How To Cancel Youtube Tv Free Trial on Desktop & Mobile

how to cancel Youtube tv free trial

Let’s focus on our guide on how to cancel your Youtube TV free trial without any hassle. So, start with the introduction of Youtube TV: a popular streaming platform offering a vast range of live TV channels and on-demand content. Moreover, circumstances may arise where you decide to discontinue your free trial before committing to a subscription. This informative article will walk you through step-by-step canceling your YouTube Television free trial. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can effortlessly bid farewell to your trial period.

QUICK ASKS: Visit Youtube TV > Tap Try it free > Sign in to Google > Fill details > Enter Zip code > Review plan > Select add-on service > Confirm all the details > Select trial > Enjoy 14 days trial.

How to Cancel Youtube TV Free Trial Instantly

If you have made a mindset to cancel your Youtube tv membership, then no one can stop you. So simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Youtube TV website in your browser
  • Tap “Try it free.”
How to Cancel Youtube TV Free Trial Instantly
  • Now the website wants your Google account, so sign up for your account to proceed with the process.
sign up your account
  • Fill up all the required instructions and click “next.”
  • Enter the zip code and click the arrow in Infront of the code.
Enter the zip code to cancel Youtube tv free trial
  • Review your base plan and click “Next.”
base plan
  • You can select add-on services to add more channels
  • Confirm all the details and enter your payment credit card details.
enter your payment
  • Now select trial and enjoy 14 days free trial if you follow the above step-by-step guide.
select trial to cancel Youtube tv free trial


Q: Is there any Youtube TV deals and discounts?

Yes, we have! There are promo codes to get deals and discounts for Youtube TV, and you can save a big amount. Here are a few codes and discounts available:
• get15off: Get a 15% discount and save big
• r0ybmx75hzo9dn: 15% for a new subscriber
• TAKE10: Selected add-ons on YouTube TV
• SPOOKY: Get 40% off on the order of a Youtube TV pack

Q: Why should you cancel the Youtube TV free trial?

I would recommend that you try the test service first, then buy a YouTube TV trial subscription plan to watch. And here are a few reasons users can cancel its services:
• High price
• Watching issues
• Content complains
• Use other alternatives (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, etc.)
• Not found quality content

Q: Why can’t I cancel my Youtube TV subscription?

Under the Youtube tv logo, there are two options pause or cancel membership. Always click the cancel button to cancel your subscription. But if you unknowingly click the pause button, it will pause your membership for a few weeks, and when it resumes, it will take dollars for the service. Other than that, contact the customer support service if your subs don’t resume until more than recommended weeks.

Q: How long is the Youtube TV Free Trial?

Youtube TV free trial is available only for 14 days. Once your trial ends, your monthly subscription plan charges will be cut from your card.

Q: How to cancel Youtube TV free trial on Roku?

• Sign in Roku account.
• Select Manage your subscription.
• Select channel or subs under active subscription
• Tap cancel > tap Continue

Q: How to cancel Youtube TV subs on mobile?

Here are the steps for the cancelation of the Youtube TV subscription on Android device, iOS and iPad:
• Log in to your Youtube TV via mobile app
• Go to account details > tap settings
• Select membership
• Find TV membership > Tap deactivate membership
• Tap cancel membership > tap confirm mail button

Q: How to cancel Youtube TV on the computer?

• Visit Youtube TV on your web browser
• Select profile picture > Settings > Membership
• Click Manage > Click cancel

Q: Can I cancel the Youtube TV free trial before paying?

Yes, you can cancel the Youtube TV free trial at any time but before it ends. But after that, you will never enjoy the streaming Youtube videos.

Q: Is Youtube TV offer a promo code for 30 days?

No, Youtube TV doesn’t offer a promo code for 30 days. You can enjoy a 14- or 30-day free trial as a new subscriber.

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