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Create FREE Edu Email

Are you searching for How to create a FREE Edu email? Well, if you want it, then you’re in a perfect place. As soon as you enroll in any college or university, they’ll provide you with a Customized .Edu Email Address from the University for All the Official Mails. In this article, we have mentioned 6 different ways to create an edu email. So go and follow every step to get your hands on the .Edu email.

You get tons of Benefits through Edu email login from millions of websites on many desirable products and online services such as Spotify Premium, iTunes purchases, and more on the internet. But, if you are not a student or your educational institution does not provide you, then we are here to guide you on How to Create a Free working Edu Email. or if you don’t want to go with your creating edu email struggle, Buy Edu Email login from our platform in a reasonable price tag. So, before digging any further, let’s go to learn more about Edu account.

Reference: Top 5 American Universities That Provide .Edu Email For Free Services

What Is .edu Email Address?

Just like any other email address, Edu’s email is also an email address. The Edu E-mail address has an extension “.edu.” This is the format of the Educational email address “” The Educational email is similar to other e-mail addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and you can’t change your .Edu Email Address name after it is created. So, you should be careful while choosing your email.

EDU Email is the most popular choice for university and college websites. This is a very good thing for you because there’s a high chance that many of your potential clients and customers will addresses for their email. If you don’t have a .edu address yet, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity now!

Why you receive this e-mail from the institutes is because the students now can receive all the official emails from college administration, professors, dean, and regarding educational institution’s activities. Not only the students, but some universities also provide edu email login to their workers to take Advantage and Discounts of EDU Mail.

Why Should You Create A Free Edu Email?

Edu e-mail is one of the Best Email Extension to which several Company provides offer and free services. These emails are provided only by colleges and universities or educational institutions to their students. And if any student wants to know about educational Email in detail, visit and Buy Unlimited Custom Edu Email Guide.

Benefits of .edu Email Address

A .edu email not only assists you to in getting information from the college administration, but it also serves as a means to get free access to the free services only available to students. Let’s discuss some offers & services provided to edu emails. Here is the list of offers that can be accessed with the edu email of any college.

  • Student EDU email discounts on BestBuy.
  • HP students store offers 5% cash back with selected credit cards and free delivery service.
  • Squarespace offers 50% off for your full first year. Just unlock the discount by verifying your student status with student beans.
  • AWS educate web provides a training opportunity and evaluates your cloud skills at a huge discounted price tag for the free edu email.
  • Special Student discount for Spotify Premium.
  • Student discounts on iTunes purchases
  • Six months free subscription for Free Pass.
  • A Six Months free Subscription to Free Amazon Prime Account.
  • A 50% discount offer on Adobe Acrobat Cloud.
  • Student EDU email discounts on Microsoft Office Student Accounts.
  • Free subscription for most software on Autodesk. This includes CAD/CAM.
  • Google Drive offers a free unlimited subscription, unlimited google drive storage, and other additional advantages for the .EDU e-mail address.
  • The Edu e-mail address also permits you to opt for discount offers from several Anti-Virus service providers.
  • Orchestrate – the developer pack for free while you are a student, including various APIs and services.

Things You Need to Remember Before Creating Edu Email

Follow the points to create the free edu e-mail and learn more.

  • United States identity & address
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Email ID for receiving the logins of e-mail.
  • Now get a free temporary e-mail, and also, you should have Fake Address details to create fake edu email.

Unlock the full range of benefits of an edu email by exploring our 6 different methods! If you use a DVC edu email (This Method 1 is 100% tested by our professionals). However, the other method also works, but they require VPN or something else to proceed that is already described.

Method 1: How to Get a Edu Email without Being a Student

Diablo Valley College offers another educational e-mail-creating method with a CCCApply account.

