All About Tesla Premium Connectivity (2024)


Find out what is included in the Tesla premium connectivity package, its cost, trial period, activation method, and whether it is really worth it.

About Tesla Premium Connectivity

Tesla offers two connectivity packages: Standard and premium. The standard package is free but has fewer features, but the premium package is a paid subscription and has additional features.

The Tesla premium connectivity software package is basically a mobile internet package. It gives access to cellular data-based functions and helps whether you are behind the wheel or on the go. Moreover, you can get access to infotainment features like navigation, Apple carplay and Android carplay, video, and music streaming services. This software package is available for the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, and future variants of the Tesla Cybertruck.

What does the Subscription Include?

Tesla premium connectivity includes all the standard connectivity features and some others, including;

  • Navigation
  • Tesla Over the Air (OTA) updates
  • Caraoke
  • Internet browser
  • Real-time traffic data
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Satellite view map
  • Sentry Mode to view the live camera
  • Video streaming
  • Music streaming

Keep in mind that all these features are available to you if you are connected to the Wifi or a hotspot. However, for paid subscriptions for video and music streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and Slacker, this connectivity package does not include a subscription. You require your own account for that because this Tesla package lets you use the car’s data to stream these services.

Tesla Premium Connectivity Cost

Tesla Premium Connectivity Cost Per Car in the US

However, you can cancel this package at any time. But when you cancel it in the middle of a billing cycle, you will not get a refund for the days you would have had remaining on your subscription but at $9.99. Moreover, the premium connectivity features will be accessible till the end of the billing cycle, and then it will be back to the standard connectivity.

Is there a Free Trial Available for Tesla Premium Connectivity?

Tesla offers a free trial period for premium connectivity, depending on the model you have. Currently, if you buy a new Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X on June 30, 2018, or after, you will get 1 year of free trial for premium connectivity. After a year, you have to subscribe to it to keep it. But if you buy a new Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y on October 15, 2021, or after, you will get 30 days of free trial for premium connectivity. After that, you have to subscribe to the software package to keep it.

However, if you buy a used Tesla or have transferred ownership, you will get a free trial period by notifying Tesla that you are the new owner. If the trial is not active at the time of transfer to the new owner, it happens before you are eligible to purchase a premium connection subscription. But if the trial is already activated, then you get the remaining trial period.

How to Activate Tesla Premium Connectivity?

You can activate the Tesla premium connectivity package in two ways: the Tesla app or Tesla’s touch screen, and the payment is made via the credit card stored in the Tesla account. You can cancel the subscription and reactivate it whenever you like.

Method 1: Touchscreen

  • Tap on the Controls option on the Tesla’s touch screen.
  • Then tap on the Upgrades option.
  • Now select the Swipe to Purchase.

Keep in mind that you have to update to software version 2021.40.5 or later to get premium connectivity from the touchscreen.

Method 2: Tesla App

  • Launch the Tesla app and select your vehicle.
  • Hover over to the Upgrades menu.
  • Then, tap subscribe and complete the payment method.

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth it?

The premium connectivity is worth it or not; it depends on your preferences and requirements. If you use the features of Tesla premium connectivity frequently, then it may be worth the investment. But if you don’t use its features and may not find them necessary, then it is not worth the investment, and you just waste your money.

Well, the real-time traffic data feature is a good reason to subscribe to this package. And if you like to watch movies while charging your Tesla at a charging station (Supercharge), the premium connectivity is really worth it for you. However, most drivers do not find it worth it because once you turn on your phone’s hotspot, you will get all the features of Tesla premium connectivity except satellite view maps on GPS.


Q: Can I share my phone’s data (Hotspot) with my Tesla?
Yes. When you update the Tesla software to 2021. 24; you can share your phone’s data connection with your vehicle and get access to premium connectivity features, including internet browsing, music, and video streaming. However, features including live traffic visualization and satellite imagery in maps are not available.

Q: What is the difference between standard vs premium connectivity?
Standard connectivity offers basic features like maps, over-the-air updates, traffic database navigation, current Supercharger data, and music and video streaming services for free for eight years from the purchase made on July 20, 2022, or after. Most of the features are only available over Wifi.

However, premium connectivity offers all Standard connectivity features with extras, including cellular data-based connectivity and advanced infotainment. You can access the features over AT&T’s cellular network (LTE), which costs $9.99 monthly or $99 annually.

Q: Does premium connectivity transfer if you buy a used Tesla?

Yes. But there are some warnings:

  • If you purchased a used Tesla on or before January 8, 2020. In that case, you will get premium connectivity for life, and it will be available for future owners if it is sold privately.
  • If you buy a used Tesla from Tesla CPO cars on or after January 9, 2020, you will get a 30-day free trial of Premium Connectivity.
  • If you buy a used Tesla from a third-party owner on or after January 21, 2020, that has a 1-year free active trial, then you will keep the balance of their free trial.
  • If you privately buy a used Tesla on or after January 21, 2020, and don’t have an active trial or lifetime free subscription, you are eligible for a free 30-day trial.