastic, so falling it or having it fall off a mount might not be the best entity to sanctuary its performance characteristics.

Build Review of Tread XL

Garmin GPS company contains an assortment of resemblance lumpy mounts to possess your device in good shape. It means users can use the safe locking magnetic mount inside the box to save the screen, which should save it firmly in position even in the roughest 4x4s.

The 10-inch screen is probably the main visual treat of this Tread XL unit Garmin. It looks glossy when powered off, though open to scratching. However powered, the graphics are super striking with a good contrast level, which is much looked for in harsh outdoor weather.

Moreover, this device trails an analogous theme to other Garmin Tread series products, like the tread Overland edition and the tread SxS edition, with consideration to conveyance with fonts and other specifying. IP67 water confrontation is standard, which should save the device from falling obscene of damp and filthy circumstances.

User Experience

User Experience

When a user hustles the Garmin Tread XL device into their chosen position, the user might worry about figuring out how to start it up. A rubberized knob on the back is frequently not instantly apparent.

However, getting set up is easy, with a sequence of no-screen steps made all the easier thanks to the touch screen size. Users are required to connect to the internet, and there is an option to connect to the Garmin Tread app, too. That helps to deliver smart notifications and lets you enjoy the benefit of the Garmin Explore Sync tool and control media where required.

Bluetooth connectivity is available if you are going to need hands-free calling capability or might need to hear headphone navigation instructions. However, users must select their vehicle type and specify off or on-road options. While settings can later be tweaked thus users can match their vehicle to the terrain they expect to encounter, it is candid to organize.

Additionally, having a big screen to adore is possibly the best part of the user experience. The graphics are crunchy and clear while using the touch screen, and fitting in with menu options is a run-away, particularly when you are on the go. So, it is the high point of using this Garmin product.

Features Review of Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition

The big selling product of Garmin’s Company Tread XL Overland Edition and other models in this series is that they have engineered the hardware to work at its best in unfriendly climates. Users will get much more info than they would use a smartphone (apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices), even with alfresco or adventure-built apps on the panel.

However, users must employ time with the unit to become aware of everything it can do. Here we have shared all the features you will get in this Garmin device.

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InReach Integration

The Built-in inReach technology of Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition delivers the users a global satellite communication that allows two-way text messaging and interactive SOS location sharing. However, the SOS feature works harmoniously with vehicle users driving or riding. But to use the feature, users have to subscribe to it.

Extensive On & Off-Road Maps

Extensive On & Off-Road Maps

The Tread XL Overland Edition product contains preloaded topographical charts with 3D territory for the EU, Africa with Tracks4Africa, and the Mideast regions. Moreover, the maps include detailed street maps of North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand, accessible through The street maps also have custom directing for the size and weight of users’ apparel.

Garmin Tread XL Group Ride Tracker

Users can pair their devices with the Garmin Tread App to track their friends from their phones using the Group Ride Mobile feature. The feature displays up to 20 riders in a group in the Tread app for smartphones via mobile phone signal.

Landscape Mapping

The tread XL unit with its pre-loaded maps for Australia and New Zealand comes into its own, additionally improved by Garmin’s preloaded Hema maps into the device. These maps provide 1:72000 scale maps showing more than 10500km of tracks and trails on new routes.

Additionally, users will get 4WD destinations and hydrographical features such as lakes, streams, beaches, and persistent and seasonal creeks. From a searchability perception, the Hema 40000 point of curiosity database is accessible to service a user to find campsites, lookout toilets, and other facilities on your journey.

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery

The Navi feature includes the download of BirdsEye satellite Imagery directly to your device via an internet connection that does not need any subscription. This feature delivers vivid aerial views when you download high resolution.

Garmin Tread XL Sensors

When a user is headed to tough terrain, the built-in sensors, including altimeter, compass, barometer, side-by-side slope indicators, and roll gauges, will come in handy to help the user to navigate the most challenging terrain.

Battery Life

Tread XL Overland edition contains a 12V roll-up lighter cable to power the unit instead of a USB. Users can use the battery for up to six hours at 50 percent backlight capacity or an hour using the 100 percent for lithium-ion battery.

Garmin Tread Overland XL Edition Price

The US folks can buy this Garmin device for $1499.99; in the United Kingdom, the recommended retail price from Garmin is £1299.99. There is no arguing that the Tread XL has far more full features than Google Maps, but keep in mind that you are dealing with non-negotiable tech. Simply put, if the hardware wears out, you may have to get a new device for GPS navigation.

Our Verdict

If you are a casual explorer and don’t go too far off the beaten track, you will probably remain reasonably content using your smartphone. However, if someone needs a solution to find the way from the middle of nowhere for a long time, this device is well worth considering.

This unit offers a more comprehensive array of info that an everyday smartphone. But the Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition is quite unnecessary in smaller regions where civilization is not far away. At the same time, there are many areas in the United States and other different regions of the globe where the GPS kit could be a rescuer.

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