How to Fix Steam Library Black Screen/Not Loading (10+ Fixes)

steam library black screen

Steam is a go-to world for gamers that allows them to install their favorite games like Elden Ring and Hogwarts Legacy in the Steam library and play whenever they want. However, what if Steam won’t open or the Steam library black screen and does not load?

To sort out the black screen problem, gamers can apply the solutions on their Windows PCs and MacBooks mentioned in this blog. However, it is recommended to apply these basic fixes before executing any complex fixes.

  • Click three times on the black screen
  • Tap Friends and chat option
  • Disable any hacking tools and anti-cheat software
  • Check the internet connection
  • Place the Steam window on the main screen

Why does Steam Library Sit on Black Screen? Reasons

If you try to launch Steam on your device, but it is not loading, it might have several causes. That is;

  • Offline Steam server
  • Corrupt or malware browser cache
  • Out-of-date graphics drivers
  • Corrupt app cache
  • Outdated Steam app
  • Steam client WebHelper process
  • Other apps running in the background
  • Unorganized Steam client settings

How to Fix Steam Library Black Screen or Not Loading

Suppose the abovementioned basic solutions did not solve the issue. Below we have shared solutions that many users effectively resolve the screen that is not loading problem when browsing Steam.

Restart Steam

Executing a Steam restart can doggedness the temporary glitches. That is why players can try to sort out the problem when encountering the Steam library blank screen by starting Steam again.

NOTE: Remember that users can’t restart Steam within the app as it is not loading. Users must restart the Steam app via the task manager function.

To restart your Steam app, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and tap on the task manager option.
tap on the task manager
  • After that, look for Steam-related options in the process tab.
  • Then right-click the Steam-related files and tap the End task option individually.
tap the End task
  • Now open the Steam library and check whether the screen issue is fixed.

If the Steam library black screen issue continues after restarting, players must continue with the other fixes stated below.

Check the Steam Server Status

When there is something off-beam with the Steam services, it can cause the Steam library game displays a blank screen or not loading. So, it is suggested to verify the Steam server status; the server may be under maintenance, have cyber security issues, or facing any technical issues.

To check the status of the Steam server, hover over the down detector sites. If you get that outages or glitches are reported, you have to wait until the developers patch them up. However, if the server is running properly, players have to set off to the next solution to fix the issue.

Close Steam Client WebHelper Process

Another fix for the Steam library not loading and displaying the black screen is closing the Steam client WebHelper or SteamWebHelper.exe process in the task manager. This procedure is directly related to the display of Steam. If someone gets any display issues on Steam, it means there is probably an issue with this process.

Here are the steps to close the WebHelper process.

  • Launch the task manager here and look for the steam client WebHelper or SteamWebHelper.exe process.
  • After that, select the process and right-click on it. Tap on the End task option from the pop-up options.

Steam Library Black Screen: Closed Background Task

If a gamer wants to share games on Steam, the Steam library may not work appropriately. It is probably because of excessive programs running in the background. However, if other similar applications such as GOG, Origin, or Epic Games. So, closing that app and unnecessary background tasks is a good idea to sort out the issue.

Below we have described the steps to close the background running task.

Close the background running task
  • Right-click on the taskbar and tap the task manager option from the pop-up menu list.
  • Choose the unused programs and Steam-similar apps from the process tab.
  • After that, right-click them and tap on the end task from the pop-up option list to close them.

Runs Steam as an Administrator

When the operating system fixes limited permission, it can source an application not to load appropriately. In that case, players can open the Steam app as an administrator to check if the issue goes away.

Here are the steps to Launch the Steam app as an administrator to fix the Steam library black screen.

Run steam administrator
  • Open the start button and see the Steam folder from the pop-up list.
  • Right-click on Steam and tap on the More option.
  • Then tap on the run as administrator option from the pop-up menu bar.

Run Troubleshoot Compatibility Feature

When there is an incompatibility between your system and the Steam app, it can originate the Steam library black screen or not load. Gamers can doggedness this issue using their system’s built-in troubleshooting compatibility feature.

Use the below instructions to run the troubleshooting compatibility on your system.

  • Tap the Windows tab from the taskbar and search for the Steam app.
  • Then right-click on it and tap the open file location option from the pop-up list.
  • The file location page will open here; right-click on the steam.exe file.
  • After that, tap the properties option from the pop-up menu list.
  • Then ensure the hidden and read-only tabs are not selected in the general tab.
  • After that, hover over the compatibility tab and enable compatibility mode.
  • Now tap Try the recommended settings option, then track the on-screen commands to complete the procedure.

Opt-Out from Steam Client Beta

The Steam client beta program lets the players participate in testing client updates. It gives access to the updated features even before they are not officially launched.

However, this testing program can cause the Steam library game not to work and shows a black screen. Therefore, opt-out from the Steam beta client is recommended to sort out the glitches.

Here are the simple steps to opt out of the Steam Beta client.

  • Click Steam desktop client at the top left side of the Steam homepage.
  • Then select settings option from the pop-up menu list.
Tap settings
  • After that, tap on the account tab from the pop-up settings page.
  • Hover over the beta participation section here and tap on the change option.
Change beta participation
  • Now a new pop-up page will appear on your screen; tap on the None opt out of all beta programs option.
Tap non opt out of all beta
  • Then tap on the OK tab to save the changes.

Make Sure the Graphic Cards Working Properly

Outdated Graphic drivers may not work appropriately and sometimes displays a black screen when gamers try to launch the Steam library with the UpToDate build of the Steam client. Consequently, users must ensure there are no hardware issues with graphic cards.

