Get the Best Adobe Document Cloud Services with the .Edu Email

Get the Best Adobe Document Cloud Services
Get the Best Adobe Document Cloud Services

There are countless Benefits of a .Edu Email Address in 2023. With the .edu email address, you can avail of massive discounts on the top-rated technology services in the world, and adobe document cloud is one of them.

You might be registered in a university and you may already have a .edu email address. But, you do not have any idea how to use a .edu email address to get discounts on world-class services.

In this article, we shall focus on the benefits of the leading PDF document provider the adobe document cloud. We shall also discuss the discounts that Adobe Document Cloud provides to the teachers and students with .Edu email address.

The list of benefits of a .edu email account is truly huge, but to make it simple I shall mention a couple of service providers.

  • The .edu email address gives you free access to Amazon Prime Account.
  • Send up to 15000 free emails per month from Microsoft Office Student Edition with the .edu email account.

There are tons of benefits of a .edu email account provided to students and teachers that can save a lot of money and help them focus on the education.

The Best Adobe Document Cloud Discounts With .Edu Email

On one hand, if you look at the price of adobe document cloud products are going sky and impossible for a student to afford. For example, $399 for Dreamweaver, $999 for Photoshop Extended, and $2599 for Master Collection suit.

The prices look massive especially if you are on a student budget. Now, the question arises here is how to access the adobe document cloud and turn these massive expenses into massive discounts?

The answer to this question is the .Edu email address. With the .edu email address, you can avail of up to 70% discounts on all Adobe products.

Due to the “end of support” and reaching EOL adobe stopped selling the CS6 version. But, students having .edu email can still avail discounts on several adobe products as the company is still offering a 70% discount to students and teachers.

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Get All Adobe Products on Discount with .Edu Email

Get All Adobe Products on Discount with .Edu Email

Do you want all of the adobe document cloud in one discount package? Use your .edu email account and get up to 60% – 70% discounts on all Adobe products.

The adobe document cloud offers all products for as low as $19.99/£16.24/€19.50/A$21.99. These prices are applicable for the first year of subscription per month.

By using the .Edu email you can get the entire Master suite with the latest 2023 versions of every product. There are thousands of new features available in every product. Therefore, if you are a student and want to use adobe document cloud at a cheaper price then this is your opportunity.

Moreover, there is no additional cost on upgrades of tools, the students and teachers can use every product with the latest updates without paying a single additional penny.

Adobe offers another Amazing Education Discount on Adobe Creative Cloud’s “All Apps” premium subscription. By using the .edu email address you can get all Creative Cloud (CC) tools at one discounted price.

You can also purchase a single CC product but that would become expensive as compared to the all apps subscription. The adobe document cloud provides CC tools at a huge discount for students and teachers.

How to Get the .Edu Email Discounts on Adobe Document Cloud?

All adobe products are available for instant download at Adobe Education Store. Adobe document cloud provides the discount globally available to anyone in the world. The discount percentage is similar for every currency like US$, Canadian$, UK pound, Australian$ etc.

To avail of these discounts, all you have to do is acquire a .edu email address by proving the student or teacher status. There is no age limit and any institution can qualify including primary schools and universities.

Online colleges are also on Adobe’s institution list. People who join schools as part-time students are also eligible.  Homeschoolers are also eligible, and if you are thinking to go back to school, then it might be a good idea…

There is no difference between the academic and regular versions. You can use the Adobe products even after you pass out from the institution or complete your graduation. The learning process and research never stops, and if you want to use the products for commercial or paid projects, you are free to do so.

However, there are some differences between the education and the premium versions of adobe document cloud. I would suggest you research deeply to understand the scope of both versions.

One limitation of the education edition of adobe is you can install the software up to 2 computer systems.

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Step By Step Guide to get .Edu Email Address [2023 Edition]

  • Visit the official website of the college, and click on the “Apply” button on the right side.
  • On the new page, click on the “Start New Registration”
  • Click on “International Applicant”.
  • Click on “Freshman”, then click Next.
  • Choose Diploma type.
  • Fill in the personal information, student name, Date of Birth, Working Email Address. Citizen ship, then click next.
  • Then follow further instructions to complete the application process.

You can validate your student or teacher-student by providing relevant documents like student card, fees receipt, any certificate, transcript, etc.

Teachers can provide relevant documents of their service like service card, salary receipt etc. one important thing you should that any document which was issued in the last six months will be considered as a current document.

The verification process takes at least 2 days, download the free trials and start using them for learning the software for future use.

Once the .Edu Email is issued, you are free to use it on adobe document cloud to get the creative cloud products. When you enter the .edu email address the institution affiliation shall be verified instantly and the discount prices will come into effect immediately.

You can use the .edu email as an adobe cloud login to sign in to the adobe document cloud in the future.

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Final Words

There are more than 20 top-rated service providers who offer discounts on their products to students and teachers who have .edu email addresses. All you have to do is acquire a student Email Address and register yourself on the official websites of service providers like Microsoft, adobe document cloud, Bitnami, Amazon Prime, and many more. The creative cloud free trial for students is a useful tool and it is available at a huge discount.