Step 1:Visit DVC and Click Apply Now
  • It redirected to the new page, navigate and hit on the Apply button.
  • The login page will appear on the DVC screen; in that, hit on the Start New Registration.
Step 2 & 3: Click Apply Now to get admission at DVC
  • Next, choose the International Applicant and click Next.
  • Then, on the next page, hit on the Freshman option and click next.
  • After clicking the next option, choose the Diploma type to the No Diploma button.
  • Next, fill out the application form Student Name, DOB, Working personal Email Address for confirmation, Citizenship (use Georgia), and any city of Georgia, and Visa Type is None. And then hit Next.
  • And then, follow the screen instructions and submit the application form of dvc.

The next day after receiving the Username from diablo email, again follow the screen instructions to verify the account via e-mail and mobile number. Once the Unidays verification hack has been done, wait for 2 to 3 days for the account activation from DVC address.

Last Step: Open CCCApply DVC Verification Email

Method 2: How to Create & Get an Edu Email Address with American University

How to Create Edu Email Address with American University: 2023

Getting .edu emails in 2023 seems to be difficult, but still, few universities are providing the .edu e-mails. Just follow the article, and you will get the .edu e-mail from American University Washington, DC at the end of the material.

  • Go to this URL [] and click on “ENROLL AS A NEW STUDENT at American University Washington, DC.”
  • Then tick on “Step one Apply” and then CCCApply. The website uses CCCApply Portal to give the educational e-mail so; first, we have to create the CCCApply Account.
  • If you don’t have the CCCApply account then no need to get disturbed we have got you covered just follow this article.
  • After successfully applying from the CCCApply, you will get your .edu e-mail. I got my email within 3hr of using it.

Method 3: How to Create Free Edu Email Legally From an Institution

How to Create Free Edu Email: 2023 Edition

If you are a student and want a .edu id, then follow the method mentioned below. However, it is a free e-mail creation method to avail Educational email id, which makes it best for the students as students have low budgets. The method is divided primarily into three steps.

Now, Let me show the step-by-step process to create a “.edu” e-mail address and enjoy the BEST EDU SERVICES.

Note: New applicants will not receive a functional Virginia community college until making a financial commitment to a VCCS institution. Therefore, you must enroll and pay your tuition before getting a working .edu email.

This is an alternative method to get free Edu but if you didn’t get it, you can buy original .edu address or find them through quick Google search. Always research before making purchase online.

Visit Virginia’s Community Colleges Website

Visit Virginia’s Community Colleges
  • Open the site of VIRGINIA’S COMMUNITY COLLEGES. The captcha will appear at first, solve it.
  • The user ID will be asked, add the ID, and sign in with the free edu mail.
  • In the information section, the name and e-mail id are asked. You can use your real name in it.
  • For citizens other than the US, the Fake Address Generator is used to make the fake address of the user. The fake address generator is totally free to use. This will also help the students and not put a burden on their shoulders. The fake address generator asks for the details that have to be put in the fake address to get fake edu email. Write these details for later use.
  • Click “submit”.

Log In & Apply to Virginia’s Community Colleges

  • Now move to the second step. Log in to the account and “apply”.
  • Sign up with your e-mail or Facebook.
  • Add the details like the institute name and then move forward.
Log in & Apply to Virginia’s Community Colleges
  • Multiple questions are asked in this step like gender, birth date, first name, last name, social security number, race, language, and is the address permanent. contact number, grade kin high school, degree, military or not.
  • After answering the questions, submit them.

The second step is not a must to fill. There is an option that you can skip if you want.

Wait for Virginia’s Community College Email

  • In the last step, the user name and password are provided to the user through the VCCS e-mail address. Note these details.

Now you have made your Edu e-mail id. Log in and use it. The credentials of login are activated in a few hrs. If you sign in just after making the email ID, you will get the pop-up of an invalid username and password. So wait a while then make use of it.

Note: if you don’t commit financially to Virginia, you can opt for Fort Scott community college to get an edu email. We have mentioned the details about this in Method 4.

Note: You may have to reset the password a few times at first if you face a problem login into the DVC edu email account. Then, login to the .edu e-mail to outlook from diablo email.

