Turn Your Mouse Dongle into a Bluetooth Adapter/Receiver

If you have a Bluetooth mouse that you do not use anymore and if you are looking for a way to change your old Bluetooth mouse/keyboard’s dongle into a universal adaptor then this is your guide.

I have long been using my laptop which doesn’t have Bluetooth on it and apparently, I never had the thought of using my old mouse as a Bluetooth adaptor.

So, I figured out how to do that to connect my other Bluetooth devices to my laptop, like speakers, etc.

But for starters, there’s a catch when you pick that old mouse or keyboard to start this process. I’ll tell you if your mouse dongle can turn into a Bluetooth receiver or not.

How to Know if Your Device is Eligible in the First Place?

So, there are a couple of things before you can see if your device dongle can turn into a Bluetooth receiver. For starters, you’ll need to know the difference between “wireless” and “Bluetooth”

Difference Between Wireless and Bluetooth

Yes, there’s a very big difference between them. And you’ll need your mouse dongle to be a Bluetooth one, if it’s not a Bluetooth dongle, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Most cheaper mice and keyboards are only wireless and not Bluetooth. Wireless ones only connect to their device and can’t be turned into being of any other use.

The “Red Sun” Icon

Another thing if you are using especially Logitech mice, you’ll need to check if the dongle has the “Bluetooth” written on it. If it says Bluetooth on the dongle then you have the chance.

If you have a “red sun” printed on your dongle then you can’t turn it into a universal adaptor, that is a Logitech’s Unifying Receiver and will only work for Logitech devices (up to 6). It is protected by the company and you can’t breach the code.

If yours says something like “1000Ghz” or “Bluetooth” then you can follow along.

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Simplest Way to Turn Dongle into Universal

The simplest way you can think of is a privilege only you if you have a type of dongle. Some of the devices come with a dongle that has a button on it and by default, if you connect it to your laptop or computer it will be configured with your mouse or keyboard or whatever device it came with.

To make it turn into a universal dongle that can connect to any other Bluetooth device, take the Bluetooth dongle out of the port, and press and hold the button when entering it back into the port. You’ll have the computer recognize it as a Bluetooth adaptor.

This will be your option only if you are very lucky, mostly you can’t get your hands on such Bluetooth devices.

wireless mouse dongle
wireless mouse dongle

Technical Ways of Turning Bluetooth Dongle into Universal Adaptor

I’m assuming you have little to no knowledge of programming and how to handle things in the directory. So I’ll start easy and then some hard ways that maybe you skip…or try, however, you feel comfortable using your computer and a Bluetooth Adaptor with it.

Learning The Difference between HID and HCI

HID and HCI are the core programs that decide if you can bug in with the Bluetooth device or not. The HID or Human Interface Device is the setting that only lets you use the device as a configured mouse or keyboard, it won’t be a universal adaptor if you come to the point.

The HCI or Human Controller Interface is something that lets you choose which device you wish to connect with the computer. It has a different setup and as soon as you turn your HID to HCI, it’ll work on the startup.

Although for some programs, the startup will turn them back into an HID. And to keep it permanently into an HCI device, you’ll need to follow the guide mentioned below.

Using LBT-Service to Turn Your HDI Dongle into HCI

I’m saving your time by stating this easier method before the harder one (which, to be honest, is very technical). Let’s see the Lbt- service that is not a program, instead of a service which means you will be able to use it better than trying to change the code.

Changing the code from HDI to HCI can be very tricky if you don’t have geeky know-how, if you do, still use this – why use the harder way??

You can access the service by Clicking Here you’ll be taken to the page where they’ll tell you about the service and how to use it. Once you understand, you can click on “Downloads” on the left tab and download the files that will run on your computer.

This worked with many people and hopefully will work with you too if all the steps followed are right.

Using LHid2Hci Code

This is a tricky process and it would be better for you to understand this process and the code by someone who made the code LHid2Hci. This was the biggest guide I found on the internet. And yet this was the most technical if you can understand and follow through. And most importantly if you tried prior ways and they didn’t work, you can use it.

Listen to the guy’s story and each step of what he did. So, you can have a better judgment of what you should be doing with different interfaces and problems that might occur on your end (which always happens with me).


In conclusion, the mouse dongle is a Logitech unit for a wireless mouse. It easily snaps to the mouse’s underside as a travel dongle, and it disables the mouse when not in use. When removed, the mouse is enabled. Here in this fruitful guide, you will be learned about a mouse dongle into the universe, using LBT-service to turn your HDI dongle into HCI, and more. I hope you enjoyed this guide, and let us know if you want any updates.

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