How to See Dislikes on Youtube As A Viewer

How to see dislikes on youtube

The Youtube server strived an experiment on a small group to test the impact of removing the dislikes count for a viewer in March 2021. Later in November of the same year youtube server removed this dislikes feature from everyone who see the content as a viewer.

Hence, the like and dislike count is still tracked, and a view dislikes a video will apprise your recommendations. Plus, you would not know how many others have disliked a video.

In this post, we have shared how you can view dislike count as a view on the Youtube server. And, you may also checkout How to Block Youtube Channels.

See Dislikes on Youtube as a Viewer

The elimination of the dislike feature on youtube stops a viewer from finding bad content rapidly. But what if you want to know the dislike count on a web browser and the phone in the content you don’t create? Follow the below guide to know that.

How to See Dislikes on Youtube Extension on Browser

Youtube Extension on Browser

You have to install a browser extension (Return youtube dislike). This extension currently works on Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, Opera, brave as an intuitive application. Moreover, if the extension does not support your browser, the extension will display the user script.

While this extension uses data from before youtube initiates hiding dislikes. At the same time, it analyzes viewer behavior and registers likes and dislikes by the over 2 million users who currently installed it.

Below we have described simple steps to see thumbs down count on youtube.

  • Launch the browser and type and enter return youtube dislike on the search bar.
  • Tap the Add to Chrome tab and add an extension when prompted to give the app permission to gather the site data.
  • After that, click on the puzzle icon on the Chrome address bar to make the extension visible. Here, pin the return youtube dislike extension.
  • Now launch youtube and hover over the video you want to view the dislikes counts. That’s it.

Just click the puzzle icon at the address bar, then click the option or three-dot icon next to the return youtube dislike. Tap on the remove and confirm it from the pop-up options.

See Dislikes on Youtube Mobile App As A Viewer

Dislikes on Youtube Mobile App

If you want to check the thumbs-down count on video content you did not create, and you can use a youtube application (NewPipe). The developer behind the return youtube dislikes extension has established a NewPipe version for mobile phone users.

Furthermore, this version works the same as the browser extension version. But it is not available on iOS devices.

Follow these below-mentioned steps to check the dislike count of youtube content.

  • Open the NewPipe website on your phone.
  • Here find and tap on the Get It on IzzyOnDroid tab.
  • After that, tap the download tab to start downloading and installing it.

NOTE: Remember that the dislike counter is switched off by default. To enable it, hover over the settings section on youtube > Extras >, and turn on the toggle of the show dislike count.

Youtube Thumbs Down Extensions Display Inaccurate Calculation

The extensions to see the dislikes count on a youtube count work as a combination of cache data. That was grasped before youtube disabled access to the thumbs-down feature in its API and generalized user behavior.

It means that the number of dislikes on any given video will not be correct. But the ratio should be somewhat accurate. Everybody who uses the extension contributes data to help determine the ratio. It means the extension author is gathering information about the video you watch.

However, only content creators can view the exact number of likes and dislikes their videos receive. At the same time, there are no plans to let creators share this info with the extension in the future. How much correct data remains over the long term depends on how many people use and contribute their data.

How to See Youtube Dislikes Count as a Creator

If you are a content creator on the youtube platform, the server allows you to view thumbs down on your video content.

First, hover over to the youtube studio; here, you will see the content tab; click on that. You will see the likes and dislikes ratio on the right side of every content video you share. When you drift to that number, you will see the exact number of dislikes count.

Why Can’t I View Youtube Thumbs Down Count?

Youtube Thumbs Down Count

Youtube detached the dislike count from its server in November 2021. This feature lets the users see the dislikes count on any youtube video while the count is still tracked in its server.

However, you can still click thumbs down to dislike a video to enlighten the Youtube algorithm about the content you did not like. But according to youtube, a publicly visible dislike count leads to hate contingents where users concentrate on precise creators or videos and purposely downvote them.

The CEO of this server (Susan Wojcicki) states that hiding the number of dislikes should reduce such scenarios and encourage positivity. The platform took this step to keep creators’ mental health in mind and foster wellness on the server.

Moreover, he says that judging a video on its dislikes was never a correct method to decide what to watch. That is why Youtube never showed them on the homepage search results.

Briefly, the number of dislikes amount will be hidden, or users can’t see it to make a safer, more positive, more supportive community and a better space for creator visitors and advertisers on Youtube.

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