If you still face obstacles while creating the CCCApply account then don’t worry follow method 2 carefully to make edu email.

Method 4: How to Create an Edu Email Using US IP Address

Telegram members shared this method, and I am proud to have such users who share technical information with us. This method is easy to get free Edu mail within 1-2 working days.

Without any further due, let’s dive into it.


  • Tap on “Apply Now” and click continue (If you belong to US citizen). Get all the required details, such as academic records, and enter according to the screen’s instructions. (Warning: The age must be more than 21 years, and always use a USA IP address for better results).
Step 3: click continue on the Application of FSCC (If you belong to US citizen)

  • Now the steps ask for details like entering your primary e-mail instead of your phone number. Always use a random mobile number—type general answers to the questions from the old method. (Don’t be sad if you didn’t get Edu mail on your first try. Change your program and try again. However, you can also change your class timing if you don’t get free Edu mail).
  • Choose university/college and the graduation year (don’t put more than 1 graduation year)
  • Now select “I certify—-“ and click “submit”.

Wait for 2-3 working days until you get a free Educational e-mail from Fort Scott Community College. I hope you’ll get it from the university you applied to.

Method 5: How to Create an Edu Email Account with COS

If the above methods didn’t work. Let’s start to implement this method to create an edu email. I am 100% sure – you will get lots of benefits from having it:

Step 1: Visit COS & click Apply to create free edu email
  • Click on “HOW TO APPLY.”
  • Now go to apply CCCApply Application! (If you have CCCApply, log in with your CCCApply account, then apply for a college of Sequoias. Or, if you don’t have CCCApply, simply create an account).
Step 3: Create CCCApply account before applying to get free edu email
  • Fill up all the screen instructions correctly. – (avoid to use your real address, email and contact numbers).
  • Now you will get an email from COS within 3-4 days, and after 48 hours of getting that e-mail, you will get an e-mail with edu email account credentials.

I hope you already know the most exciting advantages of edu, so enjoy your edu services with your free e-mail address.

Method 6: How To Buy Edu Email Using Freelancing Platform

  • To Buy EDU Email, Go to the Official Fiverr Website
  • Type “EDU Service” in the search bar.
  • Choose one of the top seller profiles that will consult or give you an already created Edu mail account.
  • Choose the package and send a proposal request.
  • Once the seller replies, discuss what you want, like university or program, and share all the information.
  • Within a few hours, paid him through a virtual credit card and get your Edu mail password at $5 or negotiable price. Login with your Outlook account at your favourite browser.

Note: The Fiverr sellers always have an .EDU email login for sale to provide benefits to the youth. So, go & Buy edu email.

Benefits of Edu Email to Get Incredible Discounts of 2023

Unlock a world of exclusive discounts, freebies, and perks with an edu email! As a student or educator, you can access Amazing edu Deals from top brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to save big on everything from software to gadgets. Buy your Edu Email today and start enjoying the benefits!

Music Streaming Services

You’ll get a juicy discount for both Spotify and Apple Music if you sign up for .edu email either service with student mail. However, Spotify comes packaged with Hulu and Showtime for only $4.99 for 3 months’ access to all three services.

If you prefer Apple Music, you are in luck: the service will only cost you $4.99/ month instead of $9.99 if you get an edu email address. Other than that, you can access your favorite tunes from SoundCloud & and Pandora without having to pay for them!

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub Student Developer Pack – Free Edu Mail

One of the greatest benefits of having an .EDU email address is the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which is the best free developer tool and service for students. The student pack comes with 12 great offers and free services that may be useful to you. For example, Amazon AWS offers a $15 coupon, Digital Ocean offers a $50 coupon and more.

