How to Solve Outlook Login Problems [Errors & Their Solutions]

How to Solve Outlook Login Problems

If you are an Outlook user then you must have encountered the login to outlook problems. There might be several reasons for the outlook login issue, however, we compiled and documented some of the most common outlook account sign-in problems that might be causing outlook not working issue.

As stated above, outlook account login is a common issue everybody faces. For instance, if you are a businessman and you send and receive 100s of emails regularly and if, the primary email manager which is MS outlook goes offline and you are not able to send and receive emails anymore, what would you do if Microsoft Outlook not connecting & receiving emails?

Well, honestly, the solution depends upon the problem that occurred; first, we have to diagnose the outlook email sign-in problem and then move forward to solve it.  As we already know, MS outlook is the most common Popular Email Client Software in the world. The failures it faces may be the outlook not opening, outlook not signing in, outlook not connecting, the outlook not receiving emails, etc. as mentioned earlier we have compiled some of the common issues and their solutions for you. now, without further due let’s move to it.

To solve most Microsoft Outlook problems efficiently, it is recommended to Repair Outlook using a professional recovery software. The tool will analyze corrupt Outlook data files and fix & repair Microsoft Outlook detected errors.

How to Repair Outlook Login Problems [7 Helpful Methods]

You can easily fix the login to Outlook problems, and if you are a master in MS office software, you must know well about it. It happens for various reasons, but the main reason is an error in the registry due to a corrupt PST file. Whatever the reason, you can handle it by following the methods and tricks below.

Methods to Fix the Outlook Login Problems

1. Cannot Open Outlook Account

Among several other outlook login problems, there is a general problem that you cannot open the MS outlook. This issue might be caused due to the navigation pane preventing the MS outlook to open. You can easily solve this issue by resetting the navigation pane. Press “windows key + R” on the keyboard. Open the Run command box and enter Outlook.exe/resetnavpane and press enter. This will reset the navigation pane and fix outlook issues. This method can solve the outlook app sign-in issue.

Let’s look at some reasons why it might be causing Microsoft outlook not working and connecting for users.

  • Browser Extensions.
  • Possible virus attack.
  • Outlook files corruption.
  • Network connectivity issues.

Considering the above problems with outlook email you should not hold the navigating pane accountable for everything. Therefore, I would suggest you check out all of the reasons before going for the solutions. Some of the solutions are mentioned below:

To solve the Microsoft outlook account I would suggest you run the MS outlook in safe mode. If the outlook successfully runs in the safe mode then you should check all the Add-ins in the browser. It is possible that the Add-ins might be causing the outlook email issues.

Another solution is to disable all the Add-ins or third-party extensions you added to the browser. This will help to solve the Outlook email account login issue.

The Anti-Virus software might be causing Microsoft outlook problems. Therefore, you should disable the anti-virus software to check whether the outlook login problems are solved. By using these solutions the outlook not opening issue can be solved very easily.

2. You Cannot Sign In To your Outlook Email Account?

Another common problem people face is the outlook sign-in issues. There is no need to be worried if you are having such an issue. In this section, we shall discuss the outlook sign-in issued and their solutions.  All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below to repair Outlook sign in problem:

  • Make sure you enter the correct password.
  • Try another browser other than your primary browser.
  • Try restarting your computer to solve the outlook login problems.
  • In case you forgot your password, recover the password and try to log in again.
  • Try with the Phone number, Skype ID, and email address of,, or to log in.
  • Enter the recovered password and click on the Next button.
  • Give a thumbs-up if you have successfully logged in to your outlook email account.

3. Not Receiving Emails on Outlook?

You may face another issue when outlook does not receive emails automatically, but as usual, you do not need to worry as it is not a very big issue and it can be solved with some of the fixes.

Solutions to outlook account not receiving emails:

  • Open an outlook email account and check the settings if they are all correct.
  • Go to settings in outlook and check the passwords and accounts.
  • Use your email to log in to your outlook account.
  • Select the outlook email address and see the outlook email account information.
  • You should also check outgoing and incoming server settings.
  • Now to see more solutions to outlook mail not receiving issue.
  • These solutions might sound technical, but if you follow the steps properly then there will be no problem.
  • Open outlook sign in to your account, click on File and select Options.
  • Select the Advanced tab from the options.
  • Inside the File send and Receive Section, go to the Send/Receive option.
  • Copy the group name.
  • In the Send/Receive, create a new group name and click OK.
  • By following this method the Microsoft email not receiving emails in the outlook will be solved.

4. Delete the File from Outlook Directory

If you delete the files from the outlook directory is another solution to fix outlook login problem and solve this issue by following the steps below.

  • Press windows & R and type %localappdata% in the run box.
  • Tap on the OK button and go to the Microsoft directory.
Step 1 & 2: Press windows & R and type %localappdata%
  • Now delete the tmp and XML files.
Step 3: delete the tmp and XML files
  • Navigate to all 16 directories to delete the files.

