Hotmail Not Working

Is your Hotmail not working? Email services offer users the to communicate personally and professionally straightforwardly and reliably. Hotmail is the first webmail service launched by Microsoft. It is free web-based email assistance having many effective uses. With this email, users can send and receive emails at high speed, secure their accounts, quickly recover an account, and many other features will be able to avail. But due to mechanical or non-technical hiccups, some problems like Hotmail not working may arise.

The development from Hotmail to Outlook hasn’t been outdoors problems. In fact, there’s been a few interruptions with users reporting Hotmail or Outlook has transpired down throughout this year at another time. In most circumstances, these will be old results not lasting very long, although some issues will be prolonged, with Outlook login problems being the most highlighted.

If you made a move from Hotmail to Outlook, then you might not be happy with the automatic switch and not having the ability to switch back to Hotmail again. In fact, we have noticed a few people complain about the hotmail spam emails and imagine the service hasn’t improved since the modifications to their inbox. You cannot improve the outlook itself, however, you can block the Hotmail spam emails and get rid of them for good.

Hotmail Not Working On Iphone
Hotmail Not Working On Iphone

Why my Hotmail Account Not Working? 

Hotmail was launched by Microsoft and the first free email service later renamed. It was one of the first webmail services. The account has many active uses. However, sometimes our Hotmail account can stop operating, and we might not accept emails. This can be very distressing. If you want to know what is causing this problem and how to fix it, this blog will provide all the information. 

If you are using Hotmail, you might know that this email service is now revamped into Outlook enhancing the features of MS Office. However, you may still access your email using the Microsoft outlook website. Like any different email service, Hotmail is likewise prone to many technical hiccups. Now and then, we can see users grumbling about issues like Hotmail not working, not sending/ collecting emails, etc.

Hotmail On Android Not Working
Hotmail On Android Not Working

Reasons for Hotmail Not Working

  • Cache and cookies
  • Internet connection
  • Incorrect details
  • Outdated version
  • Virus
  • Improper configuration
  • Errors
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working

How to Unblock Your Outlook Account?

Hotmail provides amazing mailing features when you use it on multiple browsers and when you access it on Google Chrome, you can get plenty of things that you can’t see in any other browser. But sometimes, many places come when Hotmail stops operating on Chrome and shows the undesired error.

There are plenty of problems behind the not working problem of Hotmail on your Chrome browser, and you can fix Hotmail’s not working problem with the help of elementary and straightforward steps. You can quickly get the perfect solution to these problems after reading this section and learn quick fixes.

  • Begin by attending Microsoft Live to improve your account and reset your password.
  • Enter your blocked account’s email address and enter the characters you see on your screen and select next.
  • Enter the code generated by your authenticator app or select a different verification option to get a text message.
  • After you enter the security code, you’ll need to change your password to complete the unblocking process.
  • Make sure you create a strong and complex password to help keep your account secure.
Hotmail Not Working On Android
Hotmail Not Working On Android

Why Hotmail login/sign-in? 

Depending on the variety of problems you are facing, there can be varying reasons behind it. Understanding the guide can help you in choosing the right step to fix the issue. The various reasons back the ‘Hotmail not working on chrome’ problem are discussed below.

  • The browser you are using is not compatible.
  • You are using an outdated account of your browser to open
  • Your device has compatibility issues with Hotmail.
  • If you are utilizing a mobile app, your app is not up to date.
  • You have not enabled JavaScript in your browser.
  • Your browser has too many caches and cookies stored.
  • An antivirus or any other third-party app installed in your system is interfering with
  • Your internet connection is not working properly.
  • Your account has been suspended or blocked temporarily.
  • The security of your account has been compromised.
Hotmail Not Receiving Emails
Hotmail Not Receiving Emails

Fix Hotmail Not Working on Chrome

Clear Your Browser’s Caches

  • First of all, open your browser and then click on the menu available in the top-right corner.
  • Click on the More tools tab and then choose Clear Browsing Data.
  • Now determine the time interval and then check all boxes.
  • After that, click on the Clear Data tab to complete the procedure.

Update Your Browser

Sometimes Chrome produces many problems while working, but execute sure that your browser is up to date. An updated variant fixes various technical problems that you confront through the accessing. To refresh, go to the settings and then check the most advanced update if available.

Connect using HTTPS

  • First of all, go to
  • Agree on Connect with HTTPS under the other opportunities.
  • Select Use HTTPS automatically.
  • After that, click on the Save tab.

Check the third-party app installed in your system

If any antivirus or other administration is causing the ‘Hotmail not working’ issue, momentarily turn it off. Once you are satisfied with Hotmail, you can then utilize the application. Similarly, you can also temporarily disable your browser extension if the problem is created due to the extensions.


Q: Why can't I access my Hotmail account?
A: There could be several reasons if you still cannot sign in to your Outlook account, from forgetting your password to traveling or using a new device. If you remember your password but it is not running, make sure that Caps Lock is turned off and your email address is spelled correctly.
Q: What is going on with Hotmail?
A: Microsoft is running all of its Hotmail users to by this vacation. Microsoft provided administration last summer for those who needed to secure move proactively. There’s not much needed on users’ parts to obtain this happen.
Q: Did my Hotmail account get deleted?
A: After 360 days (five days short of a common year) of inactivity, a Windows Live Hotmail account is permanently removed. If you don’t practice your Windows Live ID (which is your Windows Live Hotmail email address) for 365 days (about a year), it additionally can be permanently removed.

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