Take a look at the list below:

  • $15 Amazon AWS coupon
  • $50 Digital Ocean coupon. After adding it to your account, it will expire within 12 months – only for new accounts.
  • Bitnami – Offers the Business 3 plan for one year, which costs $49 per month on average.
  • Crowdflower – Access to the Crowdflower platform.
  • DNSimple – Offers the Personal hosted DNS plan for two years and charges $5 per month.
  • GitHub – Provides you with unlimited private repositories while you are a student. Normally, the GitHub student developer pack charges $7 per month.
  • $25 credit for HackHands, a live programming assistance service available 24/7.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools – Visual Studio Community, and the rest of the Microsoft office developer tools while you are a student.
  • – Offers one year .ME domain registrations for $18.99 per year and one-year SSL certificates for $10 per year.
  • When you are a student, you can access the Developer account for $49 per month. It’s a complete database portfolio, including search, time-series events, geolocation, and graph queries through an API.
  • Send Grid – Offers the GitHub unlimited private repositories, which includes 15,000 free working emails messages per month.
  • Travis CI – You can access the $69 monthly private builds while you are a student.
Benefits of edu email: Amazon Student Pack

Amazon Student Pack

If you sign up for an Amazon Student Account using an .EDU e-mail, you will receive 6 Months of Amazon Prime for Free, which includes the following perks:

  • Free TWO-DAY shipping on many Amazon products.
  • Listen to unlimited streaming of music, movies, and TV shows.
  • Access exclusive deals for students.
  • Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime Photos.

LastPass – Free Edu Mail

LastPass offers 6 months of LastPass Premium for any users with a .EDU email address. Students are able to access all of LastPass’s features, such as unlimited cloud storage, password auditing, and secure sharing. LastPass offers free account recovery in case you lose access to your account.

With LastPass Premium, students can manage their passwords more securely and easily. Moreover, LastPass Premium is the perfect solution for students who need to keep their online identities and information safe.

Newegg Premier

Newegg Premier

Grab one year of Newegg Premier for $50. If you have a student educational e-mail account, you can sign up for a Newegg Premier account. With this free Top Universities EDU Mail accounts, you’ll get free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 and exclusive deals. Plus, you can join the Newegg Student Club and earn rewards like free gifts and discounts.


You will save a lot of money by purchasing Apple products with an EDU account. Changes to Apple computers can save you up to $200.  Additionally, free edu accounts are available to students and faculty members of accredited colleges and universities. These free e-mail addresses provide discounts on Apple products you won’t find anywhere else. Sometimes, they often come with bonuses like free shipping and exclusive access to special offers.

Benefits of edu email: Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft DreamSpark – Free Edu Mail

Grab Microsoft DreamSpark with plenty of useful software and a free subscription to Office 365 Premium Features. The list of .edu email benefits is not limited to these advantages. There are also many other benefits, such as free domain names. Moreover, free edu account also provides access to free apps, free educational materials, free online courses, and free software downloads like DreamSpark.

Figma for students

Figma is accessible throughout the internet, but using it within the Edu email offers extra benefits. And the eligibility criteria are age 13 and must be a student for edu account verification.

Figma offers free access to its premium features like unlimited projects, shared libraries, and more. This helps students on any budget gain access to a powerful graphic design tool without paying for a professional license. It also allows teachers and educators to incorporate Figma into their classwork without worrying about additional costs.

Microsoft Azure for Students

Microsoft Azure for Students

MS Azure provides more than 200 products designed to bring new hope to your life. Azure has two programs for students.

The $100 credit pack is valid for 12 months with more than 25 free services and is eligible for 18-year-old full-time students.

The second package is available for verified students at no cost and without any limit. Azure offers free access to unlimited services, but the eligibility age is 13 (USA citizen) or 16 (Outside of USA).


Get a 1-year password management plan with tons of premium features using student Edu email. It helps you to track your password without having to memorize them. Many free edu mail service providers offer free plans with basic features such as password generation, multi-factor authentication, and secure sharing. With free Edu account, you can also easily access free online education resources and connect with peers in the academic world.

