How to Restart Apple Watch & Does Rebooting Effect It

how to restart apple watch
how to restart apple watch

How to restart the Apple watch? Is this a tiring question for you people? Or you are exhausted to keep maintaining the connection between iPhone and the Apple watch. Most Apple watch device is fast and responsive. Still, sometimes it causes lagging issues, which is unbearable because you can’t reboot the Apple Watch when your iPhone is paired. You can restart to make the connection better, so the blog will give you the best solution to avoid this lagging or freezing issue. And relax; the force restart solution helps you reboot the Apple watch, and it will resolve many of your issues.

Why do You need to Restart the AppleWatch?

Restarting an iOS watch is not a regular scenario. You don’t need to restart the watch if everything is performing well. On the other hand, if something works incorrectly, you need to do a quick restart because it will resolve the issue, such as slowing down the apps working, apps that have been installed but not appearing, battery drains much faster, and much more.

How to Restart the Apple Watch

The whole method to restart the app is absolutely easy and quite simple. It will take a couple of minutes, and your watch will be ready to go on again and work for you. The following steps will guide you on how to restart the iOS watch.

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  • Press & hold down the side button of the Apple watch and wait for the three different sliders to appear on the screen.
  • Swipe the “Power off” slider to the right side of the screen and wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Hold the side button of your watch and wait until the Apple Watch turns on.

Now, you can see restarting the iOS Watch is the same as restarting your iPhone. When you restart the device, ensure it is not a plugin or removes it from the charge.

How To Force Restart Apple Watch in a Hang State

how to restart an apple watch
how to restart an apple watch

The lagging issue of the Apple watch did not solve yet; that’s why the only solution is remaining. And here is an option to force *restart the Apple watch, also known as a hard reset. You should keep in mind many things: don’t force restart your device when its operating system is updated. If you do this, your system will affect and cause issues regularly, and you will definitely tire off. When you feel your device is frozen, you have no choice except to force restart the device. The following steps will guide you on force restart.

  • Hold down and press the two buttons simultaneously on your watch. And you have to wait for 15 sec to pass it on.
  • When you see the light up on the screen, release the two buttons and wait for a minute or two minutes.
  • Again, hold down and press the side buttons until the black screen appears.

Additionally, force restarting the device solves the various issues, and charging your iOS watch will not force restart the AppleWatch.

How Is Effective Rebooting Your Apple Watch?

Rebooting your Apple watch is quite easy to carry when it’s frozen or frequently crashing apps. However, it takes a few minutes to restart after turning off the AppleWatch. If you are an old user of iOS products, you would better know that restarting your iOS Watch from your iPhone is not possible. Other than that, to make sure the connection is better between the two devices, check both devices’ software. When you restart your Apple watch & your iPhone, then both devices perform much faster, and as you know, Apple devices do not hang at all.

Apple Watch: Restart Vs. Reset

the process of restarting an iOS watch is totally different from resetting it. Resetting an apple watch can erase all your data and return it to the factory settings.

It is a good idea to reset your Apple Watch if you are disposing of it and need to erase all your data. Moreover, a reset might be necessary if you have larger problems. It is possible to resolve many random issues occasionally arising by simply restarting the PC.


In conclusion, the difference between resetting or restarting the device should be clear in your mind because restarting the device does not remove your data and resetting the device removes all the factory data. Therefore, if you have a few issues with your Apple device, restart your device; it will resolve all the issues, and your apple watch will perform well. Have you done it before reading the blog? Let us know in the comment box.