WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Introduces Extra Security for Private Conversation

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Introduces Extra Security
WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Introduces Extra Security

WhatsApp has started numerous exertions to increase the protection and security of its server in the last few eons. Some of the progress was much required. Now WhatsApp is taking one more step to make the communication experience safer and more protected with the accumulation of the Chat Lock feature.

Currently, users can lock WhatsApp using their phone’s password or biometric authentication. The chat lock feature allows the users to lock specific chats, be it one-on-one chat with their precious ones or a group chat with their friends.

While locking a chat will fleece it from your main WhatsApp inbox. It is stimulated to a folder overdue in WhatsApp’s main inbox view. This feature is inserted in the chat information section of every chat.

Moreover, notifications of a locked chat will not show the message content for further confidentiality. When selected, you must authorize your individuality using biometric verification before viewing the message.

Meta has released how it campaigns to recover Chat Lock in the approaching months. It contains the skill to lock chats on compatible devices and make custom passwords for your conversations. Unlike your device revealing password, the latter will let users have a separate lock for private conversations.

Chat Lock feature is a part of Whatsapp’s up-to-date release for Android and iPhone. If you are already on the up-to-date software version, check the chat information section to see if the selection has been unlocked for your account.