5. Change the Outlook Registry

When you face a login error, you can change the registry that helps you fix Outlook login problems. But if you think changing the history is an easy part of Outlook, then it is not easy because a single wrong word can damage your windows. Hence, first backup all your history and restore it when any data is lost from your window. Once the backup system is completed, proceed to modify the registry with the following steps.

  • Press the Window + R keys and type Regedit in the Run box.
Step 1: Press Window + R key & type regedit
  • Tap on the File -> Export
  • Then, click on the export range and choose a location to save the backup.
Step 3: Click on All in Export range
  • Tap on HKLM, go to the software and search for Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Recen Version -> Windows -> Applnit_Dlls.
  • Double-tap on the LoadAppInit_DLLs and modify the value 1. Confirm changes, then tap on OK.
  • Now last, close the registry editor & restart your system normally.

6. Turn on the Outlook Anywhere Option

If you want to use Microsoft outlook anywhere in the world, then turn on this option, and this feature modifies & runs Outlook without using a VPN. If you are away from your company. In this case, you will probably see the following error when attempting to add the account manually to Outlook. Here are the steps to fix Outlook email not working error:

  • Tap on file & account settings and tap on the account setting option.
Step 1: click on Account Settings
  • Now choose the exchange account and click on change.
Step 2: choose exchange account and tap change
  • Select more settings and click on connections.
Step 3: click Connections
  • Choose the checkbox to connect with the Microsoft exchange under the Outlook anywhere tab.
Step 4: checkbox for Connect to Microsoft Exchange
  • Last but not least, save the settings and proceed with it by using MS outlook software.

7. Update Outlook DNS Records

Office 365 Business users can fix this error by changing the DNS records with the following steps you may follow to learn it.

  • Go to to open the admin control panel.
  • Now grasp the domain page and choose to find and fix the issues.
  • You will find the complete DNS settings list here. Simply choose your record to update your domain.
  • Now again, choose the find and fix the issues, and if everything is done in a perfect manner. You will get the message that the domain is set correctly.

NOTE: 365 Business users can delete their existing profiles and can create new ones. Upon entering the login details, Outlook will automatically configure the account.

8. Rename Your Local Folder of Outlook

You can fix and repair Microsoft Outlook error by renaming your local outlook folder immediately.

  • You need to go %localAppData%\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Select the directory that is named 16 to rename the Microsoft directory.

The name might be different and depend on the Outlook version you are using. Select > Rename, and your error will be fixed.

9. Use/Resetnavpane Parameter

Sometimes you face issues with the navigation pane. That’s why you get the Outlook email not working issue. Just follow the steps to move:

  • Close outlook & open Run Windows by clicking on Win key + R.
  • Now type outlook.exe /resetnavpane in the run dialog box and click OK.
Step 2: type outlook.exe resetnavpane in the run dialog box
  • Start your outlook and check accurately if the error is fixed.


Q: How to login to Outlook online?
A: The following steps will guide you on how to log in to Outlook.
Go to the official page
On the Outlook account page, enter your email address & password.
Now enter the login option to use the email online.

Q: Why will not my Microsoft Office Outlook email open?
A: Always ensure that you are using the right server setting that your IT administrator or ISP has offered. Just configure your Outlook using a POP3 or IMAP account as an alternative to an exchange account if Outlook keeps crashing on your android phone or iOS device. You just need to clear the browser cache, remove the Outlook app, and then reinstall it.

Q: Why is my outlook not working?
A: Here are a few troubleshooting checkpoints to resolve the issue: check your internet connection, and login credentials, clear your browser cache, and turn off add-ins.

Q: Are you facing an Outlook login issue today?
A: If Yes, follow the abovementioned methods, and if those do not work. Go and search the Wondershare guide; you will definitely find the solution to your query.

Q: What is Outlook login error 500?
A: Outlook login error 500 is a server-side error that happens when there is a problem with the main server that is hosting your outlook account. You can read error messages like “500 internal server error” or “HTTP error 500”.

Q: How to repair Outlook login error 500?
A: This error is caused by incorrect configuration, a programming error, and more! If you want to resolve it, follow the instructions: try to log in repeatedly because the issue may be temporary and resolve itself. If still error persists, you may need to contact Microsoft support for further assistance. They will assist you and give you a quick solution.

Q: How to solve the Login error in outlook for android?
A: if you are experiencing login errors in outlook for android, check the points like check server status, clear data and cache, reinstall the app, use a different client email, and contact Microsoft support.

Q: How to Outlook 365 login?
A: Open Web Browser > Visit Outlook login page > Enter Email Address & Password > Click Sign in > Enabled two-factor authentication (Here you will need to enter the verification code that will be received on your mobile or email) > Enter verification code and redirected to your Outlook 365 account.


I hope I was helpful in solving the outlook login problems. I would recommend you to find out the problem first and then try out the solutions. Outlook sign-in problems are not so difficult to solve only if you are using the right solution to the right problem. There is another suggestion I would like to give you if you cannot solve the outlook login issues, then you can take the help of experts for a better and fast resolution of the problems.

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