Microsoft Released Copilot AI Personal Assistant for Windows 11

Microsoft Released Copilot AI Personal Assistant

In the Annual Build Conference of Microsoft yesterday, 23rd May, Microsoft added a Copilot AI assistant to Microsoft Windows 11, opening in June 2023. The Copilot AI will be combined straight into Windows 11 to use from the taskbar athwart all applications and programs.

Microsoft head of Windows and devices Panos Panay states that when open, the Windows Copilot sidebar stays constant. Your app programs and Windows are always accessible as your AI chatbot assistant. It makes every user a power user allowing you to take action, modify your settings, and flawlessly link with your preferred applications.

However, Windows Copilot can summarize the content you want in the application, redraft it, and clarify it. It would not straight swap the search bar on the Windows 11 taskbar and is a distinct copilot key alongside it.

Meanwhile, the Copilot is combined into Windows users can also do things like ask the assistant to take actions on their PC. Microsoft added much more than the Bing Chat link to the taskbar before this year.

Moreover, Microsoft is letting the developers range plugins written for Bing or OpenAI ChatGPT to this AI-powered assistant. That unbolts up Windows Copilot to many new functionality developers make for ChatGPT and Bing. And for upcoming developments to be robotically approved and forwarded to Windows 11 Copilot.

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