How to Track a Phone Location For FREE? Easiest Methods

how to track a cell phone

You know how it feels. That feeling of “I think I lost my phone.” When you feel panicked and think about your lonely Pixel 4 somewhere out there, you pat down your pockets. You begin retracing your steps, and all you can think about is, “How do I find my lost phone?”.”

We love our phones too and need them all the time, so we understand how frustrating it is to lose them. The good news is that we have shared steps with Android users to locate their phone if it goes missing quickly.

Cellphone location tracking isn’t something you see in movies. It is common for families to use cell phone tracking apps to locate their loved ones. Not only have that, but even businesses also use phoned tracking on their operators’ phones.

It is no longer just a matter of convenience or comfort to track a cell phone location. Knowing exactly where your family members are when so much crime is out there gives you peace of mind that they are safe and are not in danger.

When you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, tracking their cell phone location is an excellent way to determine if your suspicions are confirmed. Keeping track of their cell phone location without them knowing is the best thing you can do.

how to track a phone for free
how to track a phone for free

How to Track a Phone Location For FREE? 

Track a Phone’s Location 

Tracking the location of a cell phone is not as complicated as you might think. You can do it without having to tell the other person, even if you don’t want them to know. Here is an excellent way to track a cell phone location without making you wait:

 Minspy- The Best Method to Track a Cell Phone

The perfect way to track a cell phone location secretly is with Minspy. There is an Android and iOS tracking app available for this. Using the Minspy application, you can learn about the cell phone location of any person, even if they are in a whole different corner of the globe.

Many people use Minspy to watch over their children and their partners, whether they are at work or home. An acquaintance of mine almost had a heart attack due to his child’s tardiness to school. Using Minspy, he has continuously tracked his child’s location and has never worried.

Steps to Track an iPhone secretly

Apple’s devices are less customizable compared to their Android counterparts. You aren’t met with as many smartphone tricks and features – some Android phones even smart-lock depending on their location. You’d imagine it’d be challenging to track them.

The fact that you can do so easily without software is surprising. These steps describe how you can track a phone’s location for free:

  1. Get a subscription plan for Minspy for iOS. Every iOS device, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, is supported.
  2. Make sure the target device’s iCloud credentials are verified with Minspy. The information is entirely safe and is not saved on Minspy’s servers or available to anyone other than you.
  3. All you need to do is click ‘Start,’ and your device will be monitored.
how to track a phone
how to track a phone

Find you’re lost Android

Track Your Phone’s Location Using Google Maps

  • Visit
  • Log in using your Gmail account.
  • Your estimated location will be displayed on the map. The last known location (if available) will be shown if the device is not found.

You have three options on the map page – find, lock, or erase your Android device:

  1. Give it a ring. The phone will still make noise even when it’s on vibrate or silent.
  2. Make sure your device is locked. This can be done with your current pin, or a new one can be created.
  3. Your phone should be erased. Keeping your personal information safe is possible remotely.

You may be unable to locate your phone through “Find My Mobile” or “Find My Phone” if your phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or another network.

Try your best, and don’t give up. It will appear on the map once the phone is connected to a network. Facing issues while trying to turn off updates on your mobile?

Using the Smart Home Speaker

Your smart speaker might be able to help you if you’ve lost your phone and know it’s somewhere in your house. Make sure that your device and intelligent speaker are signed in to the same account, and it will help you find your phone quickly.

For instance, you could tell your smart speaker, “Okay, Google, locate my phone.” Your smart speaker would then confirm the device and ring it. What’s the best part? It makes noise even when it’s on silent or vibrates.

Find Your Phone with a Bluetooth Tracker

How often do you forget where you put your phone? There is no need to fret, and you are not only. Invest in Bluetooth trackers as an extra layer of security. Several are currently available, including the Tile. It only demands that you sync the smartphone to the tracker. If your phone is tentatively misplaced behind a couch cushion, the tracker automatically sets off an alarm on your phone, allowing you to find it more quickly. How to connects Bluetooth to any device?

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