That is why using the best graphics card or GPU for the ultimate online and offline gaming experience is recommended. However, in this situation, gamers must install the updated graphics driver on their PC system.

Follow the steps to update the graphics driver on your Windows PC.

  • Right-click on the Windows tab and tap on the device manager option from the pop-up option.
Tap on the device manager
  • Tap on the display adapter option from the pop-up device manager page.
Tap display adapter
  • After that, right-click the graphic driver and tap on the update driver option from the pop-up menu list.
Update driver
  • Then select the search automatically for drivers’ option; if your system finds any latest graphics drivers, it will automatically install them.
Tap search automatically for drivers

Clean Steam’s Web Browser Data

The Steam desktop client has a built-in browser that can display the details of a game that uses the browser frequently. However, the Steam app does not delete its web browser cache data robotically. That can cause Steam not to open the library section or display a black screen. Deleting the Steam web cleans the cache file cookies and history, which can fix this issue.

Here are the instructions to delete Steam’s web browser data.

  • Launch the Steam client and tap on the Steam tab at the top right side of the Steam homepage.
  • Tap on the settings option from the pop-up Steam menu list.
Tap on the settings
  • Then tap on the web browser option from the life side panel of the settings page.
  • Tap on the delete web browser cache; when it’s completed, then tap deletes all browser cookies option.
Delete web browser data
  • After the process is complete, tap on the OK option. That’s it.

Delete the Steam App Cache to Fix the Steam Library Black Screen

The cache files in your Steam app directory save various data about your Steam application and are set up to remember small particulars every time you launch Steam. It ensures that things will work quicker next time users open Steam.

However, sometimes the cache can miss remembering reserve, which may cause Steam not opening or the Steam library to go black. To sort it out, gamers must clear the cache and cookies of the Steam app.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache of the Steam app.

Delete appcache folder
  • Launch the file explorer and hover over to the C folder.
  • After that, tap on the program files (x86) folder and then tap the Steam option to launch the Steam directory.
  • Then copy and paste the appcache folder to another spot.
  • Now right-click on the appcache folder in the steam directory and tap the delete option from the pop-up options.

Modify Steam Client Settings

When users change the Steam client settings, they could probably encounter a black screen when opening the Steam library. So, setting the Steam client settings to default is recommended to solve it.

Here are the steps to change the Steam settings to default.

  • Tap on the steam tab on the steam client homepage and tap on the settings option.
Tap on the settings option
  • Then hover over the library section from the left sidebar. Here check mark the automatic box from the Display size for the library UI element and uncheck the low-performance mode box.
Library section
  • After that, move to the Interface tab from the left side panel. Here uncheck Big Picture Mode, GPU accelerated rending, and DirectWrite boxes under the default skin option.
Uncheck boxes in interface
  • Now move to the Shader Pre-Caching tab from the left panel. Here uncheck enable shader pre-caching option.
Uncheck shader pre-checking
  • After that, restart your Steam app to apply the variations and check whether the Steam library black screen is resolved.

Add A Command in Steam Shortcut

If all the above fixes don’t launch Steam, it will be stuck on a black screen with sound. Then you have to try this fix by adding the command (-no-cef-sandbox) in the Steam shortcut.

Follow these steps to add the command in the Steam shortcut.

Add no-cef-sandbox
  • Close Steam and right-click on the Steam shortcut from the desktop.
  • Tap on the properties option from the pop-up menu list.
  • Here tap on the shortcut tab and add -no-cef-sandbox at the end of the target option.
  • After that, click Apply tab and then the OK tab.

Steam Library Black Screen: Update Steam Client

After following the above solutions, if the Steam library fails to open or is not loading, then updating the Steam client has solved this problem.

Follow the below steps to update the Steam client.

Update steam client
  • Open the Steam client and tap the Steam tab at the top left corner.
  • Tap the check for steam client updates option from the pop-up menu list.
  • If it is up to date, you will get the prompt Your Steam client is updated. You have to download and install the newest updates if it is not updated.

Reinstall Steam

  • Navigate to the C drive on your PC.
  • In C drive, tap on the Program Files (86) folder, then tap the Steam folder option.
  • Delete all files and folders, excluding steam apps, user data, and steam.exe.
  • After that, double-click on steam.exe to reinstall it.

Steam Library Black Screen/not Loading is No Longer an Issue

The Steam server has transformed the gaming era doe gamers all over the world. But glitches, blank screens, and not loading are still the most common issue player will encounter. However, users can fix this issue by following the solutions mentioned above.

If someone tries all the above fixes and the issue persists, its revenue that it is not with the Steam library; system, computer errors, or something else causes the black screen to appear.


[wps_accordion style=”standard”]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Why is my Steam game black with sound?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]This issue occurs when you use an outdated graphic driver, a problem with the monitor connection, improper power saving settings, prolonged hardware stress, excessive heat generation, and misconfigured game settings.[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Why is my Steam library black?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Offline Steam servers, outdated graphics cards, corrupt browser and app cache, unorganized Steam settings, and other apps running in the background can cause the Steam library to go black.[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’How to play steam library?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Log in to Steam > tap Library tab > select the game you want to install and tap on it. Then select Play to play the game you have installed.[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Steam library shows a black screen: what to do?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]Open Steam settings > tap Interface tab > uncheck scale text and icons to match the monitor settings box. Then wait till it restarts.[/wps_accordion_item]


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