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Are you searching for How to create a FREE Edu email? Well, if you want it, then you’re in a perfect place. As soon as you enroll in any college or university, they’ll provide you with a customized .edu email address from the University for All the Official Mails. If you are interested to get admission in United States universities then this might turn out to be a golden opportunity because United States universities or institutions mostly issue it to their students.

But, if you’re not a student or your educational institution won’t provide you, then we’re here to guide you How to Create Free Edu Email. You get tons of Benefits through Edu email address from millions of websites on many desirable products and online services on the internet. Before digging any further, let’s go to learn more about Edu mail.

Edu Email Address

Just like any other email address, Edu’s email is also an email address. The Edu email address has an extension “.edu.” This is the format of the Edu email address “” The Edu email is similar to other email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and you can’t change your .Edu Email Address name after it is created. So, you should be careful while choosing your email.

Why you receive this email from the institutes is because the students now can receive all the official emails from college administration, professors, dean, and regarding educational institution’s activities. Not only the students, but some universities also provide .edu email to their workers so they can take advantage of it.

Why Create A .edu Email?

Edu email is one of the best email extension to which several Company provides offer and free services. These emails are provided only by college and university or educational institutions to their students.

A .edu email not only assists you to get the information from the college administration, but it also serves as a means to get free access to the free services only available to students.

Benefits of Edu Email Address

  • Student discounts on BestBuy.
  • Special Student discount for Spotify Premium.
  • Student discounts on iTunes purchases
  • Six months free subscription for Free Pass.
  • A Six Months free subscription to Amazon Prime.
  • A 50% discount offer on Adobe Acrobat Cloud.
  • Free access to GitHub Students pack.
  • Discounts on Microsoft Student accounts.
  • Free subscription for most software’s on AutoDesk. This includes CAD/CAM.
  • Google Drive offers a free unlimited subscription and other additional advantages for the .EDU email address.
  • The edu email address also permits you to opt for discount offers from several Anti-Virus service providers.

Method 1: How to Create Edu Email Address

If you are a student and want a .edu id, then follow the method mentioned below. It is a free mail creation method to avail Edu email id, which makes it best for the students as students have low budgets. The method is divided primarily into three steps.

Now, Let me show the step-by-step process to create a “.edu” email address and enjoy the BEST EDU SERVICES.

Point 1

  • Open the site of Virginia’s community colleges. The captcha will appear at first, solve it.
  • The user ID will be asked, add the ID, and sign-in with the email.
  • In the information section, the name and email id are asked. You can use your real name in it.
  • For citizens other than the US, the fake address generator is used to make the fake address of the user. The fake address generator is totally free to use. This will also help the students and do not put a burden on their shoulders. The fake address generator asks for the details that have to be put in the fake address. Write these details for later use.
  • Click “submit”.

Point 2

  • Now move to the second step. Log in to the account and “apply”.
  • Add the details like the institute name and then move forward.
  • Multiple questions are asked in this step like gender, birth date, first name, last name, social security number, race, language, is address permanent? contact number, grade kin high school, degree, military or not
  • After answering the questions, submit them.

The second step is not a must to fill. There is an option that you can skip it if you want.

Point 3

  • In the last step, the user name, and the password is provided to the user. Note these details.

Now you have made your edu email id. Log in and use it. The credentials of login are activated in a few hrs. If you sign-in just after making the email ID, you will get the pop-up of an invalid username and password. So wait a while then make use of it.

Method 2: How to Create Edu Email Address 2021 Method

Getting .edu emails in 2021 seems to be difficult, but still, few universities are providing the .edu emails. Just follow the article, and you will get the .edu email at the end of the material.

  1. Go to this URL and click on “Enroll as a New Student.”
  3. Then tick on “Step one Apply” and then “CCCApply”. The website uses CCCApply Portal to give the .edu email so; first, we have to create the CCCApply account.
  4. If you don’t have the CCCApply account then no need to get disturbed we have got you covered just follow this article. 
  5. After successfully applying from the CCCApply, you will get your .edu email. I got my email within 3hr of using it. Here is the proof below.

Method 3: How to Create FREE Edu Email Address in 2021

  • Go to the College official website, on the right side Apply button.
  • It redirected to the new page, their navigate and hit on the Apply button.
  • The login page will appear on the screen; in that, hit on the Start New Registration.
  • Next, choose the International Applicant and click Next.
  • Next page, hit on the Freshman option and click next.
  • Next, choose the Diploma type to the No Diploma button.
  • Next, fill the application form Student Name, DOB, Working Email Address for confirmation, Citizenship (use
  • Georgia), and any city of Georgia and Visa Type is None. And then hit Next.
  • And then, follow the screen instructions and submit the application form.

The next day of receiving the User name email, again follow the screen instructions to verify the account via email and mobile number. Once the verification has been done, wait for 2 to 3 days for the account activation.

get a free .edu email
get a free .edu email

OR click on the following link to get the .edu Email Account Now

Note: You may have to reset the password a few times at first if you face a problem login into the account.

Login to the .edu email to the outlook.

If you still face obstacles while creating the CCCApply account then don’t worry follow method 3 carefully to make it.


Q: What's an Edu email address?
A: EDU Email Address is an email address that is provided by universal, college, and school administration for their students and staff. When you take admission to a USA university or college, they give you. EDU Email Address for free. The United. States mostly provide Edu Email.
Q: Is Amazon Prime free for .edu email addresses?
A: Amazon’s offering students a valid. edu email address a free year of Amazon Prime, which grants their buyers free two-day shipping on any item they buy, no minimum purchase required, and some exclusive email deals. Anyone who’s not a student can still get a one-month trial of Amazon Prime to kick the tires a bit.
Q; What is the use of edu mail?
A: EDU email account comes with a few advantages that are available for students who have. EDU emails, such as big discounts on many desirable products, including Apple, Dell, and much more. Or you can also get great discounts on online services such as Dropbox, Spotify, Amazon, and LastPass.
Q: What can you do with edu email?
A: There are many advantages of having an Edu email account: • Unlimited Google Drive storage. • Amazon Prime 180 days free. • Free Office 365 with 1TB OneDrive. • 6 MONTHS OF FREE PREMIUM LastPass. • Free Autodesk software. • Jetbrains. • Bestbuy. • Adobe CC discount.
Q: What does an edu email look like?
A: The main motive to give EDU Email Address to students is that they can get student discounts on various important sites like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Github, Onedrive, etc. What does an EDU email address look like? Generally, EDU Email as an extension, for example,
Q: I got the edu email. For how many years will it works??
A: The response to the questions depends on the universities. Some edu accounts may work for about four years, while some may expire after six months.



The advantages list of .edu email is not limited in these only there are many other benefits like free domain name and much more. If you want to enjoy these exciting benefits that come with Edu emails, it is a prerequisite to have a verified Edu email address account.

If you do not have these email addresses for free, it may involve a big cut-off from the pocket. If you are helpless to get a free email address with an EDU extension, do let us know through the comments here above.

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