Sony is Reportedly Working on New Handheld Playstation

Sony is Reportedly Working on New Handheld Playstation

The rumored are spreading that Sony is working on a Portable PS console codename Q lite will reportedly release before the Playstation 5 Pro.

It has been reported that Sony plans to make a comeback in portable gaming consoles. However, it is not the first time company is launching, once it launched the highly flash Playstation portable and playstation vita in 2012. The device lasted for almost seven years.

As per the reports, the new handheld portable PS console codenamed Q Lite includes an 8-inch Full-HD LCD touch-enabled display with support for streaming at 60fps. But, it has also been said that the new handheld console is not a cloud-streaming device, despite using remote play with the Playstation 5

However, Sony remote play allows you to play PS games on other devices, such as a tablet or phone, but it needs a spec-heavy device and fast internet. It may be possible that many games will not run because of compatibility issues.

Moreover, according to reports, Sony’s new handheld portable console would be quite similar to Sony’s Dual sense controller for PS5. It would attribute adaptive triggers for haptic feedback and in-line options such as speakers, volume buttons, an audio input jack, etc. One of this console’s amazing features is adaptive streaming, which delivers up to 1080p and 60FPS. 

Reports say that the new portable console will come before the release of PS5 Pro, and the latter may be released in 2024. It means we can assume that this handheld console could be launched early next year. But Sony hasn’t announced anything yet.              

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