How to Use Instagram Threads App

How to Use Instagram Threads

One of the most trending topics nowadays, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have confronted each other in a cage contest, and it seems they now have a cause for a conflict. Meta Company of Mark Zuckerberg has released an app called Threads which is identical to Twitter by Elon Musk. That is why Twitter CEO Elon Musk threatens to sue Meta over this new Instagram Threads app.

This new platform from the Instagram team is transforming social network communication to the next level. So let us go to this post to know how to use this new-fangled application. And you can also check out why strange badges appear on Instagram profiles.

A Bit of Know-How on Instagram Threads

It is a recently launched application from Meta company designed by Instagram, a text-built app for sharing text and updates and joining public conversations. The app lets users post up to 500 characters in a span of over 280 characters.

Your post can contain up to 5 minutes long images, videos, media files, and web URLs. However, the application is pretty similar to Twitter.

Sign Up for Threads

Sign Up

This social media platform is separate from the Insta app, so you have to navigate to the Apple app store if you are an iOS user or the Google Play store if you are an Android user to use it. Type and enter Threads, Instagram app, in the search bar field. Then download and install the Instagram threads app.

Once the app is downloaded, open it if you have an Instagram account, you will be stimulated to connect to it. Then press the login with an Instagram tab you will see on your screen once you open it to log in to the Threads Meta app.

After that, just set up your account by modifying your Threads profile, adding a short bio, an external link, and a picture, and making your account private or public. While if you want a quick start, you can import your profile from your Insta account.

NOTE: Remember that you can’t use this new app on the web, PC, or desktop, so you must use your smartphone device to use it.

How to Use the Instagram Threads

How to Use the Instagram Threads

As soon as you set up your account, you will get into the Threads homepage, where you can view posts from people you follow and other random users. At the bottom of the home screen, you will see five icons that help circumnavigate the app.

  • The home icon takes you to your feed, where you will see all the posts.
  • The search icon carries you to a page where you can type the username of the people you want to follow.
  • The pen and paper icon will allow you to make a new thread.
  • The heart icon displays the activity of your followers that shows who followed you are mentioned in their posts and replied to your Thread.
  • The profile icon will take you to your profile page to see your activity.

How to Create an Instagram Threads

How to Create an Instagram Threads

Launch the app on your phone and tap the pen and paper icon on the homepage. Users can add photos, videos, GIF links, and text but remember that your post should be restricted to 500 characters. Then tap on the post tab at the right below the text to post it.

Note: Users can also add hashtags that help you promote your Instagram and Thread profile) – to their posts as they do on their Instagram posts.

How to Like, Comment, and Share Threads

When browsing the Instagram Threads app on your phone, you just find a thread you want to like, comment on, and share with your followers of Threads. Below that Thread, you will see some options; tap on the heart icon to like it, and tap the message bubble icon to add a reply or comment to that Thread.

But if you want to share that, tap on the paper plane icon. Then pop-up options will appear on your screen.

  • You can add it to your Instagram Story or Post.
  • Select where you want to share that Thread.
  • Copy the link to the post.
  • Share it to a text message or another social media texting network.

How to Repost or Quote on Threads

When you come across an exciting Thread, you have an option available: repost. This feature will post the same Thread from your profile, and users can also add their captions to the post to add their thoughts to the Instagram Threads app. To do that:

  • Launch the app on your smartphone and search for the Thread you want to Repost on your profile.
  • Tap on the repost icon, which looks like a circle of arrows on that Thread.
  • After that, a small pop-up window will appear, displaying repost and quote options.
  • Tap on the Quote option If you want to add your comment or caption to this Thread.
  • If you want to post the same thing on your profile, tap the repost option.
  • Now hit the post tab to repost the Thread on your profile. That’s it.

Is Threads Instagram safe?

Threads Instagram safe

Threads have numerous new features made into Insta to separate the content users have not seen. In this app, users can control who can reply to them or mention you in a post, and you can add a word filter so that any post containing those words doesn’t appear in your feed or your replies.

Moreover, users can unfollow, restrict or block accounts directly with the Threads app. Any account you have blocked on Insta is automatically blocked on the Threads app.

However, this app will enforce Instagram community guidelines that only allow posts apt for a diverse audience. And not letting posts with hate speech or intended to degrade or shame private individuals.


Do you need Instagram to use Threads?
Currently, only Insta users can make an account on the threads. Users must sign up on Instagram to access this app.

How is the Threads app similar to Twitter?
As like Twitter platform threads also let its users have a spookily Twitter-like microblogging experience. When users launch the app, it shows tabs like repost reply to a post or Thread and the number of likes and replies a post has gotten.

What is the difference between Insta and Threads app?
There is a distance between these apps, the threads being a text build app and the other (Insta) being a multimedia app.

Is Threads the new Instagram app?
Thread is a new app launched by the parental company Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Instagram that looks like a Twitter app. In this app, users can communicate with other users in real-time.

Do Threads respect the privacy of users?
The app does look to be concentrating on privacy from the beginning. In some regions, people under 18 or 16 set up private profiles to add and follow users and use this app.

What are the benefits of using the Instagram Threads app?
The app lets users share photos, videos and text. Users can also make group chats and customize the privacy settings.

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