How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on ps5

how to turn off voice assistant on ps5

If you are irritated with the Voice Assistant on ps5, you can easily turn it off by following this guide. The voice assistant is enabled by default, and Sometimes users miss this option while setting up the console.

However, the screen reader option of ps5 is quite helpful when you have a challenging time seeing wording on a screen. But it becomes annoying for some users if you are in the same boat. Keep on reading to know how to turn it off on PS5.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Ps5

The ps5 provides different accessibility features such as audio and visual accessibility settings like voice reading. While you can modify the speed, type, and volume of the voice reader, sometimes there may be cases where you have to turn it off. Follow the below steps to disable screen reading:

  • Go to your PS5 home screen, and choose the settings icon at the upper-right of your screen; it’s a small gear icon.
Select settings
  • Then, prefer Accessibility from the settings menu.
Select Accessibility
  • Navigate to the screen reader tab from the Accessibility menu. Here you will see a list of extra options for your screen reader. But find the “enable screen reader” toggle.
Enable screen reader
  • Now, turn off the enable screen reader toggle, which disables the voice assistant. You can follow the same steps to turn on the screen reader.
Turn off the enable screen reader

Other Ps5 Voice Reader Option

You will encounter some other options to customize the screen reader, such as:

  • Voice Type: you can select between different voice tones.
  • Speech speed: you can customize the speech rate.
  • Voce Volume: you can change the volume slider of the spoken UI.

Note: you cannot modify the ps5 voice reader language, as it will follow your console’s language.

Other than that, you can leave the screen recording working and use the combinations button to pause or play the voice assistant:

  • Hold the PS and triangle options at the same time to pause or play the text.
Hold the PS and triangle
  • You can also Press PS and R1 options all at once to make the feature start reading from the start.

Keep in mind that resetting the console will reset all the settings.

What is PS5 Voice Assistant

Ps5 is incompatible with other voice assistants like Google or Alexa Assistant. So PS5 has added its own Playstation5 voice assistant. However, this feature is currently known and spoken in US and UK English. With this voice command feature, you can speak into your controller’s microphone to get things done without pressing any button.

By simply commanding certain phrases, gamers can navigate launch games, adjust volumes, and even take screenshots. Ps5 another feature is a screen reader that speaks what appears on the screen and offers guidance regarding how the console operates and what every option does.

However, the screen reader option is available in certain languages, including French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

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Q. How to turn off voice on PS4?
Users can use the L2 button on the controller to turn on/off the voice recognition feature. To disable the voice feature on Ps4, go to settings > system > voice operation settings and unselect the checkbox.

Q. How to turn off PS5 with a controller?
Press the PS button in the middle of your DualSense. Head to the power option in the menu and hit Cross/X. choose “turn off Ps5” from the sub-menu. After a few seconds, your console with power down.

Q. How to turn on PS5 Voice Command?
Navigate to the ps5 settings page > move down and choose voice command (preview)> toggle on Enable voice command. Once you turn on enable voice commands, you will see a welcome screen describing the feature. However, the service is only available for UK and US ps5 registered users.

Q. how to turn off voice assist on Minecraft Ps4?
If you want to disable the voice narrator in Minecraft on ps4, navigate to settings > choose Accessibility > when the menu appears, you will see the UI screen reader > toggle off UI screen reader.

Final Words

The screen reader can sometimes ruin the game experience; so many users want to deactivate it. Though the feature is enabled by default, you can turn it off by following the above mentioned steps. Hope this article helps you. If you have any questions, please drop in a comment section.

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