WhatsApp Release a New Feature to Contest with Zoom & Microsoft

Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps globally, but it lacks a feature offered by its competitors. Before the previous week, WhatsApp did not allow users to share screens during a video call.

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerburg, announced the new addition to WhatsApp the previous week. With the rollout of the recent update of WhatsApp, the new feature has been progressively released. WhatsApp started trying screen sharing in beta in June 2023 with selective users. Users can screen share on iOS, Android, and Windows taking video calls in the app to feature equality with competitors in a significant range.

However, more than 2 million users use WhatsApp daily; they have to go to another to share their screens. That makes users move away from WhatsApp and hover over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other applications or platforms when they want to share content from their screen. You can also check out Elon Musk Bangs Meta’s WhatsApp: Can’t Be Trusted.

Mark Zuckerberg displayed a screenshot of the feature in the act when he conversed with the sharing screen skill. The image also displays how a WhatsApp call appears in landscape rather than portrait mode. Furthermore, the main video of the call is featured in a wide part ratio, and meeting members are revealed in minor squares on the corner.

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