What Is Hotmail E-Mail History? – How It Changed Over Time

What Is Hotmail E-Mail History

Hotmail E-mail was developed in 1996 by two individuals Jacksmith and Sabeer Bhatia and later Microsoft bought Hotmail for more than $400 million. The developers who created Hotmail wouldn’t even think that a simple mail exchange program would change the internet and people would access Hotmail accounts from across the world.

The development of the Hotmail service took a long time with several mistakes and development strategies. Hotmail was the first Email Service offered to the world. In 1996, the internet was not in everyone’s access and Hotmail was gaining attraction.

The continuous development of the Hotmail Email service brought a great development in windows that eventually became windows servers. Microsoft Azure cloud is the goal that Microsoft achieved.

The Security Issues in the Beginning

In the beginning, the Hotmail E-mail use to face security flaw that was revealed by hackers. The flaw was crucial and funny as well. That was a password problem that everyone could log in to any Hotmail account using the password ‘eh’.

At that time, the internet was not a common service, that incident was one of the biggest security incidents. The reason why I am saying that is Hotmail email was new and that a small security issue could destroy the entire credibility.

The time from 7th August 2001, to 31st August 2001 was the most horrible time when almost everybody in the world gave complete descriptions of this vulnerability that brought a storm of hackers to exploit the weakness.

Microsoft Hotmail Accounts

The new Microsoft email system was finally announced in 2005. The Hotmail E-Mail Service was set to be renamed “Windows Live Mail”, but when Microsoft saw confusion among the users they turned the name to “Windows Live Hotmail.” The number of Hotmail email users grew exponentially when Microsoft revealed new registrations on May 7, 2007.

Aiming at further improvement Microsoft shifted its focus to improving speed, providing more space for email storage, better user experience, and features, and the most important upgrade was signing-in speed up to 70%. The support for Firefox in Windows Live Hotmail came in after a few months. The support for chrome was not complete by 2009.

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Inception of Outlook.com

Microsoft created a dedicated Hotmail email manager named “Outlook”. Outlook.com was first announced on July 31, 2012. Outlook.com was and is free for everyone to access.  There was no special upgrade was needed to use outlook.com and manage the emails.

Another amazing upgrade Microsoft offered to the users was another email extension of @outlook.com in 2013. In 2017, outlook.com was improved when Microsoft offered a premium version of outlook.com with features like no-ads and expanded storage. These benefits eventually provided to the office 365 users as well. However, there is no premium subscription available now on the old subscribers can use the premium version.

The Race To Get Better

The race with Google and Yahoo made Hotmail E-mail improve even further. As mentioned earlier, the Hotmail Email Address was named “Windows Live Mail” and returned to windows live Hotmail. The developers used C++ and Perl to develop Hotmail but to improve and upgrade it more it was rewritten in C# and ASP.Net code.

In the race to be the first and the best Microsoft became an experiment ground for many things. And became a joke itself. Irrespective of the current status of Hotmail email, in the past one management consultant, said organizations should not employ people who are using hotmail.com


How can we search for old emails in a Hotmail account?
Yes, you can find your email in your Hotmail account by just opening the search email box, typing a search term, and hitting the button. For, the advanced search option, choose filters in the search bar like sender, subject, or a specific folder.

Can we recover our old Hotmail emails?
You can recover the account by going to the outlook and logging in with the Hotmail email address. Then, right-click and tap the “Deleted items” from the left side and then tap on “Recover Deleted Items.” Next, you have to select the emails you want to bring back, then tap “recover” and “Ok.”

Final Words

To attain the current status Microsoft’s live Hotmail e-mail saw a lot of ups and downs. And in the experimental phase, Hotmail surely lost the race and the worth it could have. Despite being the first email service Google is beating Microsoft with 4.39 billion users across the globe. Hotmail is still used by a massive number of users and is predicted to grow to 4.6 billion users.

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