.Edu Email (The Unlimited Google Drive benefits for Edu 2024)

Unlimited Google Drive benefits for Edu
Unlimited Google Drive benefits for Edu

Are you a student or do you have a .Edu email? If yes, then you can get unlimited Google cloud storage absolutely free.

Google recently announced the Google drive student discount and made it free for everyone having the .Edu email. Free Google Drive storage is available only for students or teachers across the globe.

Google drive education is free and unlimited for everyone who belongs to the field of education whether a teacher or a student.

How to Increase Google Drive Storage For Free?

Google Drive for students includes unlimited storage for students with a 5TB storage size limit for every file. Google Drive for students also gives access to the Google Apps Vault so the students can archive documents and messages if they need them.

Ben Schrom, who was the project manager for Google Apps for Education said that no student will have to face storage capacity issues while using Google drive for education. Unlimited Google drive can store files as much as you upload. Google drive students provide storage space of more gigabytes than a typical user can get.

“If you are a student, you’ve probably faced the issue of the lack of space on your Google Drive. You might’ve caught yourself thinking, “where will I store all the materials necessary to write an essay for me or prepare for an exam?” Now, you don’t have to worry about that because we have great news!

Google has recently made unlimited cloud storage free for everyone having the .Edu e-mail. Thus, everyone engaged in the education field across the globe can reap the benefits of Google Drive storage.”

Google Drive Is Safe For Students Having .Edu Email Accounts

Google drive student account is secure just like every other account created on Google. It ensures the security and safety of documents for students. The documents of students are safe when they are moving from your device to Google’s data center, and also when it is stored on Google’s servers.

The Google Drive for education not only gives unlimited storage but also security. Google wants the students and teachers to be free from all worries of data theft and data corruption in the data centers.

It also gives free storage size to everyone who uses a .Edu e-mail address to access the Google apps for education. There is no subscription limit to Google drive for education; if your .Edu  e-mail is valid then the account will work infinitely. By using the .Edu email the students and teachers can concentrate on their academic activities and studies without having fear of data loss.

Google released Google Classroom one of the free Google Apps for Education Suite that was designed for teachers and students for collaborative work. With Google Classroom teachers can take organized classes and students can submit assignments with ease.

Google Drive Is Safe For Students Having .Edu Email

Education Benefits for Students: Safe, Secure, And Free

You can set up a G Suit account for free. The Google drive unlimited storage student is free and secure. Google Drive account is activated usually in 14-days. Moreover, it takes 14-days time to verify if the institution qualifies for the student account or not.

After 14-days, you shall be given access to the Admin Panel from where you can manage things easily. Whereas the organizations like public libraries and military schools that do not boast their names as educational institutions are more suitable for G-suit for Non-Profits.

There is a big difference between a personal Google Account and G-Suit for education. G-Suit for education is safer, secure, and absolutely free for classroom use with the .Edu email address.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an .Edu email or your education email has expired; you can easily Customize Your Edu Email.

The Access Restriction

G-Suit for education is more appropriate for young age students. It allows teachers to restrict access to distracting tools that are not useful for younger students. However, the custom versions of the G-suit allow the teachers to keep the students on the given task and restrict them from accessing the other tools you cannot trust the student with.

With the G-suit for education, the teachers and staff can exchange encrypted emails if it contains sensitive student data.

The .Edu email address gives a lot of ease and benefits to students that they cannot even imagine.

Free Up Google Storage for More Storage

If you upload more MB photos and videos to your Google drive, it bumps notifications on your device because it has less storage. High-quality pictures and videos take more storage, and low-quality pictures take less storage. But you have another alternative; you can compress it down to 16MP and videos to 1080p. You can get unlimited Google Drive storage by using the high-quality option mentioned below as steps.

  • Open your Google photos account and sign in to your account.
  • Cross to the upper right corner of the Google Drive screen and tap on the gear-shaped icon.
  • Now, choose a setting option.
  • Switch to the high-quality option and make a selection whether you want a high-quality format or want to compress your existing photos. (if you want to keep your photos original, then click on the “learn how to keep original files” option to continue to save the photos).

This option will convert and compress all your images into your Google drive photos, and then you can get unlimited Google Drive storage.

Clean Gmail Junk Files

As you know, email doesn’t take up a ton of photo space, but it takes attachment space; if few files are attached to your email, it will take a lot of space. Therefore, to find these large files and clean them to get unlimited Google Drive storage. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the official website of Gmail and log in to your account.
  • Then, type “has attachment larger:10M” in the search box (you can search any volume attachment).
  • If you find any messages with attachments, then delete them. But if that email is in your use, save those attachments and delete them.
  • Now, cross to the left end, tap on the Spam folder, and tap on the link to delete all spam messages.
  • Even if you delete the unwanted mail, your mail will remain saved in the trash folder for 30 days. To delete those emails, open your trash folder and delete emails from there.
How to Get.Edu Email

How to Get .Edu Email?

Just follow the method below to get the .edu email free in 2024.

  • https://www.dvc.edu/future/steps/index.html, follow the link and enroll as a new student.
  • Click on “CCCApply”. (if you don’t have a CCCApply account, then go ahead and create it first then proceed to the e-mail creation of the .edu e-mail)
  • After successfully applying for the .edu e-mail address, wait for 3 to 4 hours until your information is verified and the .edu e-mail is created.

Sign In Your Edu Email To get Google Drive Benefits

If you have an edu email, you must be thinking about how to sign in to get the benefits. Here are the steps you must follow.

  • Launch Google drive of your personal email and make a folder.
  • Enter your edu email and send.
  • After that, open the drive of the edu email with whom you shared the file or folder.
  • Then, select the “share with me” option. You will see the file you created in the drive of your email. Right-tap on it and choose “add to my drive.”
  • You can now upload all your folders in the shared folder of the edu email drive

Further, if you don’t want to follow the steps and save time, you can simply sign up for a G suite account & enjoy Edu Email Benefits. 

FAQs About Google Drive Benefits for .Edu Email

Q: What are the benefits of using google drive? (Name at least 5)

Here are the following benefits of Google Drive that you will access after buying edu e-mail.

  • Quick file search
  • Easy sharing
  • Ability to view various files
  • Ability to access the file from anywhere in the world
  • Free storage you get more than up to 15 GB

Q: What are 3 amazing features of Google Drive that people mostly love?

There are many Google Drive features that you will be wondering about after knowing you will be wondered about, but here I’ll explain 4 to 5 features that people love.

  • Team collaboration
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • View any file
  • Advanced search features
  • Share with anyone who is outside your organization

Q: What are the other benefits of free edu email?

We have already mentioned the list of benefits you can get from edu email. Here are some of them.


The .edu email address opens up a treasure for students across the globe. However, with unlimited Google Drive storage space, students can store unlimited data. Google G-suit for education is the best web application provided by Google to ease the studies of students and teachers to manage students conveniently. The .edu e-mail address is the best e-mail to get in 2024.