Other A++ Advantages of EDU Students Pack Include

Advantages of EDU Students Pack after getting edu email

Evernote Premium

Evernote Premium is offering 50% off on the winter sale. It is free for students with a valid edu email login. With Evernote Premium, you can access advanced features such as increased storage space, offline access to notes, and better collaboration tools.

You’ll also be able to save emails directly into Evernote from your free edu mail account and create reminders for when tasks need to get done. This platform provides 3 packages free, personal, and professional.

Google G Suite

Google has special fringes for students, so you can sign up for a G Suite education account that gives you 5 TB of storage. This is one of the best benefits of an edu account that help you to store images, lecture videos, pdf slides, eBooks, and more without worrying about getting out of space.

You can use the edu account that is actively provided by your university, and no more worries about limited cloud storage. Below, we have discussed the method of creating and buying edu email to get more storage.


Edu email sign up and get a full year at half price on Squarespace, which is a big bang deal if you want to make your website to showcase your skills or other purposes. You could even run your online stores of clothing, cosmetics, and kids’ wear and learn a lot about marketing and sales terms. Now the platform is not providing any offers, but they provide many discounts on winter sales and Christmas.


Using a .edu email, you can access various free software licenses of Autodesk. If you are a student of AutoCAD, this resource is best to get more software. Signing up with an edu email to Autodesk will allow you access to free software licenses as long as you are eligible.

Laptop Discounts

Different brands like Apple, Mac, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Samsung, & HP offer different discounts when purchasing a laptop as a student. But first, you must sign up on your favorite brand websites, such as HP Education or Apple education store, to get student offer discounts.

The discounts are amazing, like current generation machines that people prefer to use, and save at least $100 on your first purchase.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education is free for students and faculty members with free edu mail. However, Adobe Creative Cloud offers all the tools you need to create, collaborate and publish professionally. This free access allows you to develop amazing designs, websites, and videos anytime and anywhere. This free package includes advanced features like Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and many more.

Here are the links of particular student pack just you need to click and go ahead to explore:


What is an Edu email address?
EDU Email Address is an mail address that is provided by universal, college, and school administration for their students and staff. When you take admitted to a USA university or college, they give you. EDU E-mail Account for free. The United. States mostly provide Edu E-mail.

Is Amazon Prime free for .edu email addresses?
Amazon’s offering students a valid. edu mail address a free year of Amazon Prime, which grants their buyers free two-day shipping on any item they buy, no minimum purchase required, and some exclusive mail deals. Anyone who’s not a student can still get a one-month trial of Amazon Prime to kick the tires a bit.

What is the use of edu mail?

EDU mail account comes with a few advantages that are available for students who have. EDU mails, such as big edu email discounts on many desirable products, including Apple, Dell, and much more. Or you can also get great discounts on online services such as Dropbox, Spotify, Amazon, and LastPass.

What can you do with edu e-mail?

There are many advantages of having an Edu e-mail account: • Unlimited Google Drive storage. • Amazon Prime 180 days free. • Free Office 365 with 1TB OneDrive. • 6 MONTHS OF FREE PREMIUM LastPass. • Free Autodesk software. • Jetbrains. • Bestbuy. • Adobe CC discount.

What does an edu email look like?

The main motive to give EDU E-mail Address to students is that they can get student edu email discounts on various important sites like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Github, Onedrive, etc. What does an EDU mail address look like? Generally, EDU Email as an extension, for example,

I got the edu email. For how many years will it works??
The response to the questions depends on the universities. Some edu accounts may work for about four years, while some may expire after six months.


The Advantages List Of .Edu Email is not limited to these only there are many other benefits like free Domain Name and much more. If you want to enjoy these exciting benefits that come with Edu e-mails, it is a prerequisite to have a verified Edu e-mail account.

If you do not have these e-mail addresses for free, it may involve a bit of cut-off from the pocket. And last If you are helpless to get a free mail address with an EDU extension, do let us know through the comments here above.

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