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Recently, I’m helping my client to optimize his website for Google Search Engine. He adds me as a user in his webmaster account, and I found that he has 1000+ Crawler error (404. 403 etc.) in his webmaster tool along with HTML duplicate Error.

Remove URL From Google Search Console In Bulk

Remove URL From Google Search Console In Bulk

Fixing these number of error one by one is very difficult and a time-consuming process. So, I did some search on google and found a script on GitHub that helps me to remove URL from google search console in bulk.

Deleting URL form google search index is not a big deal. But. How we can permanently remove the URL form google search index is a big question, because after 90 days google again indexed your page.

Today, I will tell you how you can Remove URL in bulk form Google Search console by using Chrome Bulk URL Removal Extension.

How To Install Bulk URL Removal Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension is not available in the chrome extension library so you can download it from the Github.

  • Click on “Clone or Downloadand then Download ZIP.
Bulk URL removal Chrome extension

Bulk URL removal Chrome extension

Download the zip file and unzip it on the PC.

  • Now, Open chrome extension dashboard by clicking on More_tools>>Extenssion.
open chrome extension setting

chrome extension setting

On the Top, you will see Enable Developer mode Option. Click on Enable it, and you will see “Load unpacked extension” option.

  • Now, upload the unzipped file that you downloaded from the GitHub.
Enable developer mode in chrome

Enable developer mode

After uploading the Bulk URL removal Chrome extension, you will see something like this.

  • By default this extension is disabled, click on Enable to activate it.
bulk URL removal extension

Bulk URL removal extension

Now, its time to check is it working or not?

Open Google URL removal tool

  • You will see a new option, Near the Temporarily Hide Option.
new bulk URL removal option in webmaster

new bulk URL removal option in webmaster

That’s the feature that we want in the webmaster tool.

Here you can upload the Text file contain all the URL that you want to remove from the search engine index.

Remove URL From Google Search Console In Bulk

First, you have to create a list of the URL that you want to remove from the webmaster tool.

To collect the URL Open your search console and click on Dashboard.

  • Here you will see the overall report.
google webmaster dashboard

google webmaster dashboard

Right now I have 43 error. So, to download the list of error.

  • Click on Crawl>>Crawl Error and then click on Download 
download crawler error report form webmaster tool

download crawler error report

You can download the file in any format, but I recommended to go with CVS.

  • Now, open your file and copy all the URL and
  • Paste it into the Text file (Note file).
paste all URL in text file

paste all URL into the text file

Note: Make sure you do not have a space between two URL.

Now, Go to URL removal tool,

  • First, select the command that you want to apply and
  • After that Upload the Text file.
uplaod file to url removal tool

upload file to URL removal tool

As you upload the file, the automatic URL removal submission process starts to submit the URL to the google webmaster tool.

Note: This process does not stop until all the URL in the TEXT file is not completed.

Sometime you will notice google again index your same page after few months, if this thing happens, then understand the reason behind this.

Follow these two guides for help

  1. Canonical URL Tags
  2. HTML improvements

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