Having Low Disk Space? Clear C Drive with These Techniques

Hp Stream Loaw Disk Space

At the point when you have a lot of data stored on your PC. You can encounter some genuine performance issues. In case you’re encountering lagging in the device, freezing programs, or trouble finding files, it could be the ideal time for intensive cleaning of your PC’s hard drive. Here are the methods by which you free the low disk space on your laptop or PC, regardless of whether you’ve never done it.

Low Disk Space Windows 10
Low Disk Space Windows 10

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Uninstall Useless Apps:

Unnecessary applications can also cause low disk space. Sometimes people install a lot of applications and games in c drive and do not use them ever again. To free up space uninstall all those unnecessary applications and games.

To-Do This Follow the Steps Below:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Go to Apps and Features.
  • Select unnecessary App from the list.
  • Click on Uninstall button.
Low Disk Space But Nothing To Delete
Low Disk Space But Nothing To Delete

Clean Up Your Desktop:

Desktop is the primary place of every new installation and users intend to keep newly installed files on the desktop. Having lots of applications on the desktop will slow down the system significantly. To clear disk space, try and delete applications from the desktop and it will ultimately delete the files from c drive.

Delete Huge Files:

The laptops and computers now have 500GBs of hard disks. But, still, for some people, it might prove to be less. The reason for the low disk space might be the installation of huge applications.

To Delete Big Files Follow The Process:

Most PCs are productive with how they store information, yet some record types can suck up capacity that you can’t extra.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Go to Apps and Features.
  • Select Huge Apps from the application list.
  • Click on Uninstall button to remove the application.

Disk Clean-Up:

This convenient utility comes standard in Windows 10 PCs and is a single tick answer for erasing unnecessary documents. Windows can see these files and delete the ones that are not needed.

  • Open the Disk Cleanup by asking Cortana or choosing it from your search box.
  • Pick “C: Drive” to clean the disk, which will require a few minutes to finish – or more if it’s your first time.

Please Note that Disk Cleanup Tool and Disk Defragment Tool are not the same. While both are fundamental for ideal execution. (https://bellarinova.com/)

Delete Temporary Files:

Each time you visit a website; there are a lot of files left behind, like cookies, pictures, and text records that make the browsing to the same site faster. If privacy and security are an issue or you need more space on your hard drive, there’s no reason to keep these files.

Every program type has an alternate method to clear up               records, so check your program documentation for best outcomes. You can likewise utilize the Windows tools to handle temporary files.

Think about this as a chance to erase cookies, dispose of temporary files, and clear your store, which will have a prompt beneficial outcome on your browsing.


Temporary or unnecessary files can occupy a lot of space and can cause low disk space. To clear up space the above-stated procedures are quite enough. Low disk space can cause disturbance and speed issues. Therefore, it is necessary to clear out the useless files and speed up your computer.

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